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Scary Chucky Doll Rides Around On A Robot Vacuum50s

Scary Chucky Doll Rides Around On A Robot Vacuum

Halloween is right around the corner and people are getting out their scariest decorations and their scariest costumes. Halloween is definitely a polarizing holiday, either you love it or you hate it. If you are easily scared and you don’t like dark and spooky atmosphere, or just you are not a fan of candy, then Halloween is definitely not for you. If in fact, if you love watching horror flicks, dressing up in the scariest or funniest things you can imagine, eat tons of candy, and love haunted houses then you’re lucky! Halloween is all about getting together with your friends and family and exploring your dark and spooky side. People dress up as their favorite villain, superhero, movie monster, and more, to go and explore the city at night and do trick or treat! The most important part about Halloween are the decorations, costume , and movies that get played! People love decorating their house with skeletons, webs, and ghouls and scary movies are played all day long. Some of the most popular Halloween scary movies usually deal with killers that torment the main characters of the movie. One of the most popular Halloween movie villains is Chucky, the killer doll. Most people are aware of this creature and even though Chucky is a doll, he is quite terrifying! Just one look at him makes you shudder, with scratches all on his face, disfigured head, and wielding a knife. Chucky first appeared in the movie, “Child’s Play” where Chucky the killer doll is trying to transfer his soul to a human body so he can wreak even more havoc! There aren’t too many things scarier than a serial killer doll for children! This video captures the perfect essence of Halloween, combining scary decorations with the perfect movie villain. This person took decorations to a new level with their Chucky doll. If you have ever been to a Halloween party you most likely have seen someone dressed up as Chucky or maybe a Chucky doll in someone’s house. This person decided to put their Chucky doll on a Roomba! A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is self-operating and roams around the house and does the vacuuming. It is a round small device and needs no one to control it and just moves along the floor cleaning it up. With the Chucky doll standing on the Roomba, it looks as though the doll is moving around on its own. This is perfect for scaring people or perfect for a party. The Roomba is small enough so people will not notice it and they will only see the small Chucky doll roaming around the living room! How scary! Even scarier is that this Chucky doll is one with a knife in hand and one that has voice lines. Imagine being at a party and you turn around and see the Chucky doll with a knife walking towards you and talking to you! This might be a party that you will be leaving early from! The Chucky doll has an absolutely terrifying laugh and even moves its head back and forth. This person must be a huge Halloween fan and is definitely ready to scare some people! @jazzparrino

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Man eats both of world's hottest peppers at once, relies on internet's advice for remedies5m52s

Man eats both of world's hottest peppers at once, relies on internet's advice for remedies

Last year Dave set out to eat a ghost pepper but the whole thing went horribly wrong in every way possible. He decided that he could do better this year because he was armed with a list of remedies for the heat, all suggested by people commenting on last year’s video. Dave’s misadventure started with a challenge issued by his wife, Kristy. Dave had playfully complained that her cooking wasn’t spicy enough for him. Kristy is a clever woman, so she ordered seeds for every hot pepper she could find and began growing them in her garden. Dave is a very spoiled man and Kristy’s cooking is actually far better than he deserves, but he couldn’t back down now that he had made his unfortunate statement. Kristy’s plants grew and the harvest was impressive. When the peppers ripened, Dave took his video camera to her garden and went in search of the infamous Bhut Jolokia, the Ghost Pepper, and he wolfed down a raw one fresh picked from the plant. But as he ran for the hose and stuffed it into his mouth for relief, Kristy realized that he had actually eaten a Trinidad Scorpion pepper. She couldn’t contain her laughter and she alternated between sympathy for her suffering husband and triumphant laughter as he admitted that she had out-spiced his taste buds. The video of Dave and Kristy’s pepper challenge (Husband wants spicier food, wife gives him Trinidad scorpion pepper) received serious attention on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel and the internet provided Dave with encouragement and advice in the form of 2,500 comments. Much of it was aimed at helping Dave deal with the spice through simple remedies like sandpaper, alcohol, tomatoes, yogurt and milk. With renewed confidence and hundreds of tips from supporters, Dave told Kristy that he was going to eat more of her scorpion peppers and ghost peppers. The internet had also informed Dave that the Carolina Reaper was the world’s hottest pepper and there should be no celebration until he took on the hottest of the hot. Kristy had made Dave a selection of delicious sauces that tipped the Scoville scale and Dave was determined to train for another round with a raw pepper fresh from the garden. This year, Kristy grew Carolina Reapers and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper. Depending on what source you believed, both were believed to be the world’s hottest pepper. Because this was hotly debated, Dave decided the only way to handle this was to eat one of each. And he was certain that the remedies suggested would make it all very bearable. Dave got half of each pepper in his mouth, chewed them and swallowed them and waited for the heat to build. It didn’t take long until Dave realized that again, he had bitten off more than he could chew and his whole head was on fire. He turned to the suggested remedies one by one and quickly found out that the well-intentioned advice he had received wasn’t helpful at all. He tried them all in succession, leaving the milk until the end. It was only then that he found any relief. Dave didn’t plan as well as he thought because he had a bag of milk and no scissors to cut it open. There was no time to waste so he chewed through the bag and began gulping it down. Dave’s solution on the first attempt last year was to spray the hose into his mouth and he eventually resorted to that here as well because even the milk wasn’t putting out the fire. Reluctantly, Dave admitted that he had met his match and asked Kristy to stick to growing jalapenos next year. Dave has learned many things from his experience. He now knows not to challenge Kristy and her cooking (finally). He knows not to try eating two of the world’s hottest peppers at once, and he knows that not everything you read on the internet is true.

