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A Si-Fi Attack On A Hornets Nest By A Drone 3m45s

A Si-Fi Attack On A Hornets Nest By A Drone

This is the story that came to us from the author of this video: “I discovered the huge Bald-faced Hornets’ nest on the Hughesnet Satellite Dish. I have been attacked by Bald-faced Hornets in the past and figured the safest way to eradicate them was from behind the screen door while piloting my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. My thought was that the suction from the props would draw them in and be chopped up. I proceeded to fly the UAV near the nest, but the obstacle avoidance prevented me from getting close enough. After switching off the obstacle avoidance, I was able to fly under the nest. I discovered this from flying under the nest earlier in the day before deciding to record the video. I had already got a large number of the hornets on the first unrecorded flight. What I didn't expect was for them to get aggravated just by the sound of me launching my UAV on the second 'recorded' flight. They remembered the noise from the first time and were attacking my camera on the tripod near the nest. Once I was near or under the nest they started attacking the UAV. Then I pounded on the wall of the building to shake the dish to agitate or provoke more of them to exit the nest. By the end, I’d guess I got about 75% of them. A week or two later the remaining hornets were gone. It took about an hour to clean the UAV. Note: No UAV components were damaged during the making this video."

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This Awkward Dog Can't Get The Hang Of His Mouth-Eye Coordination1m01s

This Awkward Dog Can't Get The Hang Of His Mouth-Eye Coordination

Everybody, meet Stryder. The fluffy dude is a Husky/Malamute mix and he has inherited the best of both worlds. Stubborn as a mule and silly as a puppy. The one thing that we can’t seem to get is how is he so clumsy? Both Huskies and Malamutes are known for their sharpness and talent to tackle difficult situations. After all, they have been living in the frozen tundra since forever. For what it is worth, we have not seen a sled dog struggle with their coordination. But we guess there is a first time for everything, and that includes Stryder. Apparently, the pup got himself stranded on the rug in the middle of his owner Dylan’s living room and absolutely refuses to walk on hardwood floors. Unable to move across, Stryder just stands there, whines and howls with all his might, until Dylan comes ‘round to see what all that fuss is about. Since he is already there, in an attempt to soothe his cranky dog, Dylan offers his big fluffy baby a treat. “You want a cookie?” asks the loving human, but Stryder protests. “How about a peanut? You want a peanut?” asks the human again, to which the dog settles on his rug, sits his butt down and awaits the toss. What happens when the peanut gets tossed? Absolute hilarity, that’s what! Either he didn’t see it coming, or he is just really that clumsy, but the treat misses his big mouth and lands on the floor. And he can’t even find it! So funny!

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Cow Comes Running Like A Puppy After Being Called By Owner25s

Cow Comes Running Like A Puppy After Being Called By Owner

When we think about pets, the only things that come to mind are the small animals that we get to keep in our houses. Dogs and cats are the usual suspects, but the list can be expanded to include rodents, birds, lizards, serpents, insects and other things that might not come naturally to you as a companion. We think we can also add cows on the list of animals and creatures that might not strike you as pet material. If you do not believe us, you should definitely take a look at this here clip and see for yourself. It's impossible to deny how happy this cow is when he is called from across a field. Watch him run and jump right up to the fence to greet his human best friend! What a priceless moment. We have no idea how good a cow’s vision is, but one thing is for sure. He may have taken a few good looks over by the fence, before he actually came running to the human like a tiny puppy. Only this is a big puppy with hooves for feet and can’t sleep in the house. Still, the love and respect these two feel for each other is inspiring! He even makes a few bounces before reaching the fence, because yay, it is his favorite human! For a moment there we thought that he wouldn’t stop and just ram himself into the chain-link fence. But the gentle animal slowed down in the nick of time and aligned himself with the fencing, expecting a few sweet scratches. Who wouldn’t love a pet like that?

