congenital melanocytic nevus

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Two-Year-Old Teyana Spreads Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects36s

Two-Year-Old Teyana Spreads Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects

Teyana could melt stone with her cuteness. The two year old took to her <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook page</a> to raise awareness about her condition. The brave tot was born with Microtia, causing a loss of hearing. Teyana also suffers from a congenital heart defect and is fed through a G-Tube.

This Teen Was Brutally Bullied For Having Over 500 Birthmarks, But Look At Her Now1m29s

This Teen Was Brutally Bullied For Having Over 500 Birthmarks, But Look At Her Now

Alba Parejo was born with a rare condition known as congenital melanocytic nevus. Her body is literally covered in hundreds of moles, birthmarks, and dark patches. As a baby, she had surgery to try and remove many of them, and that has left her with both the occlusions and a series of scars. Tormented relentless by her peers, Alba is getting the best kind of revenge. Even with naysayers arguing how unacceptable her decision is/was, she is modeling and pursuing a career in the public eye. She is making her marks part of who she is. That’s what they’ve always been. Now, the haters know it as well. Sometimes, the only way to get past the pain is to own the reasons for it. Humanity has a hard time being kind and compassionate. What they really want to be is judgmental jerks. You go, girl! You are such an inspiration to everyone out there with a dream!

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Kitten With Hole in its Body Adjusts to Life in a Sock-Sweater43s

Kitten With Hole in its Body Adjusts to Life in a Sock-Sweater

Lydia got Marcus when he was just four weeks old. Marcus was born with a congenital defect that left him with a hole in his body wall where his umbilical chord was.Because he was so small, Lydia tried to treat him symptomatically until he was big enough to have it surgically repaired. Lydia came up with the bright idea of putting a sock on him to keep everything inside his body in place.Now Marcus is able to run around and play like his six siblings, and he gets to wear a cool sock-sweater too!

Teen Dancing After Heart Transplant33s

Teen Dancing After Heart Transplant

This teenage boy couldn’t hide his excitement after his successful heart transplant. After months of waiting at the University of Maryland Medical Center, 16-year-old Amari Hall finally received a transplant. After a congenital heart defect caught up with him at the age of 14, his spirit remained strong. He proved that when, just 6 hours after his heart transplant, Amari started dancing in his hospital bed and with him danced the entire hospital. Amari needed a month worth of rehabilitation to recover from the 16-hour surgery in order to be able to just walk again. But when he “breaks out” of his hospital room, he does what he loves the most - he starts dancing!

Daniel Pluzhnikov has very small stature, but great artist and singer talent11m23s

Daniel Pluzhnikov has very small stature, but great artist and singer talent

Daniel Pluzhnikov was born January 26, 2003 in Sochi. Severe congenital disease prevented him grow up, and in 13 years his growth is 98 centimeters. But Daniel's heart is very kind, very positive attitude towards life and the unique talent of an artist and musician. For his 13 years he has already won over 25 awards in various music competitions, and in 2016 he became the winner of the TV project "Voice of children - Russia". The video presents the performance of Daniel Pluzhnikov at the concert "Little legends of the big country" with the songs "Two eagle" (music and lyrics: Oleg Gazmanov) and "I am free" (Music: Valery Kipelov and Sergey Mavrin, lyrics: Margarita Pushkina). Russia, Saint-Petersburg theater "Music Hall", 10/08/2016.

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Life Coach With Dwarfism Empowers Others: BORN DIFFERENT5m20s

Life Coach With Dwarfism Empowers Others: BORN DIFFERENT

A life coach is using the challenges she has faced due to her dwarfism to empower others. Born with a type of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenital (SEDc), Julie Bond Genovese stands at 4ft 3in tall and says her condition has been a ‘mind-blowing and heart-wrenching all-you-can-hurl rollercoaster ride’ and she grew up believing she was ‘cursed.’ The counsellor from Dover, New Jersey, describes the way children with dwarfism are measured, talked about by doctors, and put through surgeries, which creates an inner sense of being a ‘broken person.’ But Julie says that the years of operations, stares, bullies and rejection has made the 53-year-old the strong woman, mother, wife and successful therapist that she is today. Videographer / director: Carlos Chiossone Producer: Charley Sutton, Ellie Winstanley Editor: James Thorne