Horrifying footage shows rats rummaging in Tesco trolleys30s

Horrifying footage shows rats rummaging in Tesco trolleys

This horrifying footage shows rats crawling around in shopping trolleys in a Tesco car park. A mother, who did not wish to be named, was taking her children to do the weekly shop when she saw the rodents scuttling around. Disgusted in what she saw, the 36-year-old filmed the footage, which shows three rats rummaging for food. She posted the video on social media which attracted disgust from those who shop at the Tesco in Pitsea, Essex where the footage was filmed. The gobsmacked mum-of-two, of Basildon, Essex, said: "I had just come out of Tesco with my four-year-old twins and as we were walking to the car we saw a little nest of what I thought to be mice running around.

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Scottish man thinks newscaster is drunk again39s

Scottish man thinks newscaster is drunk again

Stuart likes watching the news, like all of us. And like many of us, he occasionally encounters challenges with technology. We've all been there at one time or another. When his new TV PVR plays the news back on slow motion, Stuart's impression is that the newscaster has been drinking. His family are watching the news with him and they also know that something is wrong with the broadcast. Listening to the meteorologist explaining the coming weather, we can easily see how he got that impression. Her speech is slow and draggy, as if she has become very intoxicated before delivering the weather forecast. Family members in the room immediately begin laughing and they explain that the show is on slow motion. With a straight face, Stuart continues to watch. At this point, his daughter asks him if the weather lady has been drinking. He concludes with confidence that they are "pissed as farts", a Scottish expression that means she is completely intoxicated. Stuart has a sense of humor that never stops. It's impossible to know if he accepted their explanation or remained convinced that he was correct. Either way, his family are enjoying a hearty laugh at the dialogue. Able to find the humor in any situation, life with Stuart is a constant laugh. His charming accent and deadpan delivery makes everything even funnier. In fact, the Scottish accent has been called the most amusing accent there is, often making a mildly amusing situation cause for a complete belly laugh. Stuart doesn't mind being the source of amusement and he's got the ability to laugh at himself, along with everybody else. His quick wit and serious expressions keep everyone constantly in stitches.

