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Confused Dog Can’t Fit A Stick Through A Door  23s

Confused Dog Can’t Fit A Stick Through A Door

A lab and his stick are not easily parted. Who’s having a bad hair day? You are! The yellow Labrador makes a wonderful family pet, but not necessarily because of its brains. The lab is near perfect in every way we expect that a dog should be. Funny, faithful, loving, gentle, eager to please, handsome, and they are even good hunters. But you can see why we don't have any in the ranks of the army corps of engineers. “What are you trying to do boy? You'll never get in here that way. Tilt your head!” This guy is just not getting it. What's a poor dog to do? It must be extremely frustrating for the poor fellow to be so close, yet so impossibly unable to get in to the house. This may be a teachable skill, or it's possible there aren't enough neurons connected in the right places. Alas, we will have to accept that there are just some areas about which our best friend falls short. Oh, well. We can't have everything. There's always a trade-off somewhere. Labs do love their sticks. It's a Labrador retriever, after all. When two labs happen to be raised together, we often see them in pairs, playing tug of war with the same stick. In the wide open spaces of the outside this problem doesn't seem to come up very much. Come to think of it, maybe we can pin this on the owner, who left the sliding glass door open too narrow. If it was only a little wider, we might not be laughing at this ridiculous display of clownishness. The solution appears so simple to us, just change your angle of approach! To his credit, the dog looks like he's trying to think of another way, but his cognition is extremely limited in the area of formal operations. He looks down momentarily, as if the floor might hold a clue. He eventually drops the stick, and it is at this point the video clip ends, so maybe he has given up by then. There is a hint of dejection on his face, but as dogs are not really known for being egotists, he’ll probably forget this set back in a very short time. Why does he want to bring the stick in the house, anyway? With that kind of energy bouncing around, let's hope the house is dog proofed. This could turn out to be the proverbial “bull in a China closet” situation. Fortunately, this isn't serious trouble for either owner or pet. The owners enjoy the predicament so much, in fact, that they are sharing their mirth with us. He's a pretty lucky boy to have such easygoing owners who take it all in stride, and we're lucky they had a phone cam ready. The poor lab doesn't realize he's quickly becoming an internet sensation. If you think he's bad at bringing a stick through a living door, just wait till you see how he signs autographs.

Mom’s Handstand Goes Wrong As She Nearly Lands On Her Son28s

Mom’s Handstand Goes Wrong As She Nearly Lands On Her Son

This video, posted by Mark Felix, portrays one of those moments that make every audience instantly cringe. However, that cringe is always followed with hysterical laughter. This is definitely one of those moments that are commonly featured on channels such as Caters News and America’s Funniest Home Videos. This particular conundrum happens at a family home between a mother and her son. Presumably, dad is the one behind the camera filming the entire incident. This mother in particular was showing off a little bit for her son, but it just did not quite go as she had planned it to go. Teri Laura Horne, from Bromyard, Herefordshire, was attempting to perform a handstand when this video was taken. However, the result was unintentional and potentially disastrous. Thankfully, no one was injured, which is what makes this video one that we can all get a good laugh from. This would not be quite as funny if the mother or her son had been injured in any way. Teri Laura, the mother, launches her body into a handstand position, and she plans to use the door behind her as a sort of stabilizer while she hangs upside down. We do have to give her props for even being able to go into a handstand like this anyway, as most adults cannot actually do even that. The problem arose when the door was not completely shut and latched. Of course, Teri Laura Horne did not realize this small fact. It is always unfortunate when a tiny little detail slips right past you and completely ruins your plans. When Teri Laura moves into position and her legs hit the door, the door swings open behind her. It is at this point that we see that her young son is actually right behind the door. Again, this was not known by mom. The inevitable happens, and Teri Laura comes crashing down in somersault fashion, almost hitting her son on the way down. The poor little boy is obviously scared when this happens, but thankfully, he quickly moves out of the way as his mother’s legs come whizzing next to him. For a moment, it looks like she had hurt herself because of the fall and because she hits one of her child’s plastic scooting toys on the way down. However, when she turns around to look at the camera, her smile tells us that she is completely fine. This could have turned out very differently if her son had not moved out of the way when she fell through the door frame. His sweet little voice is heard at the end of the video when he says “Mommy?” He is truly an adorable little boy, and he certainly has a mother with a knack for slapstick. Interestingly enough, when you watch the moment right before the fall, this little boy’s mother actually has fantastic form in her handstand . If the door had been completely closed and secured, this would have been a pretty awesome trick for us to see!

