Amazing Real Life Heroes Save A Hawk Trapped In A Tree3m22s

Amazing Real Life Heroes Save A Hawk Trapped In A Tree

In May 2015 a place called ‘Hope’, a rehabilitation center for birds of prey received a call about a red-tailed hawk trapped 60 ft up in the tree and it had been dangling perilously for 16 hours before a team could attempt to challenge in rescue. The male hawk had managed to get its leg wedged in a crevice in a tree. Poor little guy! Trying to escape, he got exhausted! Having no chance and no strength to free himself, the team had attempted a rescue 60 ft in the air! For us, these are the real heroes, who think only for the good of the animals! The real life heroes set up some rope lines and started climbing the tree so they can set this little guy free and enjoy again the blue skies and the priceless freedom! They released the hawk's legs from the tree and carrying him safely to the ground this story ends with a happy ending and one happy hawk thanks to this everyday heroes! After saving him the team made sure that the hawk is not hurt and give him the proper help and care he needs! Luckily, he was not hurt a lot so they gave him the proper medication to make sure he doesn’t have pain or any kind of infection before he was taken to the rehabilitation center! After a few days into the rehabilitation center, the hawk was recovering very well and his leg was recovering marvelous! He is going to be free again and be again with his family! We salute heroes like this who make the world a better place for humans and animals too!

Take A Look A These Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo6m20s

Take A Look A These Prison Inmates Who Run A Zoo

Animals are always the spread of fun and joy. They offer great companionship and never has anyone felt alone or rather lonely around animals. This goes to say that people who love animals often seem to get them as companions and sometimes they feel they need more. The story here is that not one or two buy more then 50 animals are in this zoo where these inmates work and a place where mutual help is insured. The inmates help the animals with providing them food and cleaning their shelters while the animals provide the inmates with great companionship and lots of love. This Florida prison has a furry little secret - a zoo full of alpacas, birds, alligators, a lemur and even a sloth. The farm at Stock Island Detention Centre, in Key West was founded by accident in 1994 when the prison fenced off an area underneath to protect a gaggle of ducks that kept getting injured while crossing the road between the jail and a golf course. Now the prison is home to over 150 animals, ranging from the original ducks and farm animals to alligators and a ten foot python. Jeanne Selander, who manages the farm, takes four volunteers from the prison to help care for the animals and maintain the farm. This is a great and inspirational way how one can give back to the community, especially someone who has run into some rough patch. This Florida prison has come up with one of the greatest ideas as far as giving the inmates a chance to be a part of something while also giving back to the community and growing aside these animals.

Leopard Lady Living With Wild Cats | BEAST BUDDIES5m50s

Leopard Lady Living With Wild Cats | BEAST BUDDIES

FOR this conservationist, there is only one way to start her day - by hanging out with leopards. Babette De Jonge, 50, founded Wild Cats World in 2010 to help conserve endangered big cats, such as leopards, black-footed cats and African wildcats. Based in Kirkwood, South Africa, the sanctuary, started in 2012, is home to four leopards, and one cub, cheetahs, servals, caracals and Africa’s smallest cat - the black-footed cat. By building up a mutual respect with the leopards - who were rescued from exploitation - Babette has been able to work hands on with them during their rehabilitation.

Charity Helps PTSD Veterans Using Dogs' Assistance4m58s

Charity Helps PTSD Veterans Using Dogs' Assistance

A charity is giving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers a new lease of life by pairing them up with service dogs. 1Pet1Vet, based in Kankakee, Illinois is a non-profit organization that specialises in pairing and training companion and emotional support service dogs with military veterans, to cope with the effects of PTSD . The charity was started in 2013 by Afghanistan veteran Joe Trainer Jr. Joe had this idea of helping veterans that were dealing with different issues whether they were physical or mental through the aid of a dog and that’s how it got started. In order to make an impact on the veteran suicide rate, he decided to focus on veterans that were diagnosed with PTSD. The focus is on three symptoms the veterans contend with: flashbacks and night terrors or nightmares, social avoidance and social numbing, and being socially avoidant. The scheme also enables the veterans to take part in the training process, to obtain a close connection with their animal. The scheme has seen a remarkable change in the mentality of some veterans, including those who had lost all hope. The main goal of pairing veterans with service dogs is to reduce suicidal ideas, however they also help the vets reintegrate into society and help with symptoms such as anxiety and anger - and even physical symptoms such as headaches. Most often, people have a mental picture of post traumatic stress that looks like someone who is anxiously biting his nails and looking left and right. While they might occur, most often the post-traumatic symptoms are masked and the individuals are very guarded and one of the things that they struggle with is social connection.