Drone Camera Flies Through Fireworks And The Footage Is Spectacular1m55s

Drone Camera Flies Through Fireworks And The Footage Is Spectacular

There isn’t quite a scene that can bring chills down a person’s spine. Be it Fourth of July, New Year’s Night or just a random event, a few sparkling blooms accompanied by thunderous explosions can really put a proper end to a marvelous evening. Of course, being among fireworks is a terrible idea, gives all the volatile substances and, well, the fire, but that has not spotted us from wondering what it must be like, several thousand feet up in the air, as the rockets combust and explode into a world of color? Now we do get to see fireworks from a new perspective, as 'OZZO Photography' takes you up to the sky using a quadcopter (attached with a GoPro) during a recent fireworks show in Iceland. Thanks to the endurance of both gadgets, we literally got to see what it looks like to be right inside the belly of the sparkling beast. Drones equipped with cameras have been in use for a very long time in the movie industry, but now that they have become widely available, people have been testing their limits every which way. Going down the sinkhole in Lake Berryessa might be an impossible feat for a human, but for a sturdy drone and a good quality camera, nothing in impossible. Same goes with going the impossible heights and witnessing fireworks firsthand. We get to experience the glorious display and light and color, without suffering a single burn. Thank you! Music by: Heavyweight - Fireworks. Aerial footage by: OZZO Photography. Camera used: Gopro Hero 3+, Sony A7S.

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First day in new home for adopted Great Dane1m29s

First day in new home for adopted Great Dane

Welcome Ellie the Great Dane! Watch and enjoy as Max, Ellie and their owner relax on the front deck on Ellie's first day at her new home at Casa Bella Estate. Ellie has spent her life up until now in a kennel, so life in this new home is full of new experiences and adventures.

 Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff Into Shallow Water From Dizzy Height2m24s

Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff Into Shallow Water From Dizzy Height

The clip, filmed using a GoPro, shows the lad scaling the cliff’s steps using his free running skills until he is high up on it overlooking the ocean. When he gets to the very end of the cliff, he doesn’t stop there, instead he climbs over the fence and gets to a rocky terrain, surrounded by bushes and plants. He takes a few seconds to survey the height before the actual jump. He stops to catch his breath and to explore the surroundings which he is obviously not familiar with because we get the impression that this is his first time to perform a jump like this. We can hear how his breathing becomes heavier and heavier as he is obviously bubbling with excitement. While the guy goes forwards and backwards, we may ask ourselves is he reconsidering his decision? is he going to get cold feet forsaking the crazy idea to leap in water so shallow? Or is he just really studying the depths of the water and the exact spot where he is going to take the dive? All of a sudden, the daredevil plummets through the air in no more than two seconds before he reaches the shallow waters of the ocean and for a brief moment it looks like he might smack into the rocks. This intense footage makes our knees weak. How on earth did he pull that off?! This kiddo was really lucky because in a split second, things might have gone wrong. Rock jumping is an extremely dangerous activity. Cliffs are unstable in parts and a slight misstep could end in tragedy.

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Abandoning Dogs1m38s

Abandoning Dogs

Occurred on April 13, 2018 / San Antonio, Texas, USA Info from Licensor: "I was getting ready for work when I spotted a car at a dead end road removing collars from within the car. I put my shoes on quickly and ran out to the road and started recording the act. I am tired of people doing this continuously in the area. I recorded to educated and advise them to do the right thing. The woman in the video responded back for directions to the Animal Care services, and yet decided to commit the illegal activity as directed by driver who then backed out and back seat passenger flipped me off."

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Husky Puppy Has Found A Best Bud In This Owl34s

