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Confused Dog Can’t Fit A Stick Through A Door  23s

Confused Dog Can’t Fit A Stick Through A Door

A lab and his stick are not easily parted. Who’s having a bad hair day? You are! The yellow Labrador makes a wonderful family pet, but not necessarily because of its brains. The lab is near perfect in every way we expect that a dog should be. Funny, faithful, loving, gentle, eager to please, handsome, and they are even good hunters. But you can see why we don't have any in the ranks of the army corps of engineers. “What are you trying to do boy? You'll never get in here that way. Tilt your head!” This guy is just not getting it. What's a poor dog to do? It must be extremely frustrating for the poor fellow to be so close, yet so impossibly unable to get in to the house. This may be a teachable skill, or it's possible there aren't enough neurons connected in the right places. Alas, we will have to accept that there are just some areas about which our best friend falls short. Oh, well. We can't have everything. There's always a trade-off somewhere. Labs do love their sticks. It's a Labrador retriever, after all. When two labs happen to be raised together, we often see them in pairs, playing tug of war with the same stick. In the wide open spaces of the outside this problem doesn't seem to come up very much. Come to think of it, maybe we can pin this on the owner, who left the sliding glass door open too narrow. If it was only a little wider, we might not be laughing at this ridiculous display of clownishness. The solution appears so simple to us, just change your angle of approach! To his credit, the dog looks like he's trying to think of another way, but his cognition is extremely limited in the area of formal operations. He looks down momentarily, as if the floor might hold a clue. He eventually drops the stick, and it is at this point the video clip ends, so maybe he has given up by then. There is a hint of dejection on his face, but as dogs are not really known for being egotists, he’ll probably forget this set back in a very short time. Why does he want to bring the stick in the house, anyway? With that kind of energy bouncing around, let's hope the house is dog proofed. This could turn out to be the proverbial “bull in a China closet” situation. Fortunately, this isn't serious trouble for either owner or pet. The owners enjoy the predicament so much, in fact, that they are sharing their mirth with us. He's a pretty lucky boy to have such easygoing owners who take it all in stride, and we're lucky they had a phone cam ready. The poor lab doesn't realize he's quickly becoming an internet sensation. If you think he's bad at bringing a stick through a living door, just wait till you see how he signs autographs.

Mom’s Handstand Goes Wrong As She Nearly Lands On Her Son28s

Mom’s Handstand Goes Wrong As She Nearly Lands On Her Son

This video, posted by Mark Felix, portrays one of those moments that make every audience instantly cringe. However, that cringe is always followed with hysterical laughter. This is definitely one of those moments that are commonly featured on channels such as Caters News and America’s Funniest Home Videos. This particular conundrum happens at a family home between a mother and her son. Presumably, dad is the one behind the camera filming the entire incident. This mother in particular was showing off a little bit for her son, but it just did not quite go as she had planned it to go. Teri Laura Horne, from Bromyard, Herefordshire, was attempting to perform a handstand when this video was taken. However, the result was unintentional and potentially disastrous. Thankfully, no one was injured, which is what makes this video one that we can all get a good laugh from. This would not be quite as funny if the mother or her son had been injured in any way. Teri Laura, the mother, launches her body into a handstand position, and she plans to use the door behind her as a sort of stabilizer while she hangs upside down. We do have to give her props for even being able to go into a handstand like this anyway, as most adults cannot actually do even that. The problem arose when the door was not completely shut and latched. Of course, Teri Laura Horne did not realize this small fact. It is always unfortunate when a tiny little detail slips right past you and completely ruins your plans. When Teri Laura moves into position and her legs hit the door, the door swings open behind her. It is at this point that we see that her young son is actually right behind the door. Again, this was not known by mom. The inevitable happens, and Teri Laura comes crashing down in somersault fashion, almost hitting her son on the way down. The poor little boy is obviously scared when this happens, but thankfully, he quickly moves out of the way as his mother’s legs come whizzing next to him. For a moment, it looks like she had hurt herself because of the fall and because she hits one of her child’s plastic scooting toys on the way down. However, when she turns around to look at the camera, her smile tells us that she is completely fine. This could have turned out very differently if her son had not moved out of the way when she fell through the door frame. His sweet little voice is heard at the end of the video when he says “Mommy?” He is truly an adorable little boy, and he certainly has a mother with a knack for slapstick. Interestingly enough, when you watch the moment right before the fall, this little boy’s mother actually has fantastic form in her handstand . If the door had been completely closed and secured, this would have been a pretty awesome trick for us to see!

