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11 Huskies Who Love To Sing5m04s

11 Huskies Who Love To Sing

Anyone who's ever met a husky knows that they're very vocal dogs who love to howl and sing! Well, we've brought together some of our favorite talented huskies in this super cute huskies who love to sing compilation! Talk about some super talented pups!

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Lola the chicken loves going for walks30s

Lola the chicken loves going for walks

Lola is as tame as could be but she also has a wild soul. She follows her owner around everywhere she goes (especially if she has food). Many times she even flies up and lands on her shoulder!

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Studious parrot & owner practice their animal sounds46s

Studious parrot & owner practice their animal sounds

Einstein correctly responds to the the rooster and the birdie sounds, but he prefers to make the telephone sound when asked what noise a dog makes. Then, he takes control of the teaching when he starts to ask the questions. He’s a student with a mind of his own!

Tiny baby raccoons cuddle their stuffed animals51s

Tiny baby raccoons cuddle their stuffed animals

This wildlife sanctuary in Ontario gets up to 100 baby raccoons every spring and many volunteers help to feed them, clean their cages, and give them toys. These stuffed animals provided a sense of security and comfort for the raccoons, especially when raccoons come in without any siblings. A new stuffed animal can become their best friend!

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Smart horse displays array of tricks1m00s

Smart horse displays array of tricks

Here are some tips on how you can train your horse. This seems fun not only for the horse but also for the trainer. The tricks that this horse can do are unbelievable!

Newborn calves run for milk from adopted mother44s

Newborn calves run for milk from adopted mother

Animal lovers prepare for an extraordinary moment to behold! Miss Jersey is an amazing cow that lives on "Hamish's Farm" in Keene, Ontario. She is one of the most patient and loving cows ever. Although she has a calf of her own, she has adopted three other calves and she allows them to nurse. Cows will not usually tolerate any calf but their own drinking their milk. Miss Jersey is extraordinary. This is one video that you do not want to miss! Hamish and his mother, Gertrude own this farm and they raise cows, sheep, horses, donkeys, goats, turkeys, and chickens. The farm burned down last November but they are rebuilding. Good for them for persevering through the hard times and rebuilding their dreams! Once you push through the hard times, the world gets better! With all of their animals, plus a very spirited Cockatoo named Syd, life is never dull on Hamish's farm. Aren't these calf's just adorable? Most people do not have the privilege of having them on a farm or keeping them as a pet, but you could always get some adorable animal plush's from Amazon to satisfy that cute and cuddly need! So sit back, relax and enjoy this video!

Anxious husky finds companionship in tiny kitten2m00s

Anxious husky finds companionship in tiny kitten

This is such a heart warming story! Kuma the husky has always had separation anxiety. He needed a companion to help him out a bit and that is when Tora came along! Tora the kitten was adopted,and the two of them have been inseparable. Tora was ten weeks old when she was adopted, so adorable! Kuma instantly fell in love with her and they enjoy spending every moment together. They are the best of friends. Who says a dog and a cat can't be best buds? Tora thought Kuma was his mother and even tried to nurse from him, hilarious! Sadly, thats not going to work Tora, nice try though! If Kuma isn't there, Tora feels very lonely, her best bud isn't there to play with her! They love taking adorable photos together, so cute! What a special family these two are! At the end of the day, when they are finally done playing, they fall asleep and stay together all night! So precious. Do you want to spoil your pets? Check out some of these best selling pet supplies your little guys will love!

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Loving rabbit showers patient dog with kisses2m07s

Loving rabbit showers patient dog with kisses

Who says a rabbit and a dog can't be best friends? This adorable rabbit is trying so hard to befriend a Labrador but at first, it doesn't look like the Labrador is interested. The rabbit isn't going to give up! The rabbit licks his ear but he doesn't respond, he only starts to growl. Time for the rabbit to try another plan. Jump on top of the Labrador! This doesn't work either, the Labrador shakes him off. Poor rabbit, befriending this dog is going to be harder than he thought. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve, he starts to kiss the Labrador, and the growling continues but that doesn't stop the rabbit. He is determined to make a new friend. Eventually, the Labrador finally gives in, awesome! The rabbit finally made his new friend. I think the dog finally realizes that this rabbit may not be as bad as he thought, he actually is a pretty cool friend. With all the effort this rabbit put in, I think he deserves at least a chance from this Labrador. These two will be the best of buds! This is too adorable! Are you looking for some super cool items for your adorable pet rabbit? Check out some of these best selling rabbit products! Do you have stories you want to share about your pets? Let us know in the comments below!

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Huge ostrich makes 2m07s

Huge ostrich makes "enemies" at the park

It seems like a normal day of fishing at the park for these guys, but don't be too quick to judge just yet. One of them goes to feed an ostrich when all of a sudden the ostrich makes a break for it. After just a couple of seconds you get to see just why!