Husky Puppy Has Found A Best Bud In This Owl

This rare and unusual friendship is definitely a sight to see! Check out these two buddies lounging around the house. Amazing! We have spoken about these unusual friendships for a very long time. Still, every time we see one such curious duo, our hearts overflow with love and admiration. Imagine putting all your differences aside and actually letting someone get close to you? What an incredible feeling! That is exactly what happened between a Siberian Husky and a Snow Owl. Who knows what might have happened in the wild, but in this domestic environment, this dog and this bird are best of friends! In the home of Igor, who lives in Ivanovo in Russia, N’usha the Snow Owl and Ilona the Husky have learned to live in peace and harmony. Sure, they may not the best playmates, what with Ilona’s four legs and N’usha’s sharp claws. But they don’t necessarily have to play catch together in order to be best buds. Sitting together on the floor in incredibly close proximity also counts, you know! They are not the only ones either! Ingo the Belgian Shepherd also has a very peculiar buddy in the shape of one very photogenic little owlet called Napoleon, or Poldi for short. The two are incredibly close and live together in the home of photographer Tanja Brandt in Germany. The photographer dedicated to wildlife photography says that while other dogs might have seen poldi and a tasty little snack, Ingo took the bird right away, as if it were his own puppy. Simply marvelous!

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Adopted Pup Experiences Her First Run Off Leash And It Is Beautiful1m59s

Adopted Pup Experiences Her First Run Off Leash And It Is Beautiful

We all know and love Max and Katie, the Great Danes. The adorable duo have their own means of entertainment, which means that they mostly lounge around their owners’ pool or look for squirrels in the yard. They are amazing siblings, so much so, that their owners decided they should be rewarded with a new addition to the family. Everyone, meet Ellie. The sweet Great Dane is loving her new home and freedom, which is pretty evident from this heartwarming video. Watch as she goes for her first run off leash on her new property and plays with big brother Max. You can feel Ellie's joy as she runs and plays. Even a minor wipe out on some leaves doesn't slow Ellie down! Her adopted brother Max is out in the back, keeping a watchful eye on his new sister, while Ellie is finally enjoying her life. He gives his best shot at keeping up with her enthusiasm, but we think it is pretty safe to say that no matter how hard he tries, he won’t be able to grab a hold of her. Freedom must be really awesome, after being kept in a cage for a long period of time. We love videos like these, showing dogs that were finally adopted into good and loving forever homes, with people who will take excellent care of them. Knowing how great a life Max and Katie are living, there is not a shred of doubt that Ellie will live happily ever after.

Husky Shows Very Clearly How Excited He Is For Dinner Time1m01s

Husky Shows Very Clearly How Excited He Is For Dinner Time

People like to say “it’s a dog’s life” when things get tough. Truth be told though, our pet dogs have it the easiest because they have everything they need in the comfort of their own home. For our furbabies, there are but a few things that can make them happy. A walk in the park, a thrown tennis ball, the Frisbee they have to catch before it falls to the ground, the scratches behind the ear and, oh, the food bowl and all the delicious kibble it holds! We have seen pups get so enthusiastic for dinner time, they like to do a little happy dance. But this is the first time we have seen a pup so hungry for kibble he jumps like a bunny! Would you look at that? Matt Phillips let his three dogs - a Malamute, a Husky and a German Shepherd mix run around in the backyard, while he preps their dinner. The three buds wait patiently for the patio door to open and as soon as it’s ajar, all three dart outside in the light flurries. “Come right back in, it’s almost dinner time,” says Matt to his three pals and send them off. The dogs don’t take a second look back and just run around the yard. But the Husky knows something is cooking inside, so while his brothers look for squirrels, he sits outside the door and waits. How do we know that kibble is coming? Because the silly pup suddenly starts jumping up and down a good couple of feet with joy. Boy, oh boy, food! Bon appetit, buddy!

Baby Laughs Contagiously During Game Of Peekaboo1m14s

Baby Laughs Contagiously During Game Of Peekaboo

Peekaboo, that old standby, is still one of the best baby games ever invented and this baby proves that.He is thoroughly enjoying a hysterical game of peekaboo with grandma. That laughter is contagious. It is actually the baby who initiates this game. We don’t expect him to provoke its grandma like that. Though it seems the baby will fall asleep soon, suddenly he goes backward and starts laughing adorably. This game tickles baby’s sense of humor and the idea that even though he can’t see something (like grandma’s smiling face), it still exists. This gleeful, gregarious and charismatic baby by his cheerful chuckle puts most of his efforts into stealing our hearts. Laughter and smiles transcend barriers of age, language and culture, and this baby knows this better than anyone. He doesn’t speak our language and he doesn’t share our culture but all the same, we can easily share a laugh. It is such a genuine smile that infects the grandma and everybody watching this video. He cackles heartily not only when his grandma utters loudly “peekaboo” but also whenever he bumps into her shoulder because he knows he has to hide before he reveals his face to his grandmother for another round of peekaboo. The baby seems to understand this game so well and he loves playing it to humor his grandma. It gives him adult attention, it facilitates learning and it is intensely social. He sure gets that his grandma still exists, even if he can’t see her. You can't help but smile and laugh when a baby starts laughing with you, which is really valuable for them developing their ability to interact with other people.