Dog Hits The Piano Keys And Performs An Awesome Trick 28s

Dog Hits The Piano Keys And Performs An Awesome Trick

Sadie is a 6- year- old German Shepherd- Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. This video was filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Sadie loves learning new tricks, but her most recently learned trick is the one that is turning heads and gaining attention online from people all around the country! As can be seen from the first glance of the video, the trick that this beautiful pup has learned is playing the piano ! You will not believe your eyes, just watch as she turns it on and plays a few notes! When the video begins, we hear Sadie’s human guardian cueing her to perform her adorable and shocking trick. German Shepherds are known to be intensely intelligent dogs, which is why they are so commonly used in investigatory measures with law enforcement. In addition to that, Border Collies are also said to be actually one of, if not the most intelligent breed of dogs. Therefore, the combination of these two breeds can create a brilliant animal that has both intelligence and a fantastic temperament. Sadie is obviously an example of this magical breed mixture. After Sadie’s parent gives her the proper cues to begin her trick, she follows the given instructions perfectly. She follows the commands by jumping up onto the piano bench, and then she turns on the piano as instructed. Then, in an adorable set of movements, she places her paws on the keys of the electric piano. She begins with the top tier of keys and pounds out her own little tune. She may not be Mozart, but this is pretty impressive when you consider the fact that it is coming from… a dog! As if this trick was not already cute enough, there is more. It does not just end with Sadie playing the notes. We again hear her mom in the background of the video. She asks Sadie, “Uh-oh, did you make a mistake?” Sadie then takes her left paw and momentarily covers her face as if in shame like she has made a “mistake with the keys.” This is just absolutely precious. It is surely impossible to watch this spectacle without at least smiling at this funny and comedic little pup. This is such a creative trick that her parents have taught her. It really does make you wonder how in the world they could have even begun training her to do this incredible trick. Whatever Sadie’s parents did to teach her this trick, they certainly did it very well. Imagine having a dinner party at your house and being able to have the entertainment by your dog performing this trick for your guests! That would certainly make for an absolutely unforgettable dinner party, and you would certainly be the hit among your circle of friends. No one would ever want to have dinner parties anywhere else after hanging out with Sadie for a while! When Sadie finishes playing her adorable ballad, she takes a bow toward the camera and to her audience!