The Backpacking Cat That Travels The US With His Human3m54s

The Backpacking Cat That Travels The US With His Human

An adventurer has found the perfect traveling purr-tner - his house cat Simon. He adopted the feline two years ago, and they have been travelling together across land and water ever since - with Simon normally nestled in his backpack. He wants to familiarize us with his ‘catventures’ by retelling his story and recounting events that happened along their way. We can find out that all started way back when he was a little kid exploring in the creeks in his backyard. However, his real outdoor career began in college when he started the excursion club. He realized at that moment that that was his calling, that was the way he could help the world and help the earth. So when he graduated college, he knew he needed to take his outdoor adventures on a bigger scale with the help of the media as a key to be able to influence more people on a much larger scale especially those that are unable to travel as much and see as much of the world. With only one difference, his pal Simon, the most loyal cat you can imagine. Like all cats, Simon loves nature, too. In fact, he is so used to his trips with his owner that whenever his owner walks near the door to go outside, Simon races to the door and gives a short little meow that makes his human know that he’s ready to go out. Simon and his owner have gone on road trips across the US, road trips that have been as long as 20 consecutive hours, they have gone to deserts, they have gone to majestic forests and they have even camped in the snow. The 35-year-old has been travelling the world for most of his life and has been sharing his travels on social media and as he says having Simon has helped him to embrace more of the journey and really appreciate the moment, appreciate the beauty of mother nature .

At 4 Feet Long, This Is New York's Biggest Cat2m48s

At 4 Feet Long, This Is New York's Biggest Cat

Meet Samson, New York's biggest cat - weighing 28 pounds and measuring an incredible four foot in length. The hulking feline is chauffeured around in his very own super-size carriage and spends his downtime playing fetch - just like a dog. The insatiable kitty eats six cans of food a day to feed his massive appetite. Despite popular belief, Samson is not a cross between a bear and a Persian cat. Can you even imagine that? Actually, he is a maine Coon , a cat breed known for their hulking sizes. He is the proud owner of DJ Jonathan Zurbel, who says: "I just watched his weight start to grow and grow. "I went to the vet and she said this is the largest cat we have in the registry. I decided to claim that name and claim that throne." Jonathan inherited the cat from his brother and dedicated himself to making Samson a celebrity on Instagram. Being a celebrity feline on social media doesn’t just make you look good, it works wonders for your entourage as well! Jonathan says that he has changed his love life completely, as many girls want to come over and meet the big fella. But having a big cat means having even bigger responsibilities. Jonathan had to get him a huge litter box and even a dog carrier and a dog leash! All joking aside, Jonathan hopes that Samson’s fame will help promote cat adoption . He says: "I like to share him with people and that’s really the goal - just get him out there. “I want to spread pet ownership and encourage people to adopt because there’s lots of cats out there that need homes.” Since he is convinced he has the largest cat in New York, a challenger is invited to come and say they have a bigger feline pet! The four-year-old Maine Coon has now reached celebrity status due to his impressive stature - and has amassed over 104,000 followers on Instagram. For more information, visit

This Tiny Rescued Pup Is Really Enjoying His Bath Time1m47s

This Tiny Rescued Pup Is Really Enjoying His Bath Time

We think it is pretty safe to say that we can divide all dogs in this world in just two categories - those who love bath time and those who run from it, never looking back. Whenever their owners mention the tedious activity, dogs either run straight for the bathroom, whining and barking at the tap to start running, or they run and hide behind anything they can think of, just to avoid getting a drop of water on them. It may have something to do with how they were treated when they were babies, which brings us to the conclusion that this little guy will love bath time forever and ever! A two-week-old puppy was found abandoned in a dumpster with his two sisters. The small litter was found by Dallas Animal Service and referred to the DFW Rescue Me animal shelter, where volunteer Claire Fowler was tasked with looking after the babies. Claire, a 21-year-old student, said: “The little guys need round-the-clock care – they can’t use the restroom by themselves or even regulate their own body temperature. I do everything for them and they need to be fed every couple of hours.” When asked for what made her decide to film the puppy’s glorious moment of blissful nirvana, Claire said: “I decided to film him in the bath because he was enjoying it so much and I really wanted to capture it. He just looked so content.” She adds that his sisters don’t enjoy bath time as much and would rather stay dirty , but it still has to be done. None of the babes have names yet because they are still so young, but Claire is certain they will all get good, strong names.