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Dog Knows Table Manners While Waiting Patiently For Dinner  15s

Dog Knows Table Manners While Waiting Patiently For Dinner

Most dogs will eat anything and everything without a moment’s hesitation. Hungry dogs are eager dogs. An eager dog can knock down a food bowl and an owner in one exciting swoop. But not Toby. He is an Australian Shepherd and knows his table manners. He is politely waiting for his dinner to be served. If you want your dog to be like Toby, you should teach him to wait for his food. Before trying to devour your hand as you set his food down, he can also be taught some mealtime manners. Toby has learned to be patient and he knows how to control his hungry impulses. He is so excited sitting like his human owners at the dinner table because meals are indeed exciting. Dogs can be naughty, but Toby is a very decent and diligent dog. We don’t see often dogs trained to the level of sitting independently at dinner table. This energetic, long-haired, sassy dog is a real show to watch. He is stunning to behold and he requires lots of attention. Equipped with keen mind and sharp observation skills, he appears studious. He looks inquisitively across the table as if he is looking for some clues as to when the dinner will be served. He expects to be ready any time soon and since he can no longer wait, he turns to his owner and puts his sweet paws on her arms to make sure he is waiting for the right purpose. Toby is a top contender in all levels of obedience and agility. He makes life an adventure. He'll work and play from sunrise to sunset and win your heart with his loyal and loving personality. This versatile dog is a wonderful working dog and a terrific family companion.

Introvert Puppy Sits All Alone, Sulking At The Corner Of A Playground11s

Introvert Puppy Sits All Alone, Sulking At The Corner Of A Playground

Most of our canine companions are very sociable and friendly and don't mind having company. In fact, they go by the motto ‘the more the merrier’! However, George the bulldog does not enjoy puppy playtime as much as his peers do! How funny is that? Hilarious footage has emerged showing several puppies playing inside the doggy enclosure, while one introvert pooch is standing alone in the corner, enjoying his own company. This adorable little pup seems to be too shy to get comfortable hanging out with the crowd! Cuteness overload! In this video, we witness the adorable moment when a tiny puppy is experiencing his first sociable moment with other four-legged buddies and his reaction is beyond adorable! Not only this pooch resembles shy and unsociable, it also looks like he is a bit bored too! Come on George, it is time to mingle! The hilarious clip starts with three happy pooches, having the time of their lives playing with each other, but when the camera turns to the left side corner, we see a little bulldog fellow sulking in the corner, trying too hard to handle the situation. Why does this lonely puppy seem so sad all by himself? We want to comfort him and give him a warm hug! Cheer up little buddy! As soon as he realizes that he is now in the spotlight of the camera, George tries to flee the scene and is seen running in an attempt to hide from the paparazzi. He just wants to be left alone, sulking in the corner. There is nothing wrong about wanting to be all alone once in a while. He is making everyone see very clearly that he is not happy with the current situation!

