10 Ways Game Of Thrones Could End10m02s

10 Ways Game Of Thrones Could End

Winter is here! We are SO excited for the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, and we can't help but speculate how this rollercoaster of a TV show is going to end! So on that basis, here are our 10 Ways Game of Thrones Could End...

10 FBI Techniques You Can Use In Everyday Life10m32s

10 FBI Techniques You Can Use In Everyday Life

Humans are creatures of habit. We like the feeling of control we get whenever we repeat the same action. It is good for our mental health and it simply makes life easier. It gets things done faster and assures their successful outcome. Leaving this cocoon of safety can be really hard, but sometimes it is necessary to do it. Life consists of chapters and in order for one to start, another has to end. Do you remember what it felt like when you left high school? You finally got the hold of things after years of trying to get a reign over them and suddenly it’s time for University. In the blink of an eye Uni is over and you’re off to find your way into the corporate waters. It’s not easy but you eventually find a way. The problem with these stages in your life is that it seems like there isn’t enough time to live through all of them and they are too long yet too short at the same time. Have you ever felt like humans often take life for granted? Sometimes it feels as if we’re living in a game where you can always wait for your life to recharge and then start anew, but in reality, it’s far from it. We are constantly chipping away at it, one second at a time, going away never to be back again. We need to learn how to love it, cherish it and squeeze the juice out of every second of it because it might be gone in the blink of an eye. Accidents happen and you can’t always predict them. They might be minor or might totally change your life, and sometimes among all that madness, you really start being grateful for the people surrounding you and their help. Sometimes it’s a stranger that saves your life and it feels like a true miracle that that individual was standing in the right place at the right time and they helped you out of the goodness of their heart. However, sometimes people are not so nice and are willing to do evil and even brake the law. Now once they are caught it is difficult for the police to figure out the truth and get it out of the individual. Well, this is just the case in this video as it concerns explicitly on how the FBI interrogates people and manages to get the truth. Have you ever wondered how the FBI get their good results? Have you ever wanted to work out whether somebody is lying? Well wonder no more as Alltime10s is here to tell you 10 FBI Techniques You Can Use In Everyday Life! Enjoy!

10 Myths About Love Debunked10m25s

10 Myths About Love Debunked

It's almost Valentines Day, which means overpriced flowers, chocolate and sickening amounts of PDA. But whether you're a Valentines Scrooge or a hopeless romantic, these 10 Myths About Love are about to be debunked!

10 Companies That Ripped You Off10m34s

10 Companies That Ripped You Off

Have you ever sat and wondered if you're paying too much for something? We've all felt like we're being conned, but here are some examples when you genuinely may have been. These are 10 Companies That Ripped You Off!

10 Weirdest Pieces of Movie Merchandise11m41s

10 Weirdest Pieces of Movie Merchandise

We all know the drill by now - a hit movie gets released, and fans all over the world go mad for the merchandise released alongside it. You might not want these ones though... These are the 10 Weirdest Pieces Of Movie Merchandise!

How Dangerous is Cuba?9m56s

How Dangerous is Cuba?

Peculiar incidents in embassies in Cuba. Closer ties to China and Russia. Increasingly powerful spies. How dangerous is Cuba?

10 Most Ridiculous WWE Storylines10m38s

10 Most Ridiculous WWE Storylines

Ahh WWE, a never-ending source of entertainment that will amuse us for years to come. Today we're focusing on the hilarious and downright bizarre moments from the best sport in the world... These are 10 Most Ridiculous WWE Storylines!

10 Huge Screw-Ups That Changed The Course Of History11m14s

10 Huge Screw-Ups That Changed The Course Of History

You thought you'd messed up in the past? Well, whatever you've done is nothing compared to these mistakes that quite literally changed life as we know it. These are 10 Huge Screw-Ups That Changed The Course Of History. #10 Bay of Pigs By most accounts, even the conception of the Bay of Pigs, secret invasion of Cuba, was colossally misguided, since JFK made the call the call to launch a covert attack of Cuba based on faulty CIA Intelligence. The B-26 bombers disguised as Cuban planes mostly missed their shots and alerted Castro to the impending invasion. #9 New Zealand Wars Let’s face it, and the British Empire wasn’t exactly the most just administrative body in history. But unlike most colonial tensions, this one is mostly just an example of why you should always check your work. Anyway, back in 1840, the Empire under Queen Victoria was in talks with the Maori people of New Zealand, who sought protection from the illegal land deals of other trying to settle on the island. #8 Pickett’s Charge The American Civil War is often discussed as an ideological struggle, whether it is freedom vs. slavery or in some circles, federalism vs. states’ rights. However, the pivotal battle of that war appears to have been a case of screw-up vs. regular military competence. #7 Fall of the Berlin Wall In 1989, the USSR reforms were opening countries and introducing some market-friendly elements. In other words band-aids on the holes of the sinking ships. That included lifting travel restrictions on East Germans, who were pretty desperate to see friends and family who were over the wall. That excited a lot of East Germans who took it as permission to head straight to the west. #6 Discovery of Australia You see 182 years before British colonization, the first confirmed landing on the island came at the hands of the Dutch East India Company. Then the largest company in the world, the organization sent a ship captained by Willem Janszoon in 1606. #5 The Challenger Disaster Before 1986, the prospect of space travel was one of almost absolute wonder -save a little bit of cold war antagonism. But after the Challenger rocket exploded in the atmosphere and killed it sever person crew, the world never looked at stars the same again. #4 D-day As you know, D-day was one of the most pivotal battles of World War II , and quite possibly the turning point to an Allied victory. But, while the allied efforts deserve the utmost respect, it’s worth pointing out that Germany’s loss came as a result of quite a few judgment calls. #3 Aristagoras Around 500 BC, the Persian tyrant Aristogoras sought to conquer the revolting island of Naxos in an attempt to impress King Darius the Great. Aristogaras’ mistakes caused Darius to vow revenge on the Athenians, leading the Greco-Persian wars. #2 Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus wanted to reach Japan to trade, but instead, he entered the West Indies- better known as the Americas and the Caribbean. Then led to centuries of colonization, slavery and pretty much the foundation as the western world as we know it. #1 Mokusatsu In 1945, before dropping of the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the allied leaders issued an ultimatum with the Japanese government. In doing so, they made the not so subtle indication that any negative response would invite ‘prompt and utter destruction.’

10 Weirdest Initiations9m34s

10 Weirdest Initiations

Initiation rituals might be banned in certain places but that doesn't stop people still doing them! These are some of the most bizarre we could find in 10 Weirdest Initiation Ceremonies...

10 Hilarious Conspiracy Theories10m32s

10 Hilarious Conspiracy Theories

We love a good conspiracy theory, and these ones are amongst the most hilarious we've ever come across. Whether you choose to believe them or not is down to you, but these are 10 Hilarious Conspiracy Theories

10 Future Human Space Colonies10m56s

10 Future Human Space Colonies

We're all waiting for the day we ruin Earth enough that we have to disappear off to a new place in space, a bit like the movie Wall-E. But what will our options be when that day comes? Here are 10 Spacey Boisss

10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air9m31s

10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air

Controversial commercials are always a hot topic when they come around. We love to laugh at them, we love to be outraged by them, and we love to remember them years later. These are 10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air!

10 Things That Could Happen If Trump Is Impeached9m46s

10 Things That Could Happen If Trump Is Impeached

Some people love him, others hate him, but President Trump is permanently making headlines across the world. But what would happen if he really were taken out of office? Here are 10 Things That Could Happen If Trump Were Impeached.