Man Reunites With His Beast Buddy After A Year Apart7m06s

Man Reunites With His Beast Buddy After A Year Apart

After more than a year apart, an animal advocate has reunited with his best friend – a CHEETAH. Dolph C. Volker, 50, has volunteered at the Cheetah Experience Breeding Centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on and off for over four years. Despite living in America, and spending little time with the animals at the breeding centre, Dolph has managed to create a special bond with one of the male cheetahs, Gabriel. Dolph often goes a full year without seeing his best buddy – but the predator recognises him almost immediately and remembers all of the things they used to do together. And during his time at the sanctuary in January 2018, Dolph managed to hand-feed Gabriel and spend the entire night sleeping next to him out in the open. “It takes a long time to reach an imprinting and bonding relationship with a wild animal. A wild predator, “ Dolf says. “I’ve been volunteering now at Cheetah Experience for over four years. It started when Gabriel was a cub and I got to know him at eight months old. It was an absolute joy. We became super friends.” Gabriel is super special to Dolf for a multitude of reasons, but the main one is fulfilling his lifelong dream. Dolf always wanted to befriend a predator. The big cat remembered all the special things they liked to do, like getting up close, putting his paws on Dolf’s shoulders and grooming him. Cheetah Experience is a registered, non-profit cheetah-breeding centre that also takes care of leopards, lions, a tiger, servals and caracals.

Russian Couple Share Their Studio With An Oversized Cat6m30s

Russian Couple Share Their Studio With An Oversized Cat

Meet the brave couple that shares their home with a playful two-year-old cougar. In 2016, Alexandr Dmitriev and his wife, Mariya, decided to adopt a young cougar called Messi and raise him as a house-pet in their small, studio apartment in Penza, Russia. Messi follows a strict grooming routine to ensure he doesn’t make too much of a mess around the house – he gets washed in the bath, has his nails trimmed, his teeth checked and he receives a special brush-down every day. The big cat eats twice a day with a diet consisting of turkey, beef, a bit of chicken breast and some bones. And with a growing social media following of 250,000 on Instagram and more than 2 million views on YouTube, Messi has become a local celebrity. According to his owners, Messi has a condition that makes him only half of the size a normal, healthy puma would have at his age. Still, they both claim he is just like having a dog. "We live together, sleep together," Alexandr Dmitriev said. "He convinced us with his behavior that he's a full member of our family and that he wouldn't be doing anything bad apart from some small naughty things. He's very kind and likes contact. He gets on very well with people." They saw Messi when he was but a little cub in a petting ZOO. "The first time we saw him in the zoo, I think we both had the same feeling towards this animal," Mariya said. "It was such an excitement, such tenderness. Like, I don't know, it's impossible to grasp but it was very strong." The one thing everyone who has seen the oversized pet online have but one question - where does he go to the toilet? The answer is pretty simple really - he uses the bathtub.

This Aussie Couple Has Turned Their Home Into A Kangaroo Sanctuary5m44s

This Aussie Couple Has Turned Their Home Into A Kangaroo Sanctuary

Inside this ordinary suburban home there lives a host of hopping surprises - a troop of baby kangaroos. When a stranger pulled up at their home with an orphaned kangaroo in 2010, this couple’s lives changed forever and Our Haven Wildlife Shelter was born. Theresa and Tony Matthews had always loved wildlife, but after being told that the healthy orphaned joey would have to be euthanized, they realised that they had to do something for the helpless animal. “That was our first kangaroo and his name was Bobby. We mainly take on eastern grey kangaroos, they’re the only ones down here and also swamp wallabies,” says the couple. Their home might be far from ordinary, what with the constant stream of animals coming in, but it also comes with a lot of heartache. Namely, baby kangaroos are delicate because they get stressed so easily. It can be very dangerous for them. But the Matthews’s have a very high success rate and have been able to rehabilitate a lot of the youngsters that have come their way. They realized that these joeys were euthanized for one reason alone - not because there was something wrong with them, but because they had nowhere to go. Eight years later, the couple had just had their first vacation, as they have to take care of the baby animals 24 hours a day, every day. The couple raise the joeys at their home until they are ready for release and then they are transported to be released back into the wild. “It’s hard to say goodbye and I always cry all the way home but, you know, it’s about them not us. We’ve done our job, so we’ve gotta let them go," Theresa says. To find out more about Our Haven Wildlife Shelter and to donate visit:

This Guy Has Adopted A Crocodile That Is Now A Member Of The Family  4m44s

This Guy Has Adopted A Crocodile That Is Now A Member Of The Family

We've all been introduced to the unusual friendship terms, but some of us decide to take things to a whole different level. Some people nowadays choose to take are of animals such as Tigers, Lions, and eve Crocodiles in this particular case. Even though these kinds of friendships might seem weird and even crazy, somehow this owner and his crocodile have found a way to create a friendship and live to together for as long as 20 years. In A small pool of water in an Indonesian back yard, lives Kojek the crocodile. Kojek spends his days in a small channel of water at the back of Irwan's garden. The family's washing hangs right next to it and Irwan's three children are free to play ballgames on the turquoise-green ceramic tiles parallel to the crock. Because he's been with the same family for 20 years, Kojek, according to Irwan, poses no threat to humans. In the whole time he's lived with Irwan, there have been no accidents or injuries, to humans at least. Irwan story of how he saved this crocodile is really inspiring and definitily worth to hear and see.The is truly one of those inspiring stories where A Beast and A Human have come to terms and have crossed all boundaries just to prove that such animal can be domesticated and become part of the family. Take a look as this incredible story and the true frendhsip between human and beast.

Florida Family Shares Their Home With 14 Bears6m44s

Florida Family Shares Their Home With 14 Bears

A daring mother and son duo have hand-raised 14 bears in their back garden. In the heart of Bearadise Ranch, Florida, Monica Welde and her son, Johnny IV, spend their days rolling around with bears that weigh up to 1,000lbs. The Welde family have looked after grizzly bears, black bears and polar bears for the last 91 years – using their license to provide for those in need of a home. But the family tradition came under threat last year when Monica’s husband, Johnny III, died of a heart attack just after he turned 60. But with the help of her son, a devastated Monica has put her loss to one side so she can concentrate on continuing the family legacy and caring for their beloved pet bears . It was Johnny III’s grandfather who introduced the giants to the Welde family in 1946. They have been training the bears for appearances in movies and TV shows. The youngest Johnny in the family was introduced to the potentially dangerous animals when he was only three and has always seen them as part of his family. “Here at Bearadise Ranch our bears have natural habitats to come out and enjoy.” Monica says. “And our daily interaction with the bears is communication, loving, petting. They thrive on physical contact. That’s the greatest form of enrichment for the bears – the relationship we share with them which is based on mutual love and respect.” Still, this dynamic duo admits they have a few scars from their interaction with the bears, but they say it is only natural when you deal with such powerful animals. They might not be your run-of-the-mill pet, but when you learn to read their signals, everyone can be a good friend with a wild animal.

Fearless Man Has Five Tigers And Two Lions For Beast Buddies6m40s

Fearless Man Has Five Tigers And Two Lions For Beast Buddies

A curious video has emerged of an eccentric Frenchman who lives with unusual roommates. Meet the man who lives with seven lions and tigers right outside his front door and he looks after them on his own. Meet, 68-year-old Remy Demantes who owns a private rescue sanctuary for big cats for the last 27 years and takes care of injured animals and treats them like pets. Remy first fell in love with these exotic creatures when he saw the close bond his friend had with a domesticated panther. Therefore, inspired by their relationship, Remy decided to turn his home into a rescue centre of wild animals . Today, located in Ouzouer-sur-Loire, France, Remy cannot imagine life without his beloved pets, and spends hours each day hand-feeding them, taking them for walks and generally kissing and cuddling their furry coats. Remy explains that in order to be close to these animals, you have to take them in since birth and raise as your own. He created this animal park 27 years ago when he invited an animal trainer in 1986. Fascinated by the fact that he could actually stroke a panther, he decided that he wanted to feel that way every day! His strong desire to own, understand and save them from extinction resulted in him creating this animal rescue shelter . His animals eat around five to seven kilograms of meat a day, and he is alone looking after his animals, without any help. However, he admits that he had numerous volunteers in the past who wanted to help him take care of the animals and maintain the upkeep of the park, but Remy never accepted their offers due to the extreme danger that surrounds his job. Of course, you can never really know for sure whether you will leave the cage or the park alive. But, that makes this job interesting and exciting. It is awash with adrenaline rush. You need to understand their psychology and know your animals. Even though he had never had an accident, he never knows for sure what to expect from these wild beasts. Given the fact that he is getting older and these animals live more than twenty years, he is going to stop getting new animals.