Spider Has An Ingenious Technique Of Burying Itself In The Sand38s

Spider Has An Ingenious Technique Of Burying Itself In The Sand

This video contains a sight that most people would never otherwise have the opportunity to witness. Since “creepy- crawly” spiders are a very common fear and phobia for so many people, this video gives many the chance to see this force of nature from the safety of their computer screens. It features the terrified spider burying itself in the sand. This action is not just a random thing that this spider has decided to do out of nowhere; it is a defense mechanism to protect itself from predators. Alexa Whiteway, 30, a system administrator has had her spider , Monty, a Sicarius Thomisoides, a six-eyed sand spider, for about three years. She has just recently filmed it, which allowed her to be able to share this interesting video with the rest of the Internet world. This spider is rare, and it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It is definitely one that evokes an automatic fear response for a great number of people. It is of a light gray color, and it has the signature spider eight legs. It is also rather large, which is another feature that would make many people shrink away in fear. This spider is native to Chile, so the one featured in this video is obviously one that is being kept and raised in captivity. The spider’s instincts trigger it to bury itself in the sand because of something that perceives it as a threat. The video does not show the viewers what this perceived threat is, but it does show this incredibly interesting process that mother nature has created. The spider instinctively begins to dig with its front legs very quickly. It creates itself a small hole that fits its abdomen and body size perfectly. It could not be more perfect measuring the hole. After that process, the spider moves its body over the small hole. It does all of these movements with perfect and extraordinary dexterity. The spider is also unbelievably fast, and it wastes no time performing this hole digging feat. After it has placed itself over the hole, it shifts, as if to find the perfect placement to secure its safety. It seems like the spider is also observing and checking its surroundings every second or so, to be sure that it is still safe. This is truly a very interesting process to watch. Then, much to the viewers’ surprise, it apparently decides that its first hole was not acceptable, so it begins to dig yet another hole , and goes through the same process of placing itself over it. The hole is just wide enough for the spider’s body, but its legs still reach the outside area in a symmetrical fashion. Then the spider does the finishing touch and final motions of this burying process. With the same front legs that started digging the hole, it actually begins burying its body. It uses its front legs to throw the sand over the top of itself. The spider has successfully hidden itself from its predatory threat!

Labrador Preciously Plays With A Happy Little Kitten54s

Labrador Preciously Plays With A Happy Little Kitten

We all know as a fact that cats and dogs can never get along well. There is nothing we can do about it. As a matter of fact, two individuals who are always arguing with each other are being compared to cats and dogs. It is a pretty normal thing to see a cat and a dog that fighting with each other. But believe it or not, Misty and Shira are the exact opposites to the above claiming. They are a perfect exception to the rule. If you want to know more about Misty and Shira's inspiring story, then you need to watch this amazing video. Just in case you do not know, Shira is a cat while Misty is a Labrador dog. In this footage, you can see how sweet they are having a playtimer. They are playing as if they are best friends . Who would have thought that a cat and a dog could get along well, and live like best friends. Well, everything is possible in this world after all. Even those seemed-to-be impossible things can be done if you are determined enough to make them happen. We should salute the owner of Misty and Shira because without his or her effort, the two of them can never be as friendly as they are now. It takes a lot of effort to make such thing happens. Actually, we can be more thankful to Misty, the Labrador dog, since this breed of dogs is known to be very friendly. As an owner,of this type of a dog, you just have to make sure that it is exposed to many people and animals, so that it becomes more sociable than it already is. This explains why more and more people all over the world are raising their own Labrador pet dog. Labradors are not only extremely friendly, but highly useful doing a number of things. Long before these days, Labradors were widely used in a number of police-related jobs. These jobs included detecting explosive devices and even guns. As a matter of fact, this is a well-known effective substitute for a K9 or the so-called German Shepherd. Meaning to say, a Labrador dog is not only good for friendly sweet moments, but also for some other very important activities that need to be done as quickly as possible just like retrieving and searching explosive devices. Well, this goes to show that Labradors definitely deserve their formal name, Labrador Retriever. If you are one of those dog lovers out there who likes dogs with a particular color, you do not have to fret since you can have several options with a Labrador dog like Misty. You can choose black, pale yellow, white, fox red and a lot more. Such breed of dogs firstly became famous in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. But as the time goes by, these dogs are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Misty and Shira's great and inspiring relationship is absolutely worth sharing. Hence, do not forget to share this adorable video. Keep sharing and spread the love!

Five-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Puts On Amazing Performance 2m29s

Five-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Puts On Amazing Performance