Man Hilariously Entertains Passengers During Airport Delay20s

Man Hilariously Entertains Passengers During Airport Delay

Brad is a man with a very well developed sense of humor. He looks at life as a chance for laughter whenever possible and he won't miss an opportunity to make his family chuckle. Some of it is predictable and some is completely unexpected, but there is no denying that he is incredibly entertaining. On a recent family vacation, a airpor delay proved to be long and tedious and Brad couldn't take the matter too seriously. He let his wife know that he was about to do something that was worth watching. Shona knew that Brad had some sort of a plan and that she should have the camera ready. Sure enough, Brad came into view on the moving sidewalk lying prone on his back, imitating a swimmer doing a very well executed backstroke. While most of us might think of something like this and laugh to ourselves, the fear of disapproval or embarrassment would stop us from actually doing this in front of a crowd of strangers. But Brad has learned long ago that life is too short and too fun to let that slow him down. He has also found encouragement over the years from the fact that most of his antics are met with laughter and approval, even from strangers. Brad's family laugh out loud as he goes by, performing his swim routine with all the grace and technique of an Olympic synchronized swimmer. He not only does the backstroke flawlessly, but he also performs an enthusiastic kick for extra theatrical effect. Unbelievably, Brad even keeps a straight face throughout, which is one of the funniest parts of this. Fortunately for Brad, his family share his sense of humor, even if they can't match his imagination and daring, and they always enjoy his willingness to liven things up for their benefit. Every family should have a Brad to make moments like these more memorable. On the same notion of doing great things to make people entertained, these guys have made a really smashing video! Friends make parody of weather forecasting reports ! This video is just too funny to watch! Our mock weatherman is standing in the center of the shot and trying to say something to the camera. he obviously has a scenario written but we cannot understand anything he says because of what is going on. All we can hear clearly is that it is getting very dangerous and that we should all get out of there. And the rest of the message is totally unimportant, the goings on in the background and the genius of this video's making are the true stars, definitely worth your time! You can see rough winds blowing and rain pouring like from a hose. The speaker is fighting them physically, trying to convey a message to his audience. The storm is so strong you can see a lawn chair being pulled with a rope, a bike being blown on the screen, a chair flying by, parts of a tire, whatnot! Just like the real thing we can see on TV lately! It does not seem realistic at all, and that is done with a purpose. These guys do not want to mock the real people who are risking their lives to send us reports from the eye of the storm but to make the most of a desperate situation. They are fighting reality with the most potent weapon of all intelligent people - humor and parody! The rain is deliberately and obviously made with a hose sprinkling the reporter directly in the face, the tree branch is deliberately waved next to him, someone pushes the kiddy bike and the chair is obviously thrown by one of the strong men in the background. We can see our prop-people at the end of the video, they simply cannot contain themselves from laughing out loud. And the gem between them all is the guy who is making that horribly annoying and loud wind - the big guy with the leaf blower! How genius! Bravo guys! You really made our day! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Police Officer Sings His Lungs Out To Lionel Richie’s Song4m05s

Police Officer Sings His Lungs Out To Lionel Richie’s Song

This singing police officer sounds so professional, he definitely has lots of talent. We think he needs to audition for a talent show, wouldn't that be awesome to see him on stage, singing his lungs out as he flaunts his police uniform? Master Sgt. Philip Paz of the Oklahoma City’s Police Department decides to record a video of himself singing 'Easy' by Lionel Richie. Check it out! If you have ever been in such a good mood that you’ve decided to make a video of yourself and share it with the world, then you’re going to relate to this immediately, and you’re going to love it too, we’re sure! This video is one of the best mood lifters we have seen in a very long time! It’s so cool and optimistic that you really don’t want to miss it! It shows a charming police officer who is sitting in his car, singing and dancing to Lionel Richie’s song “Easy”. However, the way he interacts with the audience and gives the rendition, it’s absolutely heartwarming! His facial expressions and his moves are totally amazing and beyond words! The moment you see this video you are going to want to sing your lungs out as well, we guarantee it. It goes directly into our personal top ten covers ever! So, if you are looking for something to cheer you up instantly, look no more! This video is the real deal! Talking about singing in the car , check out this adorable daddy-daughter duo, as they perform an incredibly duet remix to the hit song. 3-year-old Blakely puts her heart and soul into this performance while dad, Billy, puts his own spin on it! That's one way to spend some quality bonding time with your child. You can be sure that this take on the song will brighten your day! The song that echoes through the brains of children under the age of 10. This fun-loving father has probably heard this song either playing or his daughter sing it at least a hundred times since the Disney's Frozen came out. With the lyrics painted inside his brain, you can only imagine how hard it is to not sing along. We gotta give kudos to dad for improvising that remix on the spot! Singing is the single best activity you can do to stimulate your musical mind. If you’re not comfortable singing, it’s okay, but we encourage you to try. Your voice is the ideal instrument to engage your mind to produce pleasant vocal sounds. In another video, we see what may be the oldest Justin Timberlake fan in the world! Watch as 79-year-old man sings along to “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” from the DreamWorks movie Trolls. As the song starts, the man bounces up and down in his seat. He has a bit of trouble singing the words, but that doesn’t stop his enthusiasm. The elderly man even adds hand gestures and other movements as the song picks up. It’s nice to see someone get this happy over a joyful little song! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Occurred on August 25, 2018 / Warrington, UK Info from Licensor: "There was a lot of mud so we decided to make the best of it."

