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55th Annual Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo4m04s

55th Annual Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo

Tehachapi will be hosting the 55th Annual Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo. Rodeo athletes will compete in bronc riding, barrel racing, and of course bull riding.

Published: August 15, 2018
Goat jumps on donkey's back to reach leaves41s

Goat jumps on donkey's back to reach leaves

A donkey appears to be helping out a goat reach the high branches of a tree by allowing it to stand on its back. The donkey has no clear benefit from this, proving that these two share a very unique bond!

Adorable otter loves his fresh bedding1m02s

Adorable otter loves his fresh bedding

This is the adorable Asian short clawed otter, also called the oriental small clawed otter from the Twycross Zoo in England. Coming out of his den he went straight for his new fresh bedding, a pile of straw. He shows the love for it like us humans do when we just can’t wait to snuggle up in our freshly washed bedding. As a human poll suggested it was first on the list of things that made you feel good. It is no different with this cute Otter. He just loves to snuggle and wiggle in his straw and in the process he probably leaves his scent for the others to tell them: “This is my bed!” Just look at his face, he is really loving it. Looking up into the camera in between, before he puts is head in to straw and wiggles it about. Once he gets himself in a great sleeping position he quickly dozes off, curled up in a ball on his straw. Sleep tight, sweet dreams little Otter.

Orphaned baby monkey doesn't want caretaker to leave33s

Orphaned baby monkey doesn't want caretaker to leave

This adorable Vervet Monkey was orphaned and rescued at a very early age, and had to grow up and a wildlife center. She will be released back into the wild, some day, but in the meantime, she needs a foster mom, which is what her caretaker is to her. In order to be able to return to the wild, she can't be humanized, which means that she can't be used to people, or she would approach them once she's free, and it would result in her either getting captured and kept as a pet, or killed, so her foster mom can't do anything a monkey wouldn't do, such as talking to her. But since keeping her company is required, the caretaker sits with her for hours, but even after all that time, the baby monkey still doesn't want her to leave, and keeps jumping on her shoulder, and screams and she finally manages to.

Reducing Key Signs of Aging in Minutes5m05s

Reducing Key Signs of Aging in Minutes

Summer is here, so why not look and feel your best while you’re having fun in the sun? With all the vacations, graduation parties, barbeques, block parties, and more filling up your schedule, you’re going to want something that works fast and efficiently. Lifestyle Consultant Tia Leslie is here to talk about Plexaderm and it works in minutes to reduce some of the key signs of aging. Right now all  The Morning Blend viewers can get Plexaderm for up to 50% off with free shipping!  Order yours by going to or give them a call at 1 (800) 865-8214.

Who Gets the Ring When an Engagement is Broken?5m50s

Who Gets the Ring When an Engagement is Broken?

Getting engaged is supposed to be sunshine, rose pedals and holding hands. But what happens when that changes? Who gets the ring and what can they do with it? Here to share some information on that is Richard Kessler from Kesslers Diamonds. For more information and to find a Kesslers Diamonds near you, visit