Modelling Helped Me Embrace My Rare Condition | BORN DIFFERENT7m43s

Modelling Helped Me Embrace My Rare Condition | BORN DIFFERENT

A 22-YEAR-OLD cites his rare condition, which affects his teeth, hair and sweat glands, with helping him become a model. Brooks Ginnan, from New York, was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder. Brooks told BTV: "I believe the statistic is about 1 in 100,000 babies are born with this. It is a condition that affects my teeth, hairs, sweat glands and a number of other aspects of my life.” The 22-year-old has now modelled- both catwalk and editorial - for brands around the world.

I Can’t Live Without My Extreme Tan | HOOKED ON THE LOOK7m14s

I Can’t Live Without My Extreme Tan | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

SUPER-TANNED Hannah Tittensor takes sun beds to such an extreme level that she sometimes gets mistaken for a different race. But the beauty therapy student wants people to know: “I’m not racist., I just really like having a tan.” Hannah, 22, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is Caucasian but became addicted to tanning when she got an “amazing tan” on holiday in Turkey in 2015. A photo from the trip shows how she completely changed colour from her natural white to a dark brown. But her remarkable colour isn’t just down to the sun. Hannah uses under-the-counter tanning injections of a substance called Melanotan, which users take to go darker more quickly under sunlight or sun beds. And while Hannah admits she is at the “extreme end’, she says she is part of a growing trend in tanning in Belfast, with many using the illegal drug.

He’s Not My Grandpa, He’s My Husband | EXTREME LOVE5m13s

He’s Not My Grandpa, He’s My Husband | EXTREME LOVE

A MARRIED couple with a 32 age gap say that their difference in age is no issue. Tom Crutchfield is 70 years old and has been with his 37-year-old beloved, Stacey, for almost four years. The couple got to know each other when Stacey began working on Tom’s reptile farm in Homestead, Florida, where the pair now live and work together.

I Shot Myself And Now I’m Paralysed | TRULY6m41s

I Shot Myself And Now I’m Paralysed | TRULY

A MAN who tried to kill himself has found a new lease for life with his caregiving girlfriend after becoming paralysed from the waist down. Kevin Ortiz, an Air Force veteran, originally from Virginia and now living in California, shot himself in the chest in 2012. The couple have now set up their own YouTube channel, The Life Of K&K, where they discuss life in an interabled relationship.

Double Amputee Mom With Twins | BORN DIFFERENT6m20s

Double Amputee Mom With Twins | BORN DIFFERENT

A SUPER-MUM happily dotes on her loving husband and cares for her baby twins - whilst being a double amputee. Neo Keitumetse originally from Botswana, was born with a congenital defect in her legs which meant she had to get them amputated as a child. The 29-year-old told BTV is now happily married with twin boys.

The Kawaii Girl Who Only Wears Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK5m25s

The Kawaii Girl Who Only Wears Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

AN ASPIRING J-pop singer who describes herself as a “pink icon” has dressed in nothing but her favourite colour since 2016. Idaho-based art student Alison Jones loves the colour pink so much, that she has made it an integral part of her life and style. The 22-year-old says that everything she owns is pink and has worn the colour every day for three years. Her style follows “Harajuku” and “Kawaii” fashion trends, which originated in Japan in the 1980s.

Teen With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Creates Fashion Line | BORN DIFFERENT9m35s

Teen With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Creates Fashion Line | BORN DIFFERENT

A DISABLED beauty and fashion vlogger is launching her own all-inclusive clothing brand for people of all shapes and sizes. Ellie Darby-Prangnell, from Essex, UK, suffers from a genetic condition, called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) that makes her muscles weaker and causes problems with movement. But despite her condition which limits her movements and requires consistent care, the 18-year-old has a part-time job at a clothing shop, volunteers for an autism charity, has her own YouTube channel and is now planning to launch her very own fashion brand. Ellie says that her brand is aimed into bringing more diversity into the fashion industry and designed for everyone with or without a disability.