Cops Pull Car Over During Kiki Challenge37s

Cops Pull Car Over During Kiki Challenge

We’ve met with so many challenges on the internet and one of them is the Kiki challenge. For the last two months this challenge has been the most famous challenge all over the planet. There are a lot of people who tried to do this challenge no matter what their age is. You can see videos of old people doing it, toddlers, teenagers and even celebrities. There are a lot of videos with this challenge on the Internet, some of them are great and funny, but some of them are complete fails and very dangerous. You should check out this video and see what else can happen if you decide to do the Kiki challenge. Probably all of us are familiar with Drake’s song “In My Feelings”, which is known as “Kiki do you love me”. We don’t know who Kiki is, but we are sure that this song went viral all over the world and generated yet another dance challenge this year. For those who don’t know what is the Kiki challenge, we are going to explain it to you now. This challenge involves jumping out of a moving car (which is dangerous) and dancing near the car, while in the background the song is playing. If you are willing to do this challenge you should know the moves. There is a part when Drake says “are you riding” so you should pretend that you steer a car . Also, there is a part when Drake says “do you love me” and you should make a heart with your hands. But everything you need to do is just to move your body in front of an open door. Everyone thinks that this challenge is cool, but sometimes doing the challenge can land you to the hospital or maybe even behind bars. As you can see from this video, the police does not think that the Kiki challenge is cool. One truck driver caught a great moment on his camera where the police is pulling over a car during making of the Kiki challenge. People from the car are doing the Kiki challenge in the middle of the road and they even block the road. The cops probably think that this challenge is dangerous, and they are absolutely right. Police from all around the world have warned people about the dangers of doing this challenge because it’s not only a risk for you. With this act you can put the lives of others at risk too because jumping out of a car on a busy road is risky for all of us. We don’t know what happened with the guys who were making the challenge, maybe they only got by with a warning or maybe they got arrested. But anyway, this video is a free lesson for everyone. If you are interested in doing the challenge, first of all you should think about yourself and the others and all of the consequences, and if you are doing it, please don’t do it on a busy road. There are so many other challenges available and this one will be forgotten very soon, just like some previous challenges. So sit back and wait for another one to come, if you’re not ready to play it safe..

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Kid Gets Dirt Bike For His Birthday And Can't Stop Jumping For Joy 1m24s

Kid Gets Dirt Bike For His Birthday And Can't Stop Jumping For Joy

Mason literally can't stop freaking out after he is surprised with a brand new dirt bike for his birthday. Listen to those screams of excitement! Don’t you remember being excited for your birthday to come around? Obviously, birthdays were much more fun when you were young and didn’t have to worry about getting older. All you cared about was what gifts you were getting and you actually liked the fact you were getting older. Well, this video is about Mason: a young boy who will be getting surprised with a gift on his birthday. Filmed by a female family member or friend, we are able to see Mason’s raw reaction to his new present. Our video starts out with an SUV pulling up the driveway and Mason, the birthday boy, hops out of the car while being filmed from the driveway. There is something big sitting in the driveway, but it is cloaked by a sheet. Obviously, to keep the surprise a secret until he removes the sheet, we imagine Mason is expecting something big! The object is about the size of a bike so you can already tell Mason is excited because he seems to know what he is getting. Mason is a big dirt bike fan so you already know he has probably been hounding his parents for a new dirt bike for weeks leading up to his birthday. The same way we the viewers as kids would make a birthday list and remind our parents about it every minute! Mason is ready to remove the sheet, you can feel the excitement. You feel like a kid again when you are opening your presents, wondering what could it be. Mason definitely has a good idea of what his gift is though. As he removes the sheet, what does he see? It is his old dirt bike! His family has tricked him into thinking under that sheet would be a brand-new dirt bike, but no just his old used one. Mason went from excited to disheartened in seconds but didn’t let it show and went along with the joke. What a good sport! While removing the rest of the sheet of his old bike, you can hear his family giggling. Suddenly the garage opens to reveal a brand-new dirt bike. His family had gotten Mason excited with the bike under the sheet, then disappointed when he saw it was his old bike, then excited again with the new one. That’s quite a range of emotions that all happened in the span of 10 seconds! Mason runs to the new bike screaming and jumping, he’s already ready to take it for a spin. In fact, he even asks if he can take it for a little ride on the driveway. Just something quick to see how his new bike runs. His parents say he can’t because he does not have his helmet. It is always important to practice safety while riding. Mason is so excited and is hugging his new bike, he starts it up and takes a seat on it so how it feels. Definitely, this is a birthday young Mason will not be forgetting any time soon. Hope he enjoys his new dirt bike and stays safe!