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Parrot plays peekaboo with imaginary friend34s

Parrot plays peekaboo with imaginary friend

Einstein can see a faint reflection of himself in the shower door so he starts to play a game of peekaboo. He calls out his own name in search of himself and tells the imaginary friend to turn around! Watch out because he’s sure to “get you” too!

Dog Tries To Catch The Wind35s

Dog Tries To Catch The Wind

This silly dog tries to do the impossible! Whenever his owner blows raspberries at him, he does his very best to try and catch the air that she's blowing! This is no easy feat by any means, but boy is it funny to watch this pup try and catch the wind! What a cute dog!

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The Great Chicken Dentist35s

The Great Chicken Dentist

We bet that you have never seen a video quite like this before! Have a loose tooth that needs to be pulled? Don't settle for the boring string on a door handle trick! Go see this amazing chicken dentist instead! This cute little boy got the help of his trusty pet chicken to help him pull out his loose tooth with nothing more than a string and some courage! This is one video that you are not going to want to miss as you will surely laugh out loud! We've all pulled out our baby teeth before in some way, shape or form; biting into an apple, tying it to a door knob and closing the door or even just pulling it out with your hands, but have you ever used a chicken before? This family is crazy innovative and just plane funny for using that chicken! Who would have thought a chicken would even work?! Looks like now you have an easy and funny way to take out baby teeth, you just have to have access to a chicken! Surely this boy cannot wait to get his adult teeth in! Maybe all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth? He is going to need a whole lot of toothpaste to keep those pearly whites so clean and shiny!

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Boxer Loves Boxing With Balloon35s

Boxer Loves Boxing With Balloon

This boxer was born to box with this balloon! There's nothing he loves to do more than play with his favorite birthday balloon! It provides him with endless entertainment and brings him joy unlike any other toy he owns! You won't want to miss this adorable dog and his balloon!

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Why Did These Chickens Cross The Road?35s

Why Did These Chickens Cross The Road?

We might have finally found out the answer to the age old question of why did the chicken cross the road? Well in this video, the first chicken seemed to wander across the road in search of food and friendship while the other followed along! What a pleasant surprise!

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German Shepherd vs Mini Santa Claus35s

German Shepherd vs Mini Santa Claus

Christmas is normally a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and warmth, but for this German Shepherd, it just means one thing. It's that time of year for him to battle it out with this mini Santa Claus decoration to see who is the top dog of the house!

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No Bathtime Pup35s

No Bathtime Pup

Looks like someone is not a huge fan of taking baths! No matter how sweetly this lady talks to her pup, he knows what she has in store for him and it doesn't look like he's in any mood to go and take a bath! You won't believe his hilarious reaction to bathtime!

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Talking parrot wants to be a train conductor44s

Talking parrot wants to be a train conductor

Who wouldn’t want to ride Einstein’s train? He has to be the cutest conductor you’ll ever meet! After being told to hop-aboard, you’re invited to eat and offered nuts. It’s first class on Einstein Railroad!

Arabian horses roll with joy after morning walk1m19s

Arabian horses roll with joy after morning walk

Banner and Jasper are two Arabian horses who are the best of friends. When Ali and Dave take them out to the meadow and the woods for a little morning trot, they are thrilled. The two horses love to be together and eagerly stroll through grass as deep as their shoulders. After a leisurely stroll and an occasional gallop, Banner and Jasper enjoy a cool shower. They are then turned out to pasture to graze and play. The two friends immediately drop to the ground an roll in the mud. It is obvious that they enjoy this part of the day even more than the stroll. Horses rolling happily in a field has to be one of the most breath taking sights imaginable.

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Ducks run in single file line to greet human24s

Ducks run in single file line to greet human

Take a look at the unique way that these ducks run down the hill towards their human. What a bunch of happy feet! Isn't it amazing when you see your pets come to greet you with childlike excitement, after you've been gone for a while? That is what this woman surely experiences every time she calls her flock of ducks! They all come running towards her like puppies and gather around their owner. Such a heartwarming sight. It isn't quite so odd to see domestic animals show their love to their owner in this manner. Geese have been known as unapproachable and bullish, but with some tender TLC, these two were transformed from a bunch of biting birds to lovable pets who come screaming to their owner when she calls them. These big birds have a unique ability to imprint on what ever creature larger than themselves they see first when hatching. They basically know (they don't think it) that they are the same creature as who ever they see first. No one knows why this is happening in the bird's brain, but one thing is for certain, and that it that ducks and geese makes exceptional companions to humans!

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Adorable baby wolf can't resist tummy scratch1m13s

Adorable baby wolf can't resist tummy scratch

This rescued Maned Wolf pup may look big, but he is only 3 months old, and loves attention! He just can't help making the funniest sounds when getting a scratch! It doesn't get more adorable than this!

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