This Tiny Chihuahua May Only Weigh 2 Lbs, But She Has A Big Attitude2m33s

This Tiny Chihuahua May Only Weigh 2 Lbs, But She Has A Big Attitude

Weighing in at only 2lbs, this tiny chihuahua has a big attitude and even bigger wardrobe. Petite pup Layla from Petersburg, Florida is the canine companion of Kathy Sherback. She was born on December 23, 2014, in a litter of four puppies. Layla was the runt of the litter and was not even half the size of her two siblings. Kathy says that her minuscule pet was adorable when she was young. Her apple head is a quality many chihuahua lovers breed, but many don’t know the problems that accompany that quality. One being hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid inside the skull, putting pressure on the brain causing seizures, blindness, and behavioral changes. It is a congenital condition that occurs in miniature and toy breeds, mostly chihuahuas. "By the time Layla reached four months old it was becoming very evident she was losing control of her legs, almost like the wires in her brain were crossed and she could no longer walk properly. Her rear legs were crossed over and her front legs would buckle.” says the concerned owner. A vet suggested surgery, which has a high success rate in humans, but for a puppy Layla’s size, it can be dangerous. Naturally, Kathy decided against the surgery. Instead, she vowed to try and give Layla the best possible life. “We started Layla on homemade dog food consisting of meats, fruits, and vegetables. We also began supplementing her with probiotics, herbs, and superfood supplements,” Kathy says. Layla’s entire appearance changed within a month, but her legs didn’t improve enough for her to hold herself up. So, Kathy had a special wheelchair designed for her miniature doggy . She certainly has made many sacrifices for her pet, but it is comforting to know that Layla the tiny chihuahua lives her best life.

Best Friends Dog And Duck Celebrate Christmas | CUTE AS FLUFF1m45s

Best Friends Dog And Duck Celebrate Christmas | CUTE AS FLUFF

This feisty duck and his doggy best friend are getting in the festive spirit for quackmas. Proud duck owner Pam Ishiguro has a flock of seven ducks but her four-year-old Pekin duck Rudy and her golden retriever Barclay have formed the strongest bond. As the Christmas season revs up, the duo are getting into the spirit with Christmas movies, tasty treats and presents that are just asking to be torn apart.

Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden2m37s

Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden

While most people spend their golden years relaxing in their garden, Janice Haley chose to hand feed the two tigers she keeps in hers. Saber, a 600 pound white Bengal male and Janda, a 400 pound orange Bengal female live in a cage in the back of Janice's unassuming suburban home. "As far as they’re concerned, I am mommy," explains 57-years-old Janice Haley. "They rub me in the face, they’ll let me kiss them on the nose." It all began back in 1995, when Janice decided to quit her boring desk job as an admin assistant to spend more time working outdoors. At her husband’s advice, she began working with exotic animals. After spotting an ad for a tiger training course in her local paper she applied and two years later arrived home with Chuffer the tiger cub . She was immediately "bitten" by the tiger bug and since that, she has been taking care of quite a few different big cats. In 2002 she bought Janda, who is now 12, to live with Chuffer. After Chuffer's death in 2007, little Saber who was only two weeks old at the time was introduced to the enclosure. Well, much to the annoyance of Janda... Plenty of volunteers help her take care of them and play with them as well. Each day she hand feeds the gentle giants and Saber, the baby of the pair, which can't get off to sleep without suckling on her finger. The tigers live in an enclosure in her backyard and are fed by hand three times a day. "People who consider it cruel to keep them in captivity have a point, to a point. It is not the ideal place for a tiger to be, in a cage. But at this point, in the wild, there isn’t a lot of hope out there for them anymore, and if there aren’t some of them left in cages, there aren’t going to be any left at all in a couple of years from now… They are provided for and loved here. In my opinion, I wouldn’t mind being a tiger in my backyard." Watch the full story of this "tiger" lady and see how these giant cuddlers love spending time with her!