I’m Addicted to Building My Massive Muscles | HOOKED ON THE LOOK7m36s

I’m Addicted to Building My Massive Muscles | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A 27-YEAR-OLD woman had admitted she is ADDICTED to bodybuilding and believes all women would benefit from lifting. Rahki Giovanni from Miami, Florida began pumping iron in 2015 to help her mental and physical health. At one point, the young woman would spend eight hours in the gym at a time and now has an extremely defined body and thighs so muscular they can crush watermelons. Now, the personal trainer, YouTuber and influencer trains everyday for two hours, and admits she is addicted to bodybuilding.

My Boyfriend Loves My Bald Head | SHAKE MY BEAUTY6m14s

My Boyfriend Loves My Bald Head | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A 21-YEAR-OLD woman has learned to love her bald head, with the support of her fiancé. Sierra Dawn from Washington state was diagnosed with alopecia totalis in 2013. She told Barcroft TV: “Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that causes your body’s immune system to somehow for whatever reason think that your hair is a foreign body or virus. "I remember the doctor looking at that spot and telling me it looks a lot like alopecia. and I have never heard of that word before and at that time I struggled to even pronounce it." The young woman first noticed something wasn’t right when her hair began falling out at high school. When Sierra was 18, she sought refuge in an online forum - where she met, now Fiancé, Zane. The couple are now engaged, and Sierra is thankful that her fiancé has helped her learn to love her bald head.

The Woman Who Ages Too Fast | BORN DIFFERENT9m25s

The Woman Who Ages Too Fast | BORN DIFFERENT

A WOMAN from Ohio with rapid aging disease has been told she is one in 50 million. Tiffany Wedekind, 41, was diagnosed with progeria when she was in her late twenties. Her brother, Chad, who was also diagnosed with the illness, passed away from complications related to the disease seven years ago. Tiffany’s case is unique as children are usually diagnosed with progeria in their first two years of life, and tend to not live past adolescence.

I’m Proud Of My Butterfly Skin | SHAKE MY BEAUTY7m24s

I’m Proud Of My Butterfly Skin | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A woman who suffers from a rare condition that makes her skin tear easily takes nothing more than paracetamol to handle the pain. Myra Ali, from Solihull, was born with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic skin condition that causes her skin to break and tear as easily as a piece of paper. Admitting she endures pain on a daily basis, astonishingly the 31-year-old takes nothing more than paracetamol. In spite of the many medical surgeries she has had, Myra has also had several cosmetic procedures, including a non-surgical nose job and fillers.

Identical Twins Boast Matching 40-Inch Butts | Hooked On The Look6m41s

Identical Twins Boast Matching 40-Inch Butts | Hooked On The Look

CURVY twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus mirror each other’s lifestyle to keep their bodies ultra-identical - including their whopping 40-inch bottoms. The duo, also known as the Double Dose Twins, have gone from strength to strength since becoming internet sensations in 2016. They keep their bodies indistinguishable with gym workouts mainly targeting their stomachs and buttocks, with an eye-watering 2,000 squats a day. The identical sisters say that 90 percent of their earnings come from their most prized asset - their ‘booties’ - and have helped grow their Instagram followers to 1.3 million. But both remain single, claiming that men can’t handle their inseparable bond. Follow the Double Dose Twins and find out about their upcoming events at

My Girlfriend Became My Husband9m22s

My Girlfriend Became My Husband

A HUSBAND and wife say they would love each other whatever gender after one of them transitioned from female to male. Tay and Anayah Kennedy are childhood sweethearts with a difference: when they first started dating, they were both female but now they identify as a man and a woman in a straight relationship. The now-married couple live in Jacksonville, Florida, where 22-year-old Tay is undergoing the gender transition process. Already a year into his hormone replacement therapy, Tay wants to have bottom and top surgery but his wife Anayah , 19, says it doesn’t matter what gender her husband is – she will love him regardless.