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Dad shocked by electric fence, son in tears with laughter52s

Dad shocked by electric fence, son in tears with laughter

Dave and Chris had been feeding some cows and a big bull in a meadow on this farm. The meadow is surrounded by an electric fence that keeps predators out and keeps the cows from wandering onto the nearby highway. They were able to get into the meadow smoothly enough by using an overhanging tree branch to swing out over the fence to drop down into the meadow. But getting out of the meadow proved to be a lot trickier. Chris jumped up and grabbed the tree branch. He swung his legs smoothly over the fence and gracefully landed on the outside. Dave was confident that he could do as well as his son and he tried the same tactic. Unable to pull himself up enough, his legs touched the fence and he got a shock. He got a foot tangled in the wires and got two more shocks before dropping clumsily onto the ground. Chris laughed until he was in tears and he started the camera to record his father's second attempt. Dave tried to use a stump to get some extra height but he still wasn't able to figure out a way to get over the fence and out of the meadow. Chris encouraged him to make another try at the tree with a little greater effort. They both agreed that the tree branch was the best option. The gate was all the way on the other side of the meadow and Dave can't admit defeat in front of Chris. Dave believed that the stump on the ground would help him to get higher on the tree branch and he nervously lined up his approach. Chris didn't seem convinced that things would go any better this time. Dave was thrilled to get a better grip on the tree branch and he became optimistic. He was already congratulating himself on how much better his second attempt was going when the shock caught him by complete surprise. It caused a muscle contraction that he felt from his knees to his waist and everything in between. This jolt provided him with the incentive that he needed and, even though he screamed through it all, he quickly got his legs over the fence and dropped on the outside of the fence. Pain can be a great motivator. Chris couldn't contain his laughter and Dave felt the humor as well as the pain. He tried to explain to Chris where the jolt hit him and the two howled. In true fatherly form, Dave raised his arms in victory as if he completely nailed it. Fathers are meant to be an occasional source of laughter for their children, maybe even embarrassment, but this was a little more than either of them had planned for. (This cattle fence is set for a mild shock and the cattle are not harmed by what little electricity the fence delivers. The safety that it provides them is far greater than the discomfort. They are also smart enough to avoid the fence after one shock. Unlike Dave.)

Bestival human cannonball in slow motion23s

Bestival human cannonball in slow motion

This is the incredible moment a human cannonball wowed spectators at Bestival 2018. The video, which was filmed at Lulworth Castle in the UK today (August 4), shows Rodrigo Pérez flying through the air from the cannon before landing safely on an airbag.