‘Monkey Man’ Feeds Hundreds Of Primates Every Day4m13s

‘Monkey Man’ Feeds Hundreds Of Primates Every Day

A 79-year-old man has become famous in India after single-handedly feeding hundreds of monkeys every day. Self-proclaimed holy man, Shyam Sadhu has been feeding wild rhesus monkeys in the town of Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh for over 40 years. Shyam started feeding the monkeys in 1975 and his love for animals sees him helping cows, dogs, donkeys and any other animal he finds in need. Monkeys are considered by devout Hindus to be the descendants of the Monkey God Hanuman. Large numbers of these apes have adapted to living in close quarters with the human in the northern parts of India, due to habitat destruction. People also adapted to this life and they learn to live with the mischief the monkeys are known to create. Shyam has always felt a compassion for nature. He used to feed stray dogs with his lunch at school as a boy and now he collects unique plants and trees. His garden is impressive, what with all the fig, almond and kiwi trees. He also brings home any animal he finds injured on the street. He says that everything began when he had fallen ill of bronchitis when he was a small boy. None of the medicine would help him. But after dreaming of a green monkey, he started feeding the monkey around and started getting better. Not only did his interaction with the monkey improve his health, it also educated him a lot as well. “We have so many diseases. But these animals know how to cure themselves. They eat specific leaves and plants. Even I live on only a leafy diet as much as I can. I can assure you, if an obese patient comes to live with me and I provide him with this diet, he will be fit in two months,” he says. Shyam’s neighbors don’t feel the same drive as he does, with some going to the extent of calling him a fraud. Many also believe that he only does this for the publicity, and not for hig genuine love of animals.

Woman In India Lives With 500 Bats3m32s

Woman In India Lives With 500 Bats

Shantaben Prajapati is a 73-year-old lady who lives in a small village in Rajpura, Gujarat in India. In her village, she is known as the Bat Lady. It all started 20 years ago, when all of her neighbors had old mud houses. Then they started upgrading and renovating their homes. That is when these little night mammals started entering her old mud house. First she noticed a single bat hanging from the ceiling of one of her rooms, but after a while a bat invasion had begun. At the beginning, she was scared of them and even tried to remove them but now, between 500 and 1000 bats come every single day to roost in her house. They fly in and out as they please. "At first, I tried to remove them, but it is considered a sin, so I let them be. I have had them for all these years in my house and I look after them. There was only one bat at first. Then the numbers slowly started to increase." says Shantaben. Since then, her home turned into a bat shelter where she welcomes the critters, feeds them and takes care of them. Same as any other pet, bats have their favorite food too - they love bananas. Some of her neighbors are bothered by the smell the bats leave behind, while others salute her noble gesture. Shantaben is sweeping and swabbing the floors and walls of her house everyday. She also burns neem leaves to maintain hygiene. "People ask why I keep the bats and say that I will fall sick and my house will stink. But burning the leaves and swabbing the floors and walls takes care of it. And how can I get rid of the bats? They are like family now," she says. Kids seem to love this “mysterious” lady, so they stop by on their way to school to see the animals. "Sometimes the children come to see them and hear their 'chee chee' noises." says the old lady.

One Animal Lover Is Providing Makeovers For New York’s Stray Dogs5m41s

One Animal Lover Is Providing Makeovers For New York’s Stray Dogs

A generous animal lover is helping find homes for New York’s stray dogs - by giving them a free bath and haircut. In 2016, almost 9000 homeless dogs were taken in by the Animal Care Centers of NYC according to the ACC Asilomar Statistics. Over half of these were strays found on the streets, with no owners to care for them, feed or groom them. Armed with his scissors and electric clippers, volunteer dog groomer Mark Imhof has been visiting the centers for two years to help the homeless animals desperately in need of a haircut. He said: "My wife and I adopted a Pitbull. She was filthy and I gave her a bath and I said, ‘Wouldn't it be great if somebody visited the shelter and cleaned up the shelter dogs?’, and that started my idea." About two years ago Mark started coming in and grooming a few dogs at the ACC and in that time he’s transformed over 500 dogs, basically making him a fixture at the care centers. After bathing and grooming the dogs, Mark drastically changes their appearance. And this also causes an immediate affect on the dogs' personality, with many of them instantly becoming more confident and happy. Mark’s selfless acts of kindness has enabled many of the dogs to finally find their fur-ever homes, some within an hour of being groomed . "There’s a great, lovable dog at the shelter, just waiting to be your new best friend. Adopt, don’t shop.