My Birthmark Is Beautiful | SHAKE MY BEAUTY5m13s

My Birthmark Is Beautiful | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A YOUNG WOMAN born with a port wine stain covering her whole face started a body positivity campaign to challenge the beauty standards in society. Tessa Schiethart, 25, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was born with the Sturge-Weber Syndrome that resulted in a port-wine stain on her face and increased pressure in the eye. Despite her condition, Tessa refuses to cover her birthmark with make-up and embraces her differences. Tessa’s goal is to spread awareness of visible difference by sharing her own story of living with a facial birthmark. Her campaign ‘To Face The World’ is aimed at promoting a difference in society and organisations, to inspire others to be themselves, and to change our societal view on diversity.

Woman With No Arms And Knees Finds Love | BORN DIFFERENT5m26s

Woman With No Arms And Knees Finds Love | BORN DIFFERENT

A 3’4” WOMAN who was born with no arms, knees and only seven toes, says she has achieved her greatest success in life - by finding the man of her dreams. 30 years ago, Jlissa Austin, arrived into the world with doctors predicting that she would never learn to walk or lead a normal life. To this day, Jlissa is unsure of what caused her abnormalities – but she has never let such things stop her in her tracks, learning to use her feet when conducting everyday tasks like brushing her teeth and texting on her phone. Aside from the obvious hardships Jlissa deals with day-to-day, she still manages to run her own successful weave business and has a great support system, fronted by her fiancé, Johnathan Shorter. Jlissa and Johnathan, who is a 5’6” able-bodied man, share an apartment together in Texas, USA, and are currently planning their dream wedding for the summer of 2019.

Surgery Has Given Me The Body I Always Wanted | MY TRANS LIFE6m53s

Surgery Has Given Me The Body I Always Wanted | MY TRANS LIFE

A YOUTUBER from Melbourne is celebrating her new body after undergoing gender reassignment surgery. AJ Clementine, 22, was born male but experienced crippling gender dysphoria from a young age. She told Barcroft TV: “I have been trans my whole life. From the get go, I was trans. “I remember I wanted to transition from the moment I could speak and understand – as a child I just knew I was a girl,” she added. AJ, who documents her life on YouTube and Instagram, underwent surgery in October of last year after beginning her transition during her teenage years.

We Asked My Wife’s Lover To Marry Us | EXTREME LOVE6m18s

We Asked My Wife’s Lover To Marry Us | EXTREME LOVE

A POLYAMOROUS throuple have become ‘engaged’ in an underwater ceremony that saw already-married Martin Thomsen and Victoria Immervoll propose to their new partner Nia Lange. Three-way marriages are not legal in most countries, but the polyamorists are planning to have their own style wedding in which they will make personal three-way vows to each other. To make their proposal to Nia extra special, Martin and Victoria, from Aalborg in Denmark, popped the question while underwater on a diving trip in Costa Rica on January 7, using a written message. The married couple decided to open up their marriage after Victoria admitted that she wanted to enjoy relationships with Women as well as her husband.

I’ll Never Stop Dressing Like A Monster | HOOKED ON THE LOOK9m45s

I’ll Never Stop Dressing Like A Monster | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A 23-YEAR-OLD man calls himself a ‘chaotic colourful monster’ and gets his outfit inspirations from horror films such as The Exorcist. Daniel Perera from New Jersey, USA, indulges his aesthetic in pinks, bows and glitter – plus fangs, black contact lenses and fake blood. He told Barcroft TV: "My style is very chaotic, very monstrous and very colourful.” However not everyone appreciates his unique look - particularly his mother. When Daniel sees his mother, he tones down his colourful look to something more modest. Daniel praises the way he dresses, and believes that it has helped him become more comfortable in his own skin.

The Father Of Four With No Hands Or Legs | TRULY7m53s

The Father Of Four With No Hands Or Legs | TRULY

A FATHER-OF-FOUR without arms and legs proved that everything is possible, despite losing his limbs due to meningitis at the age of two. Joseph Reed, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says he had an unhappy childhood in a foster family, and even experienced suicidal thoughts while growing up. Today the 34-year-old is a happy man and lives his life to the fullest – he is a father of four, a husband, and holds down a full-time job. The man, nicknamed by friends ‘nub zero the no legged hero’ is a great inspiration to his family and friends and many others around him.