Dog Hits The Piano Keys And Performs An Awesome Trick 28s

Dog Hits The Piano Keys And Performs An Awesome Trick

Sadie is a 6- year- old German Shepherd- Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. This video was filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Sadie loves learning new tricks, but her most recently learned trick is the one that is turning heads and gaining attention online from people all around the country! As can be seen from the first glance of the video, the trick that this beautiful pup has learned is playing the piano ! You will not believe your eyes, just watch as she turns it on and plays a few notes! When the video begins, we hear Sadie’s human guardian cueing her to perform her adorable and shocking trick. German Shepherds are known to be intensely intelligent dogs, which is why they are so commonly used in investigatory measures with law enforcement. In addition to that, Border Collies are also said to be actually one of, if not the most intelligent breed of dogs. Therefore, the combination of these two breeds can create a brilliant animal that has both intelligence and a fantastic temperament. Sadie is obviously an example of this magical breed mixture. After Sadie’s parent gives her the proper cues to begin her trick, she follows the given instructions perfectly. She follows the commands by jumping up onto the piano bench, and then she turns on the piano as instructed. Then, in an adorable set of movements, she places her paws on the keys of the electric piano. She begins with the top tier of keys and pounds out her own little tune. She may not be Mozart, but this is pretty impressive when you consider the fact that it is coming from… a dog! As if this trick was not already cute enough, there is more. It does not just end with Sadie playing the notes. We again hear her mom in the background of the video. She asks Sadie, “Uh-oh, did you make a mistake?” Sadie then takes her left paw and momentarily covers her face as if in shame like she has made a “mistake with the keys.” This is just absolutely precious. It is surely impossible to watch this spectacle without at least smiling at this funny and comedic little pup. This is such a creative trick that her parents have taught her. It really does make you wonder how in the world they could have even begun training her to do this incredible trick. Whatever Sadie’s parents did to teach her this trick, they certainly did it very well. Imagine having a dinner party at your house and being able to have the entertainment by your dog performing this trick for your guests! That would certainly make for an absolutely unforgettable dinner party, and you would certainly be the hit among your circle of friends. No one would ever want to have dinner parties anywhere else after hanging out with Sadie for a while! When Sadie finishes playing her adorable ballad, she takes a bow toward the camera and to her audience!

Spider Has An Ingenious Technique Of Burying Itself In The Sand38s

Spider Has An Ingenious Technique Of Burying Itself In The Sand

This video contains a sight that most people would never otherwise have the opportunity to witness. Since “creepy- crawly” spiders are a very common fear and phobia for so many people, this video gives many the chance to see this force of nature from the safety of their computer screens. It features the terrified spider burying itself in the sand. This action is not just a random thing that this spider has decided to do out of nowhere; it is a defense mechanism to protect itself from predators. Alexa Whiteway, 30, a system administrator has had her spider , Monty, a Sicarius Thomisoides, a six-eyed sand spider, for about three years. She has just recently filmed it, which allowed her to be able to share this interesting video with the rest of the Internet world. This spider is rare, and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It is definitely one that evokes an automatic fear response for a great number of people. It is of a light gray color, and it has the signature spider eight legs. It is also rather large, which is another feature that would make many people shrink away in fear. This spider is native to Chile, so the one featured in this video is obviously one that is being kept and raised in captivity. The spider’s instincts trigger it to bury itself in the sand because of something that perceives it as a threat. The video does not show the viewers what this perceived threat is, but it does show this incredibly interesting process that mother nature has created. The spider instinctively begins to dig with its front legs very quickly. It creates itself a small hole that fits its abdomen and body size perfectly. It could not be more perfect measuring the hole. After that process, the spider moves its body over the small hole. It does all of these movements with perfect and extraordinary dexterity. The spider is also unbelievably fast, and it wastes no time performing this hole digging feat. After it has placed itself over the hole, it shifts, as if to find the perfect placement to secure its safety. It seems like the spider is also observing and checking its surroundings every second or so, to be sure that it is still safe. This is truly a very interesting process to watch. Then, much to the viewers’ surprise, it apparently decides that its first hole was not acceptable, so it begins to dig yet another hole , and goes through the same process of placing itself over it. The hole is just wide enough for the spider’s body, but its legs still reach the outside area in a symmetrical fashion. Then the spider does the finishing touch and final motions of this burying process. With the same front legs that started digging the hole, it actually begins burying its body. It uses its front legs to throw the sand over the top of itself. The spider has successfully hidden itself from its predatory threat!

