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Mother reunited with her twins after 18 years59s

Mother reunited with her twins after 18 years

This set of brother and sister twins just turned 18 and decided to surprise the family after being gone (adopted) since they were 8 months old. Since the day of this video, they have all stayed in contact. Sadly, their mother passed away on 11/24/2015 of pancreatic/liver cancer.

Published: September 19, 2017Updated: September 20, 20172,416,415 viewsVirality: 29%
Baby Hears Dad Play Guitar For First Time, Has Priceless Reaction!10s

Baby Hears Dad Play Guitar For First Time, Has Priceless Reaction!

You can't help but smile after watching a moment like this! Watch as this young toddler watches dad play an acoustic guitar for the very first time. Mind... blown! Just how many times have we all witnessed hear-melting moments like this one right here? This adorable baby listening to daddy as he plays the guitar was our instant booster! Cute little baby here at first seems a bit confused as daddy grabs the acoustic guitar and starts playing, but a few seconds into the video he's all thrilled and joins the fun! All of a sudden, his face changes and goes from completely confused to totally astonished! We're sure he's loving this bonding time, and we kinda wanna be him right now! We're sure you agree too! Daddies bring all the fun when it comes to quality time with the kids, and this video is yet another proof for that. While we were watching this joyful daddy-son moment, we couldn't help but remember our most precious memories from our childhood, and started telling our favorite stories. What was your favorite childhood moment? Do you have a memory to share? We're waiting to hear all those fun moments in the comment section below!

Published: September 15, 2017Updated: September 16, 2017433,531 viewsVirality: 7%


HUGE SPIDER climbs across bloke’s wall carrying a DEAD MOUSE in its jaws

Cockatoo thinks he's a chicken, makes clucking sounds2m35s

Cockatoo thinks he's a chicken, makes clucking sounds

Onni, an adorable baby umbrella cockatoo, loves to play peekaboo, stomp, and bounce on the bed with his owner before going to sleep. This night he gets ready by strutting around and clucking like a chicken!

Published: September 15, 2017Updated: September 18, 201737,994 viewsVirality: 10%
Police Try to Take Out Naked Man54s

Police Try to Take Out Naked Man

Occurred on June 1, 2017 / London, England Info from Licensor: "Police ran into the wrong house and tried to stop me putting them on live stream. I held the phone out of their reach got it on live stream."

Published: September 18, 201723,689 views
Ignorant Woman Disrespects Veteran And His Service Dog At A Restaurant3m02s

Ignorant Woman Disrespects Veteran And His Service Dog At A Restaurant

An angry woman was screaming at a U.S. military veteran and the staff of the restaurant where they were eating, because the man brought his PTSD service dog into the establishment. The shocking footage shows the lady, already deep into her hysterics, threatening to push the dog out, who is seen wearing an official service dog jacket. The restaurant staff try to explain the woman, off camera, that the veteran is allowed to bring his service dog inside, adding that he “fought for the country”, but the woman isn’t having it. She screams how disgusted she is that the animal is inside an establishment that serves food and that she thinks there should be a separate section for animals. Bystanders try to calm the woman down, as she spits profanities towards the other women in the venue, calling them names. Another man came to everyone’s defense, getting in the woman’s face and telling her to leave, but the brave veteran asks him to step down, because “this is beneath us”. The woman was then removed from the premises. The law states that “a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability,” and that “locations such as restaurants are generally designated as areas protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, particularly in regard to Service Animals, which are not to be confused with Emotional Support Animals.”

Published: September 19, 201721,597 views
Incredibly Rare White Giraffes Spotted In Kenya50s

Incredibly Rare White Giraffes Spotted In Kenya

An incredibly beautiful and rare looking mother giraffe and her calf were spotted in Kenya. They are pale white with faint spots and dark eyes. Earlier this year in June, a villager in Garissa County, Kenya stumbled upon a rare sight — two white giraffes! Having never seen anything like it before, he immediately ran over to inform the rangers at the nearby Hirola Conservation Center. The rangers were left stunned after the discovery of an extremely rare white giraffe and her calf. Rumours had circulated of a white giraffe and her baby in the local area of the Ishaqbini conservation, in Garissa County, Kenya, but rangers finally got to see the real thing after a tip off. Here we witness a truly rare sight that is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for these lucky people who were around to film this! White giraffe and her calf are seen in Kenya, and we just can't believe our eyes watching this magnificence! WOW! The area is managed by the Hirola Conservation Programme (HCP), an NGO dedicated to preserving the critically endangered hirola antelope, one of the rarest in the world. According to the HCP, this most recent footage is only the third known sighting of a white giraffe.

Published: September 15, 201713,378 views