Many videos are featuring little boys or girls showing their incredible talent, but still, seeing this five-year-old boy play the piano keyboard with such mastery at such a young age is amazing! Meet Evan Le, the piano genius . He was born on May 31, 2011, in Torrance, CA, and got his first-ever piano lesson in December 2014, when he was three years old. Two years of practice make up for this stunning video that you are about to witness! It is incredible that only after two years of formal training this little master can do amazing things with on the piano. Watch as Evan rehearses for his recital which will be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The young tot plays Chopin’s Minute Waltz to pure perfection. At the beginning of this clip, the piano prodigy sits calmly in front of the piano before him, staring directly at the keyboard. He sits several moments in silence, intensely concentrating on the instrument. Moments later, he sweeps one of his little hands across the keys and launches into a stunning performance, channeling the great Chopin himself. Incredible! The little genius completes his performance with flying colors, much to our delight! Then, he rests his hands on his thighs and keeps it fresh. The new star is born! Born to parents who do not have any background in music, Evan's musical journey was not planned. Besides having perfect pitch, Evan reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. Above all else, Evan loves to compose. His parents inform that even before he started piano lessons, he would come to the piano many times during the day and play his tunes with both hands. Whenever he wanted to show his piano skills to others, he always insisted on performing his music rather than music pieces he's learned. Reportedly, this passion for creating continues to this day! What were you doing when you were five years old? We were probably making mud cakes and eating them. Just kidding, but we were not piano masters for sure! We don't know any people yet alone kids that try so hard to succeed at something just like Evan. It takes a lot of practice, and a lot of precision to be good at something and Evan will be a big star there is no doubt about that! We would love to see him playing on big shows like 'America's got talent' and other big shows! People will be in awe, and they will love him! From the moment your child is born, you know that they are extraordinary. Each milestone reached, and every developmental milestone may only serve to reaffirm further your beliefs that your little one is undoubtedly a genius. Kids are the better version of their parents, they make their parents proud, and they are the best thing in their lives! Image how proud are Evan’s parents of him! We have one thing to say to Evan: Evan, keep going in life, and one day you will be a mega star! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/EvanLe Five Year Old Evan Le Plays Chopin Chopin Minute Waltz (Op. 64, No. 1) by Evan Le

Watch This Baby Ferociously Hold On To A Tasty Chicken Wing!39s

Watch This Baby Ferociously Hold On To A Tasty Chicken Wing!

This video is so cute and absolutely hilarious! Everyone loves a good comedic video of misbehaving pets or funny children, and this one certainly fits that category as well. In this video, a child is the one creating the humor; watch and enjoy! Remember that Rumble.com comes out with new content every single day, and many of the best viral videos originate right from this website. Be the first to catch them by subscribing to Rumble and being a part of the community. The video begins with the shot of a beautiful child sitting on the couch in her home with her mother. Mom is the person behind the camera who is filming the entire scene. The child is enjoying her dinner, and it becomes very clear very quickly that she would really like to not be bothered and to be left alone. She is enjoying her chicken wing, which is obviously her favorite food. About ten seconds into the video, viewers will see the child’s mother’s hand as she tries to take the chicken wing away from the child. The wing has been eaten down to the bone, so Mom is right to try to take it from her. She is not trying to take it to be mean to the little girl. It would not be fully safe to leave the child unattended with a chicken bone, so Mom is completely in the right in this situation. The comedy arises when Mom tries to take it away from her, though. The child instantly becomes upset, and she acts shocked and is not understanding just why her mother will not allow her to keep this item that she is so very much enjoying. The little girl jerks away from the mother and twists herself in the opposite direction in an attempt to keep her chicken wing. She absolutely refuses to let go of it! She gets very upset at her mother, and it is hilarious! Mom tries again to get the wing away from the child. She asks, “Ok, but can mommy get the cartilage away from you please?” The child is not amused and does not agree with what her mother is wanting to do. She says no, and she continues to fight to keep her prized possession that must really taste good! Most of us would probably really like to know where is chicken came from, too, if it is really that good! This child could be the next commercial star if this is from a particular restaurant. The child shakes away from the mother and begins to cry and throw a little bit of a fit over this situation! Viewers see her flip over on the couch in disgust and frustration over losing her dear chicken wing that she was enjoying so much. Hopefully, this mother will continue to post update videos about this child. It is probably safe to assume that this little angel provides a great deal of comedy in the lives of her parents, so we all want to partake in the laughs with them!