Silly Pup Loves Playing Hide And Seek With His Owners37s

Silly Pup Loves Playing Hide And Seek With His Owners

Usually, when the game hide-and-seek in mentioned, we think of little kids running about the neighborhood, hiding in bushes, behind cars and sometimes even in plain sight, while there is always that one kid that keeps being the seeker. Yeah, that wasn’t very fun… But in recent years, we keep seeing more and more canine companions getting so invested in the harmless game, they are even better that children! One such adorable game of hide and seek is captured on camera as Tank the Pit Bull enthusiastically searches for his hiding owner. He patiently sits in the doorway of his owner’s bedroom, stoically watching his owner dead in the eye, waiting for his cue. “Okay, you ready? We go find daddy?” says the woman to her curious pup, being welcomed by an enthusiastic look on his sweet face. “Okay, go!” is Tank’s signal to lunge at the hallway, slipping on the tile floors, looking for his other favorite hooman. He stops in the living room, taking a quick look around. He’s not there...Maybe the kitchen? Dang it, he’s not there either. Letting out a bark of disapproval, Tank turns right back to the living room, only to circle around in despair. Where IS daddy? But then, he hears a thud behind the sofa, which means that daddy could not let his happy boy look too long. Oh, the joy when he finds him...Priceless!

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Abandoned dog with broken leg gets new life2m19s

Abandoned dog with broken leg gets new life

This poor dog was abandoned in the middle of nowhere without food or water and with a broken leg. He was lucky to be found by some kind-hearted humans who rescued him and nursed him back to health. The dog's life is completely changed, he found his happiness and lives the good life that he deserves. In the video you can watch his touching story from the moment he got rescued till today.

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Girl Has The Cutest Reaction When Jack In The Box Pops Out 39s

Girl Has The Cutest Reaction When Jack In The Box Pops Out

We all remember when we were little kids a toy which we could surely label as our favorite and a good night sleep couldn't be possibly imagined without it. We dragged it with us everywhere we went and it was our best friend, our getaway, our solace. From dolls to trains and yo-yos, toys play a valuable roles in children’s lives. However, not all toys we ran across could equally catch our attention and leave a strong impression on us. Some of them were so scary, that the mere thought of them sent us goosebumps. Take this little girl for instance. The toy has really got her when it jumped out of the box unexpectedly. While sitting peacefully on the sofa, trying to fit Jack in the box, she doesn’t expect anything but a nice, friendly toy. After having him put inside the box, she closes the lid and she knows that the toy has to do something with winding. She turns the handle until she can’t anymore and she yells happily: “Mom, I did it”. And we know that for children it is a great success when they do something “difficult” solely by themselves. The Jester in a box creates lilting music and is a classic toy and just like any old fashioned music box, the melody sounds like lovely chimes. A perfectly classy gift. A positively entertaining toy. Babies laugh with delighted surprise, toddlers want to take over turning the handle, older children come close for a better look and adults smile remembering the days they played with their own cherished Jack in the Box. But when the tune finishes, a pleasantly smiling Jester pops out. What then? The girl is so surprised that she shudders and lets an ear-piercing cry, tucking her face in her t-shirt. She goes away calling her mom in a whining way.

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Massive Tibetan Mastiff Humbled By Fearless Bunny24s

Massive Tibetan Mastiff Humbled By Fearless Bunny

We bet you've never seen such an adorable friendship in the making, as this here in this hilarious video! This playful pooch has found himself a new best friend, and believe it or not, it's a bunny! And it's a bun! So he starts chasing it all over the place, and looks like he's begging this little guy to play with him! Bun needs no persuasion at all, as he accepts the challenge and starts running around immediately! Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Who knew that a big dog and such a little bunny could be such good play-mates together! It just goes to show you that unexpected friendships could come from anywhere! This is a precious video that should not be missed by anyone! Georgia Candice the Tibetan Mastiff adorably plays with Coco the rabbit in this heartwarming clip. What a fearless little bunny! These two look like they are having so much fun with one another. Maybe the dog will even share some of it's dog toys with the bunny to have even more fun! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as they will surely not want to miss this! This video of this brave bunny is just too awesome! Take a look!