 Flight Attendant Gives Hilarious Speech To Passengers On Board 3m30s

Flight Attendant Gives Hilarious Speech To Passengers On Board

Not a huge fan of flying? Many people share the same feeling with you. They hate flying, it scares the hell out of them. There are always some words of courage we say to ourselves before the flight. However, the moment we set our foot on that huge plane, the words are gone, all is left is our fear. During take off we always picture the worst: “Why is the plane turning like this? Are we going to roll over?” All panicky we just want to get off the plane. No matter how much we concentrate to watch a movie, look at the marvelous clouds or start a conversation with the person sitting next to us, it is just impossible to relax. And when a turbulence comes, oh my, we get so shaky with so many questions spinning in our heads: “What is that sound? Why is it so bumpy? That was a huge drop. What’s wrong? We are all going to die!!! Ahhhhhh! And so on and so on…. For some people it is because they are scared of heights…or, more specifically, falling. They don’t like bungee jumps, being near ledges, or even looking down from a tall building. It sets their heart racing and gives them a little vertigo, even though statistically speaking flying is one of the safest modes of transportation (there is a one in 11 million chance of dying in a plane crash, but one in 5,000 in a car). People afraid of flying, don’t have a similar reaction when in a car - they feel safe because they are in control. Luckily, there are flight attendants who know how to to relieve people’s anxiety before takeoff in order to make their journey more enjoyable. That is what exactly happened on the plane where Marty Cobb, a now-famous Southwest Airlines flight attendant, delivered her hilarious PA announcement to the passengers on board. It seems that entertainment works miracles - it’s the best medicine against fear. She acts like a stand-up comedian and the speech sounds like a professional comedy monologue which earned a huge round of applause from everyone on the plane. The video quickly went viral. She tells the passengers: “Can I pretend to have your attention for just a few moments? My two young identical twins and a daughter are going to show you the safety features of this 737-800.” Cobb then told passengers how to properly fasten their seat belts: “Properly fasten your seatbelt slide the flat end in the buckle. Position your seatbelt tight and low across your hips like my grandmother wears her support bra.” With her speech she has definitely made the passengers on this flight to pay a very close attention to some funny safety instructions. So, ​if airplane flights have you tense, this Southwest Airlines attendant might be the perfect cure to lighten your mood. If that doesn't loosen you up, we're not sure what will! She might even be better than a lot of comedians out there - just listen to the roar of laughter! She goes on saying: "Everybody gets their very own teeny-weenie yellow Southwest bikini." Her performance is so good, she even gets a round of applause when she finishes.

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Brother Nails The New And Improved Kiki Dance Challenge27s

Brother Nails The New And Improved Kiki Dance Challenge

By now you have all heard about the Kiki challenge that swept many countries around the world. It happened thankfully to the Canadian rapper Drake who kicked off a new trend with his new song “In My Feelings”, which prompted one Instagram user to post a video dancing by his car in sync with Drake’s song and he quickly became a viral sensation. In the challenge participants slow their car down, open their door and dance on the song’s first few lyrics while the car is still moving. A video featuring a modified version of the Kiki challenge has emerged recently in New Mexico, USA, when two brothers decided to give the challenge a go. Competition and rivalry between brothers existed since the beginning of times and it comesin all forms. Brothers can challenge themselves for trivial things and they can place bets for something as unimportant as the color of the sky. Well, one of the brothers in this video has an interesting challenge to face just because the other one had this crazy idea of watching him dance to la chona. The viral dance craze, also known as the "Shiggy Challenge," often features people jumping out of cars - and now, so does the "La Chona Challenge." In it, people dance to " La Chona " the 1995 song by the Mexican norteña band Los Tucanes de Tijuana. "It was my brother- we were just driving home and well I challenged him to get out of my truck and dance to la chona and he did, but when he took off his clothes I took off and left him naked." - says one of the brothers. The brother who took the call of the challenge gets out of the slowly moving truck and dances alongside it in sync with the music while the other one follows him with the truck. He is obviously proud to be filmed and immensely enjoys showing off in front of the camera. He also adds a new twist to the challenge by taking off his clothes, as it was agreed. However, the brother driving the car has something else in mind and nobody expects the outcome of the video. No sooner the dancing brother takes off his shoes, the crazy part starts. The brother inside the truck, closes the door and zooms with it. The moment the half-naked brother realizes what has just happened, he starts running after the truck desperately trying to catch up with him. Of course, unless his brother comes back for him, there is no way on earth that he will be able to get in the truck. That’s what happens when you are trying to be a poser. In some countries such as Egypt or the United Arab Emirates, those caught taking part in the challenge could be punished with a fine or imprisonment. Social media users around the world have been filmed jumping out of moving vehicles as part of the trend. The public reactions to the challenge are mixed and the question why people do it, remains unanswered.