Labrador Preciously Plays With A Happy Little Kitten54s

Labrador Preciously Plays With A Happy Little Kitten

We all know as a fact that cats and dogs can never get along well. There is nothing we can do about it. As a matter of fact, two individuals who are always arguing with each other are being compared to cats and dogs. It is a pretty normal thing to see a cat and a dog that fighting with each other. But believe it or not, Misty and Shira are the exact opposites to the above claiming. They are a perfect exception to the rule. If you want to know more about Misty and Shira's inspiring story, then you need to watch this amazing video. Just in case you do not know, Shira is a cat while Misty is a Labrador dog. In this footage, you can see how sweet they are having a playtimer. They are playing as if they are best friends . Who would have thought that a cat and a dog could get along well, and live like best friends. Well, everything is possible in this world after all. Even those seemed-to-be impossible things can be done if you are determined enough to make them happen. We should salute the owner of Misty and Shira because without his or her effort, the two of them can never be as friendly as they are now. It takes a lot of effort to make such thing happens. Actually, we can be more thankful to Misty, the Labrador dog, since this breed of dogs is known to be very friendly. As an owner,of this type of a dog, you just have to make sure that it is exposed to many people and animals, so that it becomes more sociable than it already is. This explains why more and more people all over the world are raising their own Labrador pet dog. Labradors are not only extremely friendly, but highly useful doing a number of things. Long before these days, Labradors were widely used in a number of police-related jobs. These jobs included detecting explosive devices and even guns. As a matter of fact, this is a well-known effective substitute for a K9 or the so-called German Shepherd. Meaning to say, a Labrador dog is not only good for friendly sweet moments, but also for some other very important activities that need to be done as quickly as possible just like retrieving and searching explosive devices. Well, this goes to show that Labradors definitely deserve their formal name, Labrador Retriever. If you are one of those dog lovers out there who likes dogs with a particular color, you do not have to fret since you can have several options with a Labrador dog like Misty. You can choose black, pale yellow, white, fox red and a lot more. Such breed of dogs firstly became famous in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. But as the time goes by, these dogs are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Misty and Shira's great and inspiring relationship is absolutely worth sharing. Hence, do not forget to share this adorable video. Keep sharing and spread the love!

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Gorilla tries to figure out how to drink from bottle1m20s

Gorilla tries to figure out how to drink from bottle

The zoo staff threw lots of different bottles filled with juice over the wall into the habitat for the gorilla family to drink. Lope grabbed one of the bottles and is trying to open it with its teeth. First on the site and then he has a go at the lid, but he doesn’t notice that most of is leaking out now. He then grabs some food that was scattered on the grass earlier and walks to a shadier place. There he found a new bottle and has another go at it, but the same happens again. You can see the juice squirting out of the bottom of the bottle. Lope is not someone that gives up and tries again, third time lucky, with the orange bottle. He gives it his all, holding the bottle with his feet and hands and trying to turn the lid again and hey presto he manages to open it properly this time. He drinks out of the bottle like a pro and again does his human swagger and parades the bottles through the enclosure.