Terrifying Walk Past 12-Foot Alligator Southwest Florida Trail1m06s

Terrifying Walk Past 12-Foot Alligator Southwest Florida Trail

Why is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and animals fill our hearts with joy unspeakable? While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious. Nature is beautiful because it is a manifestation of everything that is fervently pulsating with life on this planet. In the midst of nature, our minds become calm because we feel the pull of this joyful cosmic consciousness. Although many people have been advocating an approach to nature based on its intelligibility, we are far from tying down the giant that is nature with our minds. Emerson writes that the perception of the inexhaustibly of nature is an immortal youth. Although we shall continue to try to uncover nature’s secrets, let us also continue to take pleasure in our immediate encounter with it. Let us continue to be awe-struck, like the child on the seashore, or clambering up a tree. Let us hold onto that experience, and fight for the environment that makes it possible, both for the child in each of us, and for those that come after us. Whenever we think of alligators, we think the worst. They take parts in our craziest nightmares, with their toothy jaws and beady eyes that can make even Superman run for the hills. Unlike them, horses are domesticated animals and can do no harm in our eyes, right? Well, wrong apparently. We easily forget that horses are so powerful that even one kick can send us to our death. These magnificent beasts might have been domesticated, but they will never be fully tamed. It appeared as if it was just a normal day in Florida . The alligator state is used to these crawlies popping up from out of nowhere at any point in time, so the appearance of this beasts in the park was no big deal. However, the plot thickened when just a few feet from where the alligator lied, stood a group of horses, munching on some grass. These animals can be very unpredictable, so if you ask us, we suggest that if ever you do seem to come across such a wild beast like the one in the video, our advice is to turn around and run! Or there is always that possibility of getting as close as you can, risking your life and trying to take a close up picture or create a viral video. Ether way, good luck! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Fallen Tree Trunk Proves Perfect Pathway3m15s

Fallen Tree Trunk Proves Perfect Pathway

A menagerie of all creatures great and small have been caught on camera using a fallen tree trunk as their very own bridge over a lake - turning it into a busy animal highway. Mesmerising trap photo footage shows pole cats, wild boar, foxes and even snakes taking the high road over le lac du Der in Champagne, France, to keep their paws, claws and scales dry. Wildlife enthusiast Jean Chevallier set up the camera at the beauty spot throughout 2018 near his home in Champagne region of France. The heart-warming footage has gone viral on social media, racking up more than 100,000 shares and likes and an incredible 5 million views. The clips show all manner of critters from tiny field mice, woodpeckers, voles and frogs through to ducks, domestic cats, raccoons and badgers ambling or scuttling along the natural walkway. Not only do delighted viewers get to see the animals crossing the water but also enjoy the relaxing sound of birds tweeting in the background and spot fish leaping in the background.

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Independent Steps16s

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Independent Steps

A 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy beats all odds to take her first independent steps. This video has been a sensation and has allowed this precious child to become an inspiration to thousands of people to look at life differently. When the video begins, the child can be seen standing stationary in the center of the room. This is the place where this child receives physical therapy, and the therapist is the man behind her assisting her. The therapist helps the little girl stand still, and everyone holds their breath for what they are hoping will happen next. This child is from Sydney, Australia. She has a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which often cripples a person in drastic ways. Many patients with this condition never learn at all to walk on their own, which is heartbreaking. Some of these people never even have the ability to actually speak. It is important to remember that this is a physical disease, so many of the people with Cerebral Palsy are mentally and cognitively right where they should be at whatever their age is. Many parents of children with this condition will state that their child is in no way mentally handicapped, and they insist that the child fully understands everything that is said to them just as any “normal” child without this disease would. Four seconds into the video, the child begins taking her first step. Before this moment, this little girl had always required the assistance of a walker or canes that are often used by children with the condition. She looks to be somewhere between the ages of 5 and 7, so imagine what it must be like to live for years without being able to just jump out of bed and head out the door on your own if you wanted to. The children plagued with this disease are some of the strongest individuals you could ever meet. These children go through more in one day than most do in a year or even a lifetime. They battle constant health concerns, physical concerns, depression, anxiety, and dozens of other adversities every day in their lives, and they many times never seem to lose their spirit. These kids resiliently fight through every day with hope and joy in their hearts, and they inspire just about everyone they meet. The whole world rejoices with this child and her parents when she takes that second step completely by herself. The sweetest and most adorable part is the very end when she turns to look at her parent, who is behind the camera making this recording the entire time. The little girl gives her parent the most adorable smile that will absolutely melt your heart. She is so proud of herself. She probably does not even realize yet how amazing she is. This child will undoubtedly go on to amaze her family throughout her life as she learns how to do one new thing after another. She has persevered through so much already, and it looks like she is nowhere near finished.

