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Molester Learns His Lesson After Woman Goes Kung Fu On Him 34s

Molester Learns His Lesson After Woman Goes Kung Fu On Him

An incredible video has emerged online of a woman knocking out a man who tried to molest her in an elevator in China. CCTV footage from late at night on April 24. Numerous scandals can be prevented by eradicating the culture of silence which allows these indiscretions to keep happening. These incidents lead to a lot of anger and create an appetite for justice or payback towards the offenders. Even though it is very satisfying to watch and see the outcome of this video, we should keep in mind that not every case of assault ends in fairness or retribution. Sometimes things don’t work out and the molesters don’t learn their lesson. Let’s hope that the story of this elevator molester getting beaten up by a woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch will serve as a painful lesson for all those offenders out there to beware! Footage shows a woman standing in an elevator checking her phone, moments before the man in the elevator begins acting inappropriately by sneaking behind her back and sliding his hand onto her shoulder. At this point, the woman has had enough and is ready to teach him a lesson. This woman is obviously trained and knows how to fight, so quickly puts the man in knock down position, after which she peacefully walks away. Anyone who thinks they can intimidate others and get away with it is wrong, just like this man was wrong when he didn’t expect this woman to defend herself as effectively as she did!

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Dog Cries Out In Happiness After Months Apart From Owner1m48s

Dog Cries Out In Happiness After Months Apart From Owner

It is hard for our dogs to see us leave them for a few hours when we go to work. When they see us come back in the evening, there isn’t much they wouldn’t do out of happiness. Can you imagine what happens when we leave them for longer? This guy had to leave his faithful German Shepherd dog with his mom while away for work. He had been separated from his Freya for months and they probably had some late night Skype calls to catch up, but even though the picture looks like her owner, Freya knows it is not the real deal. So when the time came for Freya’s human to finally come home, his family knew what had to be done. They hid him behind the door and turned the camera on, because their bond is so strong, they knew some kind of drama will ensue and they were not wrong! After a few months apart, Freya the German Shepherd is finally reunited with her owner in this heartwarming clip. Just listen to those cries of happiness! In case you didn’t have enough of doggie happiness in this clip, then definitely check out this compilation of dogs being reunited with their owners. Featured are people from all walks of life, as they get home to be greeted by their loyal companions.

Published: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 201713,949 views
Video of Groomer Abusing Dog Goes Viral1m02s

Video of Groomer Abusing Dog Goes Viral

A Venice, Florida, dog groomer is under fire after a video of her appearing to choke a dog went viral on Facebook. Former employee Briana Brady posted a video of Phyllis Lucca, owner of Happy Puppy Pet Spa, choking a dog and slamming it on the table. Brady said the dog did nothing to provoke the behavior. Brady also said that Lucca tied another dog’s mouth and throat shut before the video was taken. According to local media reports, Lucca claims the dog had passed out and she was trying to help the animal. The footage had over 290,000 views as of writing. Credit: Facebook/Briana Brady via Storyful

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Park Right Next To The Train Tracks1m18s

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Park Right Next To The Train Tracks

A man was walking his dog on the street, when he heard and saw a train coming up the tracks. He was surprised because there was a truck parked too close to the trail. However, the truck driver was sitting on the pavement opposite of the trail and didn't do anything when he heard the train horn. As a result, the truck ends the way you think, badly, and is partially destroyed by the train. This is why you do not park your car close to the train tracks! This event occurred on November 10, 2017 in Ha Noi, Vietnam, when a truck driver parked his vehicle too close to the train tracks. Luckily there was nobody inside the truck because it was seriously destroyed by a freight train! Footage shows a small blue truck parked right next to a singular train track in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The train can be heard coming in the distance, the horn is roaring, but there is nobody coming to claim the blue truck and repark the vehicle elsewhere. The train cannot slow down and ploughs into the side of the truck with all of its speed, making a huge crunching sound, blowing off the rear-view mirror. As the train continues to move through the tracks, it causes significantly more damage to the vehicle, the windshield is broken and glass is sent shattering to the ground. Moments later, a man is seen walking towards the truck, supposedly he is the driver. He is trying to get inside the truck, but with no luck, because the damage is already done! The man is forced to quickly back away as the weight of the train pushes into the truck, leaving it as a destroyed pile of metal. Hopefully, he learned his lesson!

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SNL Roasts Democrats New Message To Voters And It's Actually Very Funny3m06s

SNL Roasts Democrats New Message To Voters And It's Actually Very Funny

Saturday Night Live ran a sketch tonight that mocked the Democratic Party over their efforts to get back on their feet and renew their appeal to America. The show aired a mock-PSA from the Democratic National Committee, showing Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and various congressional figures acknowledging the nation’s cravings for a new party direction. Still, that isn’t stopping the old guard from making promises about how their leadership can totally still win elections, learn from their mistakes, and focus on the important things, like “converting Confederate monuments into statues of prominent lesbian poets.” Even Kate McKinnon‘s Hillary Clinton appears in promo, asking America for another chance at the presidency. However, the DNC might need to be mindful of any more revelations that come from “Donna Brazile,” since she promises to “destroy all of this.”