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Workers Are Absolutely Scared Of One Happy Excited Dog1m46s

Workers Are Absolutely Scared Of One Happy Excited Dog

We always talk about how adorable dogs are! And they really are, they are the cutest they can be! We love them, the Internet loves them! Their love is truly remarkable and unconditional! Dogs are pack animals and to your dog, you are the leader of the pack. The dog looks to you for protection and guidance. When they are feeling uncertain or insecure about something, they will stick close beside you because you’re the world to them and they love and cherish you with all their heart! They give all the love they have for us, but sometimes they want some love also! Dogs have given us their loyalty , companionship, and they're absolutely all but most importantly, we are the focus of their love!! They can be there for us no matter what! They care about us like no one else. No one can understand true and unconditional love unless they are owners of a dog! They have the purest hearts! However, there are some people unfortunately who are afraid to feel this love and to feel the joy the hug and pet a dog! Just check out these scared workers! Their faces… priceless! A dog escaped from a neighbor's house and wanted to play with a team of workers who weren't having any of it. Eventually, they realized he wasn't a threat and gave him some love. This video occurred on July 17, 2018, Ouro Preto do Oeste, Rodnia, Brazil. We have always wondered, why are people are afraid of dogs? Is it because they find some breed scary or some kind of trauma that makes them run away and climb counters when they see them? The fear of dogs is called cynophobia! There are no settled or clear responses to this inquiry, nor a particular minute or time of life when it starts. Dread and its experience are to a great degree subjective. There is certifiably not a solitary reason; cynophobia may emerge because of a blend of conditions, and its seriousness may rely upon how early it begins. Contingent upon which source you counsel, pooch fear in kids can flourish as right on time as age 5 or as late as age 13. It can last into adulthood if untreated yet isn't constrained to youngsters or teens. The dread of dogs in grown-ups has grabbed hold of individuals as old as 20 years old and continued well into middle age. So, for all the people out there who have fear of dogs, we have to the sweetest video ever that will change your mind! This sweet dog cries when baby cries, then cheers him up ! Tali Yard’s dog Roxy is a great friend to her child owners. The dog noticed little Sam, from Riverton, Australia, crying and joined in too, with heart-melting results. “Sam was crying because his daddy left for work and didn’t take him with. Roxy sat by his side and cried until Sam stopped and smiled. She then gave him a little kiss on the nose and he was happy,” How adorable is that?

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Crafty Neighbor Turns Minivan Into A Lawn Mower23s

Crafty Neighbor Turns Minivan Into A Lawn Mower

Some people find their artistic outlet with brushes and paint. Others find it with needle and thread, clay, or through making music. How much do you love creative people? Being creative means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means breaking with routine and doing something different for the sake of doing something different. It means mapping out a thousand different routes to reach one destination. Some people turn their creativity into something that will make people laugh. In the end being creative and doing something special for someone is to make them feel good. Laughter is the cure for everything! This incredibly creative man used his sense of humor and matched it with his creativity to make people laugh and show off a little bit! This man who filmed this funny video says: " My neighbor was trying to cut his grass and it was too long, so he kept stalling the lawnmower. His solution was to attach the push mower to the back of his van and fly around the property!" And we thank you for taking this video as it made us laugh too! This funny event occurred on July 15, 2018, in Dundalk, Ontario, Canada. This is the fastest and cheapest way to mow your lawn in a timely fashion., especially after it has given you so much headache! Using inexpensive mower s, this guy made an entire “mowing” vehicle out of his minivan! Now it can literally cut an overgrown messy lawn without uttering one bad word and in the same time giving the surprised on-looker an amazingly funny spectacle to report about. Genius! This video either falls under the category "Why Some Men Should Never Be Left at Home Unsupervised" or “You Just Cannot NOT Love Smart and Crafty People". We would vote for the second one, without any hesitation, because these people might take double the time for completing one task, but only the first time. What these inventions are capable of dreaming up will stun, amaze and make you laugh. Just like this dad and his homemade lawn mower in the video above. Watch! If you ever thought that lawn mowers could ever come under the categories of being strange, funny or weird, this video proves your point. The laughter in the background also gives a special touch to the video too! Soothes the pimped-out mower and the face on the man driving it! He is so proud of his mower! There's only one true superpower amongst human beings, and that is being funny! A day without laughter is a day wasted! If you got inspired by this DIY lawnmower, take a look at this next video of a homemade remote-controlled Lamborghini lawn mower . Now try emulating this level of awesome! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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