Gator Girl Belays Social Life To Rescue Nuisance Alligators5m27s

Gator Girl Belays Social Life To Rescue Nuisance Alligators

While her peers are out socializing with other folk their age, Gabby Scampone is wrestling alligators. She moved from New York to Florida few months ago to pursue a career in relocating and caring for alligators . Gabby says she’s been loving reptiles since she was 15, so with the lack of alligators in New York, she decided to seek her happiness elsewhere. “When I moved here and told my parents that I was wrestling alligators they weren’t too excited. They were obviously afraid for me because it can be dangerous. But they support me in everything I do." says the brave 22-year-old. With her boss Paul Bedard she volunteers at Everglades Holiday Park, where she puts on a daily show wrestling alligators whilst also educating the audience. She might be following the career path she always wanted, but it doesn’t come without some difficulties. Mainly, it is Gabby’s social life that has taken a toll. "So I was actually on a date last week. Half way through the date, Paul calls me about an alligator. So obviously I have to go get it, but it was a blessing in disguise because the guy didn’t want to come with me. Gabby says she will continue pursuing her dream career with alligators, hoping to not lose any fingers in the process.

The 'Birdman' Of Gujarat Feeds Thousands Of Birds Every Day3m28s

The 'Birdman' Of Gujarat Feeds Thousands Of Birds Every Day

Harsukhbhai Dobariya and his family have been feeding thousands of birds every single day for the past 17 years. Parrots, weaver birds, pigeons and crows are some of the species which flock in every morning to the rooftop of Harsukhbhai’s home in Gujarat, India. This generous family spends over £1100 every three months to feed these birds on sticks of pearl millets. “The fact that these birds come is what pleases me the most. The more birds come the more I enjoy”, says Harsukhbhai. These people wake up early in the morning and get busy preparing food for their early morning guests, who start arriving in flocks with the first rays of the sun. This has been their tradition, and they’ve been doing it for 17 years. To feed this large number of birds , he made a special contraption which makes it easier for him to hang out the sticks of pearl millets. Harsukhbhai is a farmer by profession and also runs a showroom. Along with juggling work in the fields and the showroom, he also makes small bird shelters which he decorates with beads and glitters to sell to people. These birds come from as far as 50 kilometres away, however none of them are caged and they fly back to their nests and the tree tops once they are done with the feeding. The birds bring their chicks along and the number keeps increasing over the years. Friends come over for tea and watch the spectacular flocking in the mornings. And the entire household of Harsukhbhai is equal in their love and compassion for these winged creatures. Videographer / director: Shams Qari Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ruby Coote Editor: Marcus Cooper

Check Out What The Inside Of New York's Luxury Dog Hotel Looks Like4m38s

Check Out What The Inside Of New York's Luxury Dog Hotel Looks Like

Private chef-prepared meals, spa treatments and chauffeur-driven rides are just a few of the services provided to clients of New York’s most exclusive hotel… for dogs. D Pet Hotels, in New York’s affluent Chelsea neighborhood, caters for the pets of the rich and famous, and its rooms and services are fit for the world’s most pampered pups. And with basic suites starting at a cool $84 a night and featuring an orthopedic bed, TV, and 24-hour care, patrons include some of the world’s most famous dog lovers . The hotel’s co-owner Kerry Brown says their clientele varies from attorneys and bankers, to pop star princesses and movie actors. When nothing but the best will do for their furbabies, the hotel’s clients will book an “uber suite", complete with a double bed and a 42 inch TV screen that plays all the doggie-friendly programs, for a mere $200 a night. Anything to make their dogs feel as much at home as possible. She adds: “[The uber suites] are nicer than my bedroom at home." They even offer a specialized gym for the fitness-conscious pups, since sometimes it is imperative that these dogs keep up their normal routine. This also means having their walk at a specific time of day or night. Kerry said a lot of New Yorkers have chosen not to have children and their dog is their child. “Parents know when they bring their dog here that they can expect the very best, and that we are going to treat them just like family." Videographer / director: Adam Gray Producer: Sophia Rahman, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