Grey Cat Plays Hide-and-Seek Under Basket1m03s

Grey Cat Plays Hide-and-Seek Under Basket

This pet owner filmed her kittens playing hide-and-seek together in her home, with the grey kitten hiding in a wooden basket while the other cat tried to figure out where to look. Credit: Ira Nosik via Storyful

Published: November 12, 20177,692 views
משל מגדת העתידות2m07s

משל מגדת העתידות

זכויות יוצרים: DD Groove by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Rare White Moose, Spared From Death, Spotted Feeding in Swedish Forest4m46s

Rare White Moose, Spared From Death, Spotted Feeding in Swedish Forest

A rare white moose, seen in a video from Sweden that went viral earlier this year, and that was saved from hunters’ guns after an attack on a woman and her dogs, was spotted feeding in a forest on November 16. Hans Nilsson, who shot the first video of the moose that went viral, caught it again on camera. The moose caused disruptions over two weeks after an encounter with a young woman out jogging with two dogs. The moose, apparently defending itself, attacked the dogs, and the woman fell and dislocated her shoulder, according to Nilsson and news reports. Police planned to let local hunters shoot the moose because it was considered dangerous. But after a campaign to save it, the moose was allowed to live in his habitat in western Varmland, according to Upsala Nya Tidning. Credit: Hans Nilsson via Storyful

Published: November 16, 20175,888 views
Body Language Expert Breaks Down Roy Moore's Latest Accuser - Bad Acting Job!7m08s

Body Language Expert Breaks Down Roy Moore's Latest Accuser - Bad Acting Job!

Nelson’s first sign of “deception,” is visible as she stiffens up while explaining how Judge Roy Moore allegedly “attacked,” her when she was a “child,” says Bombard. Nelson’s eye movements then demonstrate “rehearsed verbal communication,” adds Bombard. Shortly after, Allred hugs an emotional Nelson, which Bombard believes is a form of “acting.” Nelson, visibly nervous, can be seen staring directly as someone. Looking at a focal point during a speech helps calm nerves. True victims of sexual harassment, especially those where the incident took places decades ago, will not burst into tears like Nelson. They will have had years to cope. Judge Moore is then referred to as “Ray,” instead of “Roy.

Interesting Footage Shows Boeing 777 Getting Struck By Lightning After Takeoff44s

Interesting Footage Shows Boeing 777 Getting Struck By Lightning After Takeoff

It would seem that Netherland’s Schiphol Airport will never cease to amaze us with their extraordinary events, both on the ground and just above it. After all the crash landings and heavy crosswinds, it was high time we saw what happens to airplanes taking off from Schiphol airport when a bolt of lightning strikes the bow. On November 12, a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777-300 was shot lining up for take off at Schiphol during horrible weather conditions. The takeoff itself was in order and uneventful, but what happened as the plane started reaching altitude is the star of this show. Here’s what the person who shot the footage had to say: "The weather conditions were horrible, but it provided me with amazing footage. There was lots of spray during takeoff and wing condensation. This B777-300 lined up on the runway at Schiphol. It started the takeoff roll. There was lots of spray below and behind the aircraft. I always keep filming the aircraft till it isn't visible anymore. The great shots happen in the departure or approach. So the lightning strike that occurred was totally unexpected. It shows perfectly how a plane responds to the power of mother nature. After the strike the plane was able keep on flying." Aircraft often trigger lightning when flying through a heavily charged region of a cloud. In these instances, the lightning flash originates at the airplane and extends away in opposite directions.

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Buying These 10 Things At The Dollar Store Saves Money6m21s

Buying These 10 Things At The Dollar Store Saves Money

People frown upon the idea of buying something for just $1, when other stores sell them for far greater prizes, but have you stopped to think which products are actually worth buying here? No need to fry brain cells, watch this clip instead! The holidays are coming and that means a lot of greeting cards! Why splurge of a piece of fancily printed cardboard paper, when you can get the same Forget Me Not card for a buck or less. Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, they’ve got them all! Why spend so much money on Advil, when you can get store brand Ibuprofen to kill that headache. It only costs a buck for a lot more dosages; just make sure to check the expiration date. Same goes for the bandages, and their pack holds 2 to 4 times the amount bandages inside! You can purchase cosmetics and lipbalm at the dollar store too! You can even find popular brands, like Blistex, Chapstick and Carmex, all which cost far more elsewhere. Did we tickle your saving spirit? Save your cash! Get the essentials at the dollar store instead! Start earning extra money and gift cards by clicking here: Huge thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

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