Adorable Kitty Poses For The Camera With New Bow Tie, And Our Hearts Are Melting19s

Adorable Kitty Poses For The Camera With New Bow Tie, And Our Hearts Are Melting

It’s funny how we tend to forget that our beloved pets are not human like us. We seek to humanize them as much as possible. We start by giving them human names, to dressing them in cute human outfits and even building them their own tiny houses. When it comes to dogs, it’s fairly simple. As much as we try to make them more human, they will get those clothes muddy and remind us that, no, they won’t change for us. However, cats are on a whole different level when it comes to playing human. You can easily forget that the furball that pees on the carpet isn’t your baby when you see them trying to cuddle and get pampered at any hour of the waking day. There are many crazes when it comes to dressing up cats, but there is one that stays throughout it all: the elegant bow tie. Bow ties make cats appear even more regal and classy than they are, and the world loves it too much. It doesn’t matter the material or the shape, as long as it’s able to stick to a cat’s neck, it’s fair game. Check out the fashion sense of this kitty. Looking like a hundred bucks!

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What This Guy Does When He Finds Anaconda On The Way Home Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine38s

What This Guy Does When He Finds Anaconda On The Way Home Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine

Can you imagine coming to your house one day and finding a huge not very pleasant surprise in the form of a snake at your door? Well, this guy here not only found this giant anaconda crossing the street to get home, but decided to take it! Scary, right? Apparently, snakes are no strangers to this man. To make thing even weirder, it turns out he really loves snakes and is not afraid to stroke them! How often do you witness sights like this? Anacondas are a group of large snakes of the genus Eunectes. They are found in tropical South America. Four species are currently recognized. Although the name applies to a group of snakes, it is often used to refer only to one species in particular, the common or green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) which is the largest snake in the world by weight, and the second longest. The name commonly used for the anaconda in Brazil is sucuri, sucuriju or sucuriuba. However, there's more to the story that it meets the eye. After taking it inside, the man called the nearest animal rescue station. As they quickly responded, the snake was back to its natural habitat in no time. Can you think of any similar event in your neighborhood? Occurred on February 28, 2016 / Mato Grosso, Brazil

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Mommy Sings A Song, And Her Baby Is Melting At The Sound Of Her Voice2m12s

Mommy Sings A Song, And Her Baby Is Melting At The Sound Of Her Voice

What a priceless video. Nothing is stronger than the bond between mother and child. This certainly rings true at the Leroux household in Ontario, Canada. Their daughter, Mary-Lynne Leroux, loves one of her mom's songs so much, it send her into floods of tears, every time she hears it. Mother Amanda told Storyful:“No one can explain why, not even I. I can sing any other song and do not get the same reaction from her. It’s too adorable to keep all to ourselves.” This little girl must feel a really special connection with this song, who knows why this is the most emotional song for her. All we know is that this baby girl is so adorable. You can't take your eyes off of her and her mothers singing is just so beautiful! We wonder if this little girl will continue to find this emotional as she continues to get older. Only time will tell! The love from a mother is so special and you can tell this mother loves her little girl very much, family is so important. Check out this baby's emotional reaction to her mother's song! Have you ever seen a baby get emotional while a song was playing? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Fuel Tanker Explodes At Gas Station, And The Sight Is Unbelievable48s

Fuel Tanker Explodes At Gas Station, And The Sight Is Unbelievable

Shocking video has emerged from China of a fuel tanker exploding at a gas station. The footage, filmed in Heze city in northern Shandong Province on September 10, shows thick plumes of smoke rising before a massive explosion can be heard, sending a ball of fire into the sky. According to local media, the fire was the result of a fuel tanker exploding at liquefied gas station. Emergency services arrived on the scene and worked to control the fire, local media reported. Only one person was injured, not seriously, and the cause of the fire is under investigation, according to the reports. The first part of the footage is made from a nearby building and you can clearly see the inferno that emerged from the explosion, as well as screams of people that were terrified by the whole ordeal, and then it cuts to a different perspective from the road, only to end from a third perspective that by the looks of it - is the closest one yet. The footage shows the panic and terror this blast caused, the confused drivers and random people that were on the spot, all of them honking or fleeing in terror. What a terrible thing to happen!

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Mysterious Black Smoke Ring In Sky Spotted Above Disneyland22s

Mysterious Black Smoke Ring In Sky Spotted Above Disneyland

Could it be a UFO or just smoke from nearby fireworks? Tourists visiting Disneyland from the UK have spotted a very ominous looking black ring cloud in the sky and they can’t stop guessing what ever could it be. The ring can clearly be distinguished from the grey clouds above it, as it is pitch black with a bit of a haze around it and doesn’t seem to be going in any direction. “Nah, I reckon it’s an alien” says the woman recording the phenomenon. A similar video captured the exact same occurrence from a different angle at Disneyland California. Kyle Hawkins, the person who recorded that video, says: “As I looked closer, the ring has little things swarming around the edges, almost looked like very tiny birds. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I've never experienced before. Almost like we were all about to die or get transported. I literally felt like some sort of alien portal was going to open up through this ring.” What these people, eager for an explanation, seem to be missing is the fact that Disneyland has a show called World of Color, which ends in a myriad of pyrotechnics. Such black ring of smoke can be made with “a blast through a circular structure — perhaps from a factory smokestack, or a homemade trash-can smoke ring launcher, or a hippie-dippie apparatus specially designed for the job,” according to the NBC, who published an article about similar sightings back in 2015.

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Mother reunited with her twins after 18 years59s

Mother reunited with her twins after 18 years

This set of brother and sister twins just turned 18 and decided to surprise the family after being gone (adopted) since they were 8 months old. Since the day of this video, they have all stayed in contact. Sadly, their mother passed away on 11/24/2015 of pancreatic/liver cancer.

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Baby Hears Dad Play Guitar For First Time, Has Priceless Reaction!10s

Baby Hears Dad Play Guitar For First Time, Has Priceless Reaction!

You can't help but smile after watching a moment like this! Watch as this young toddler watches dad play an acoustic guitar for the very first time. Mind... blown! Just how many times have we all witnessed hear-melting moments like this one right here? This adorable baby listening to daddy as he plays the guitar was our instant booster! Cute little baby here at first seems a bit confused as daddy grabs the acoustic guitar and starts playing, but a few seconds into the video he's all thrilled and joins the fun! All of a sudden, his face changes and goes from completely confused to totally astonished! We're sure he's loving this bonding time, and we kinda wanna be him right now! We're sure you agree too! Daddies bring all the fun when it comes to quality time with the kids, and this video is yet another proof for that. While we were watching this joyful daddy-son moment, we couldn't help but remember our most precious memories from our childhood, and started telling our favorite stories. What was your favorite childhood moment? Do you have a memory to share? We're waiting to hear all those fun moments in the comment section below!

Published: September 15, 2017Updated: September 16, 2017433,531 viewsVirality: 7%


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