I Came Out As Trans Aged 11 | MY TRANS LIFE6m53s

I Came Out As Trans Aged 11 | MY TRANS LIFE

A TRANSGENDER man reveals what it’s like to begin transitioning as a child. Lyslie Barrett from Iowa knew he was transgender at a very young age. The 19-year-old said: “As a child I think I was more of a tom boy than I ever was girly girl.” Lyslie came out as transgender to his mother when he was 11, with a handwritten note.

The Boy With ‘Werewolf Syndrome’| BORN DIFFERENT5m34s

The Boy With ‘Werewolf Syndrome’| BORN DIFFERENT

A SCHOOLBOY from India who suffers from ‘Werewolf Syndrome’ dreams of defying his condition and becoming a policeman. Lalit Patidar, aged 13 from Ratlam in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, was born with Hypertrichosis, a condition more commonly known as Werewolf Syndrome. This condition is characterised by abnormal hair growth on the face, arms and other parts of the body. Despite his condition, Lalit lives a happy life and dreams of one day supporting his parents by becoming a policeman.

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop Me Becoming A Cheerleader | BORN DIFFERENT6m46s

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop Me Becoming A Cheerleader | BORN DIFFERENT

SHY AnnCatherine Heigl, who has Down syndrome, shocked her family when she came home one day saying she wanted to become a cheerleader. Known as ‘AC’, she had already exceeded expectations playing tennis at her high school, but always said she hated being in front of crowds. Now 20, AC, from Indianapolis, USA, has made a huge leap in overcoming any nerves about big audiences. Her family believes she has become the first ever collegiate cheerleader with an intellectual disability.

Living As An 18th Century Lolita | HOOKED ON THE LOOK5m02s

Living As An 18th Century Lolita | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A 19-YEAR-OLD woman from Finland who dresses in Lolita and Rococo fashion says that she’ll never be caught wearing something “basic”. Nea Viitamaa, who has been wearing the Japanese-inspired style for five years, says that she has spent around 10,000€ on her look – but she does not regret it. She combines the girly Lolita style with an 18th Century ‘Rococo’ fashion, which is distinct because of its corsets, big feathers, sleeves, ruffles and bows. Lolita is a Japanese fashion sub-culture which was born in 1990s Harajuku, Tokyo. It was originally associated with a feminist movement in Japan, which protested against traditional gender-norms. However nowadays, the Lolita style has become more mainstream and Nea says that she does not dress to make political statements. Nea was bullied for her style growing up, but she says she will continue to dress this way even when she’s old.

We’re Raising Our Child As Gender Fluid | MY TRANS LIFE7m30s

We’re Raising Our Child As Gender Fluid | MY TRANS LIFE

A TRANSGENDER and non - binary couple are teaching their child that gender and sexuality are fluid. Seven-year-old Claire from Monterey, California, is the daughter of Blue and Emerson, who have been together a little over two years. Claire’s mother Blue said: "I think it is important to speak to children about these aspects because for example like both of us were put into the box as a girl from the birth, and we have this expectations. "I think that boys and girls both have these expectations that society places on them."I think that you are unable to truly find yourselves within those boxes, because we don’t fit those boxes”

Modelling Helped Me Beat My Birthmark Bullies | SHAKE MY BEAUTY4m58s

Modelling Helped Me Beat My Birthmark Bullies | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

A WOMAN who was bullied at school for her unique birthmark has started a body-positive campaign to encourage others to embrace their differences. Paige Billiot from Los Angeles, California, was born with a dark red birthmark covering the left side of her face, along with her neck and ear. Her birthmark, also known as a ‘port wine stain’ or ‘firemark’, is a permanent discolouration of the skin caused by an abnormal formation of blood vessels. After being bullied for her appearance growing up, the 26-year-old budding actress’ online campaign called the ‘Flawless Affect’ sets out to empower others living with differences or imperfections.