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Teenager Is Happily Married To A Woman That Could Be His Grandmother7m29s

Teenager Is Happily Married To A Woman That Could Be His Grandmother

A curious video has emerged presenting the incredible story of a 72-year-old grandmother who is happily married to her 19-year-old husband despite their 53-year age gap. In the summer of 2016, Almeda never expected to find love with teenager, Gary Hardwick, during an outing at a pizza restaurant. After two weeks of dating, they took their whirlwind romance to the next level when Gary popped the question and they decided to get married. After just coming out of an unhappy relationship with a 77-year-old, Gary claims it was love at first sight when he locked eyes with the grandmother of six - one of whom is older than Gary. But even now, the couple who live in Maryville, Tennessee, are still happier than ever. This couple from Maryville, Tennessee exercises extreme love. Meet Almeda Hardwick, 72 years of age who has been happily married for two years on October 26th to her true soulmate, Gary Hardwick, 19 years of age. This couple has a staggering age gap of 53 years, but that hasn’t got in the way of their true love. They have known each other for almost two years, and decided to get married only after two weeks of acquaintance. They say it was love at first sight! He says he was attracted by her gorgeously blue eyes and her personality, always full of laughter and connected with their extreme chemistry. They shared the same interests in music. Gary says that he doesn’t feel like he is missing out on life by being married to Almeda, because he is mature for his age and doesn’t fit into the age bracket at all. Apparently, Gary has always had a thing for older ladies, and believe it or not, Almeda is not the oldest woman he has dated! Gary recalls that he had never been attracted to younger women, even when he was 13 years of age. He always had attraction to older ladies, since his grandmother was the one who raised him. Everyone was supportive of their relationship but Almeda’s son. The couple started to pursue internet fame by starting their own internet page. They do blogs, pranks, challenges, featuring info about their life together. They try to upload new content everyday. They try to inspire new people every day!

Man Goes Sledding With Seven Happy Huskies1m17s

Man Goes Sledding With Seven Happy Huskies

Driving a dog sled is like a cross between skiing and surfing, with a little long-distance running thrown in for good measure. It looks easy: you stand on runners at the back of the sled and let the dogs do all the work. The reality is a little different. Keeping control of this mob of yapping, gaining the respect of the dogs, and prudent use of the foot brake, arguably the most important skill. Hit the brake at the right time - just before a turn - and it's smooth sailing; hit the brake at the wrong time and it's almost impossible to control the sled. Add a little ice to the mix and all bets are off. It's fun going sledding with one Siberian Husky, but it's way more fun going sledding with seven Siberian Huskies. However, this owner decided to break the rules of sliding and do it his own way. The dogs are not in charge of the sled, but he is. They only make the experience to be more memorable. They are only responsible for the cheerful run with their master. The huskies want to really take part in this adventurous slide but they are excluded from it. They can only hop jovially while accompanying him down the slope. After the quick slide is over, the dogs can’t decide which one to get to their owner first as they all want his company. The second slide is more exciting than the first. With a husky in his lap, the owner zooms down. The dogs follow him closely and at some point, they start arguing and barking jealously after the dog before they go on chasing each other.

Dog Has Funny Ritual Before Eating Dinner40s

Dog Has Funny Ritual Before Eating Dinner

This video is a real proof that not only humans but dogs, too have a ritual before they start eating. Chiko, the Shiba Inu, never forgets to give thanks before eating dinner. His gratitude involves listening to a prayer before he starts eating. He knows how to honor his God and being thankful for the delicious food he gets. Because dogs are the happiest when they eat and fetch balls. Every night before he starts eating, he does exactly the same thing. The setting includes a towel, a mat and a place similar like pedestal where his food is being served. In the background a quiet prayer can be heard and we can see the dog kneeling in front of his food. With his head between his legs, he takes a bow while listening to the prayer. He kneels motionless until he hears “Amen” and the he lifts up his head. Chiko looks straight at the camera with his squint y eyes as if he wants to say that the feast may start. He is not like other dogs that devour food greedily, instead, he is showing manners by being polite and eating slowly. Chiko, as we can notice, is a well-trained dog and easy to like. He looks like a stuffed toy which only adds to his cuteness. He is keen and alert, independent and very clean. Chiko is unquestionably a smart dog since he knows when is the exact moment to stop praying and start eating. He must be a quick learner. Shibas are possessive of their toys and food; it is said that if they could utter one word, it would be "Mine!"