Excited Dog Jumps Through Open Car Window22s

Excited Dog Jumps Through Open Car Window

Dogs are adorable. They’re furry and cuddly and full of so much love, but they’re not perfect. Dogs are capable of doing things out of their character just like humans. The first, and perhaps most important, the result is that overall pet owners tend to laugh more frequently than individuals who are not living with companion animals. And why is that you ask? Because they always find themselves in a funny situation or they make something that makes us laugh! So what is it that dogs are doing which makes us laugh? Here is one hilarious video of a dog who runs as fast as lightning! It made us laugh so much we hope it will make you laugh too! Have you ever seen a dog desperately miss its owner? This is the perfect time to see it! For this dog there are no obstacles that stand between him and his owner, this dog literally does everything possible to always be close to its owner, obviously both have a great friendship. In general, all dogs miss their owners because they are used to playing and having fun with them, but it seems that this dog does not stop surprising its owners with its great energy. Hilarious! Dex is a 6 year old Rottie dog, this dog has a lot of energy and is impatient and desperate to see his owner immediately, so after opening the door of the house, Dex decides to run and jump through the open window of the car. At first you can see a group of dogs very enthusiastic about the return of their owner, all show great joy because they know that fun is coming, but obviously for Dex it is very difficult to contain his emotion, for that reason he is the only one dog that runs desperately towards the owner's car. Dex is great! Many people claim that dogs miss their owners from the first time they leave home, although some dogs tend to show more energy and emotion than other dogs, as is the case with Dex. Probably the most pleasant thing about having a dog as a pet is knowing that there will always be someone waiting at home, no matter how long you have been away from home, often people are very happy to see that their dogs are very excited. Dogs always brighten people's days after a long day at work. It is proven that for dogs it is very easy to create a bond of friendship with their owners, the truth is that there are many ways to have fun and play with dogs , these animals are usually adapted to almost any home and family environment, depending on their education. To strengthen friendship bonds with pets, just play and have fun with them, what really matters to dogs is to share with their owners as long as possible. It is recommended that we let dogs run and have fun, this will make them grow healthier, this time we can see that Dex is a dog full of energy and has very good health , so he is able to run and jump. The open windows of the car are not obstacles for Dex, this dog is an example to follow. We all need a dog like Dex!