Fefe The Plucking Cute Cockatoo | CUTE AS FLUFF1m38s

Fefe The Plucking Cute Cockatoo | CUTE AS FLUFF

She might be a little on the bald side, but Fefe is like any other happy Goffin cockatoo. Her previous owner had kept her in bad conditions, with a lack of stimulation and poor nutrition. Sadly this lead to the little cockatoo plucking out her feathers due to stress. Fortunately the 16-year-old <a href=" " target="_blank">parrot</a> was adopted by nurse, Eve Butler, one and a half years ago, in Miami, Florida. "She was relinquished to Parrot Outreach Society by a woman who had to care for her sick mother and could no longer care for Fefe. It was my understanding when the women prior to me got her she was three years old and was already plucking her feathers." said Fefe’s new owner. "I am a volunteer at Parrot Outreach and fell in love with her as soon as she came in. The funny thing is she has fallen in love with my husband. Every waking moment she wants to be with him!" Fefe’s hair follicles are so damaged from her previous stress, that the feathers will never grow back on her head and back. In an attempt to prevent the bird from plucking herself further, Eve tried putting clothes on her, like flower petal collars or sock sweaters. But Fefe was smart, so she would figure out how to get them off. "The petal collars stayed on a little longer but you could tell how miserable she was. My husband and I finally decided to quit putting her through misery just to try to get her feathers to grow back. We love her just the way she is." According to the organisation In Defense of Animals, the companion parrot has 'joined the ranks alongside the most discarded, homeless pets in America'. They further reported that 'parrots are surrendered or sold and live in at least five homes before dying prematurely or finding their <a href=" " target="_blank">forever home</a>'. Videographer / director: Eve Butler Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne Editor: James Thorne

Big Cats Are ‘Beast Buddies’ Of This Petite Woman 4m02s

Big Cats Are ‘Beast Buddies’ Of This Petite Woman

This tiny animal lover does not let her size stop her from interacting with deadly lions that weigh more than 480lbs. In the heart of the Limpopo Province, South Africa, 35-year-old Annel Snyman spends her days cuddling and hand-feeding the most dangerous of predators, by forming a close bond with lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas. Annel is the owner of Loebies Guesthouse and Predator Park, which houses 35 animals, 17 of which are wild predators and scavengers that Annel has hand-raised. Annel Snyman established the park in 2009, and says that it requires a lot of hard work, but thanks to the dedicated staff she employed, things run smoothly. There are many people and school groups who visit the park and they try to educate people about the wild cats. Many guests would ask her if she trusts her lions to which she replies that she is not scared but only cautious. Neil Van Deventer is her main park assistant. They always work in pairs of two for just in case, because every animal can bite and attack, as they cannot be completely trusted. She says that all animals have a different way of talking to her and have different personalities. Her house is in the middle of the park, which they call the zoo house, and there are several animals living with her . They sit on the sofa, they get into her clothes. She has a few scars and stories to tell. Some animals might think you are part of the pride and never show aggression but only want to play. They give you cuddles, they jump on you, which is their own way of showering you with affection. She says she does it for the love she receives, they are simply “ beast buddies ”. Videographer / director: Paul Hugo, Jannes De Villiers Producer: Danny Baggott, James Thorne Editor: James Thorne

The Orphaned Gibbon Looking For Love | CUTE AS FLUFF3m49s

The Orphaned Gibbon Looking For Love | CUTE AS FLUFF

HAPPILY SWINGING AROUND his enclosure, it’s hard to believe this gibbon had a difficult start to life. When he was a baby, Carlos’ mother couldn’t look after him due to a breast infection and he almost died. Carlos was hand reared by Joan Thygesen and Jorgen Ankergren, the directors and founders of the Foundation Odsherred Zoo Rescue, where Carlos was born - and still lives. Videographer / director: Nikolai Ankergren Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote Editor: Grant Hanson-Vaux