One In A Million Boy With CLOVES Syndrome: BORN DIFFERENT5m05s

One In A Million Boy With CLOVES Syndrome: BORN DIFFERENT

A three-year-old boy remains upbeat despite battling an extremely rare condition that has made the right side of his face heavily swollen. Victor Padilla was born with CLOVES Syndrome – an overgrowth illness that causes complex vascular anomalies leading to the formation of tumours on the body. CLOVES, which in Victor’s case stands for Congenital Lipomatous Overgrowth with Vascular Anomalies, is said to have only been diagnosed in a couple of hundred people worldwide. But despite the terrible nature of Victor’s condition, his parents Jennifer and Jerry Padilla have sent him to pre-school in Rochester, New York, and could not be happier with the progress he is making. Videographer / director: Mike Bradley Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote Editor: James Thorne

Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue About His Baby’s Heart Surgery Is Also A Plea For Affordable Health Care13m06s

Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue About His Baby’s Heart Surgery Is Also A Plea For Affordable Health Care

Before Jimmy Kimmel even began his Monday-night monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the usually jovial host was on the verge of tears, and warned his audience about the sad story he was going to tell. “Before I go into it, I want you to know it has a happy ending,” he said. But his story also contained a serious message to American legislators who are debating health care right now. Kimmel told a heart-wrenching story about his newborn son, who was born a little over a week ago with a congenital heart disease that could have killed him. Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney (who’s the co-head writer of Jimmy Kimmel Live) gave birth to William “Billy” John Kimmel on April 21. Everything seemed fine at first, but a nurse heard a murmur in his heart and noticed that he didn’t look right.

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Everyone Is Falling In Love With This Little Girl Singing 'Overcomer' From Her Hospital Bed2m30s

Everyone Is Falling In Love With This Little Girl Singing 'Overcomer' From Her Hospital Bed

This little girl with a rare blood disorder is showing the world what it means to be an "overcomer." Little Leah suffers from severe congenital neutropenia, a rare blood disease. She was diagnosed in September of 2013, at just 6 months old, and has been mightily fighting for her health ever since. As an infant, Leah survived septic shock that left her in the hospital for 28 days. Though she finally was able to go home, Leah had to return to the hospital multiple times because she developed fevers. The past year has been an exceptionally tough one for little Leah, whose body has developed post-transplant Graft versus Host Disease. Leah has spent the last 327 days away from home. Most of this time has been spent at the hospital receiving treatment for her health. But that didn't stop this little angel.. Her mom, Lindsay captured this video of Leah in her hospital bed singing and dancing along to her favorite song, Mandisa's "Overcomer." She has the joy of the Lord and a love for music. Overcomer is one of her all time favs! She is such a light to all she meets....I hope she brings a smile to your face, too!

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Rare albino stingray glides across reef42s

Rare albino stingray glides across reef

There are about 220 known stingray species organized into 10 families and 29 genera. Stingray species are progressively becoming threatened or vulnerable to extinction, particularly as the consequence of unregulated fishing. As of 2013, 45 species have been listed as vulnerable or endangered by the IUCN. The particular stingray in the video is even rarer because of it's condition – albinism. It gracefully swims over the coral reef before disappearing into the ocean vastness. These divers can't help but stare in amazement at the incredibly rare moment passing them by. Albinism by definition is "the congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal or plant, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals.” Other definitions of albinism encompass most of the major animal taxa, but ignore the several other pigments that non-mammalian animals have and also structural coloration. For example, "Absence of the pigment melanin in the eyes, skin, hair, scales, or feathers." refers only to the pigment melanin. Because of the various uses of different terms applied to coloration, some authors have indicated that the color of the eyes is the defining characteristic of albinism. The ocean is an amazing place, and seeing a rare creature like this one has to be a magical experience.

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