Great Dane Delivery Training Doesn't Go As Planned1m23s

Great Dane Delivery Training Doesn't Go As Planned

Ellie and Mikey the Great Danes are still working on their chicken delivery skills. Now that he can stand up and look into the back of the SUV, Mikey gets very excited when he sees the chicken box. Perhaps he even gets a little too excited. Watch and laugh as too much excitement results in Mikey and Ellie's chicken delivery, which obviously is going to require a bit more practice and training. Ok....maybe a lot more practice! Ellie and Mikey are not “newbies” to the viral video world. These two online sensation pups have multiple videos currently circulation the internet. Their crazy and adorable antics and reactions to everyday situations has made them one of the favorites in the funny pet video world. Their owners are able to capture some of their best moments on camera in order to share them with the rest of us. More of their videos can be found here on Rumble.com by clicking on the following link: https://rumble.com/c-4155/ When the video begins, viewers have a glimpse of this little family from Mom’s point of view. Mom is the one behind the camera filming the scene. Dad and his two pups walk toward the SUV, which has the back hatch lifted already. When they reach the vehicle, the black and white spotted Great Dane immediately perches his front paws up on the back of the car. He plunges his nose into the back and fills his nostrils with his favorite smell- chicken! His buddy, the black Great Dane, waits a bit more patiently behind him. Look closely, though, and you will see this little sweetheart licking his lips. The two are obviously praying and hoping that they will get lucky and get to have a taste of this yummy food being taken into their home. Mom pans the camera to where we can see into the back of the van. These dogs have a keen sense of smell, especially for chicken. There is much more being brought home, though. Typical groceries can be seen in the back of the car, and Dad begins to unload everything as his dogs look on, doing their best to be patient. That patience does not last very long. As soon as Dad picks up the bag that contains the object of the dog’s desire, the dog just cannot contain himself any longer. He paws at the plastic bag, begging for Dad to let him get a taste of this delicious food. Mom and Dad tell the dog not to put his feet on the food inside the bag, and shockingly, the dog actually seems to listen. He jumps down immediately and backs up a little. This really shows some pretty significant restraint on the part of a dog! These two are so cute and such sweet pets . Dad takes the bag out completely. He tries to get Mikey to take the bag into the house unopened, but it just does not turn out like that. The situation turns hilarious when the dog destroys the container holding the chicken right there in the driveway.

Pit Bull Lets Out An Impressively Long Howl15s

Pit Bull Lets Out An Impressively Long Howl

You might think that you already know all dog breeds in the world. If that is so, then you might want to think again. Of course, there are so many breeds of dogs around the globe. However, one thing is for sure, and this is the fact that there are still several dog breeds out there in which you are not well-acquainted with. One of these dog breeds is the Pit Bull; not the famous American rapper and a singer, alright? All throughout the world, there are thousands of individuals who are raising Pit Bull . Well, there is no one to blame here since this dog is extremely cute and adorable. You might just end up hugging its body and pinching its face when you have this lovable canine. For your own information, the Pit Bull has several breed types and these are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. It goes without saying that you can have a number of options if you decide to raise a Pit Bull dog. If you want to witness the extreme cuteness and adorability of a Pit Bull, then take time to watch this particular video. In this footage, you will certainly do nothing but laugh and be amazed. Yes, you will laugh because the Pit Bull is seemingly having its singing moment. Yes, you will be amazed because of the time this dog spends howling while the video was being recorded. This dog is like a human singer singing his own hit song. For sure, a lot of people out there will be envious of him because of his singing prowess, which which they don't have. By the way, this dog has a very interesting name, and that is Butterscotch. If you were the owner of this dog, you would certainly love watching him howling for a long time. Furthermore, it is said that Pit Bull originates in several countries, namely the United States, Ireland, Scotland, and England. One interesting fact about the Pit Bull that you should pay attention to is that it had rough moments in the past years. Yes, historically speaking, this particular cute canine was engaged into blood sports in the past in the United Kingdom. Some good examples of these blood sports were bear-baiting as well as bull-baiting. What is even worst, Pit Bulls, along with some other breeds of dogs, were horribly used in dogfights. Isn't that too harsh for you to imagine? Even so, Pit Bull thankfully became well-protected as time went by. It's simply because of the introduction of the animal welfare laws way back in the year 1835 in the United Kingdom. From then on, as the this dog became more and more popular in the world, international animal welfare laws had been created and strictly followed. If you are thinking of having an adorable pet with a rich history, then a Pit Bull is definitely the answer. There is no way you will not love having it in your life since it will easily become your best buddy.

Hilarious Dog Is Persistently Pawing At An Office Window 29s

Hilarious Dog Is Persistently Pawing At An Office Window

Everyone can identify with the feeling this dog is having right at the moment when this video was taken. It is first thing, maybe 8:00 am, on a Monday morning. You just got to work and it’s just the very beginning of the working week. The weekend was somewhat relaxing, but it was not nearly long enough, of course. The only thing you want to do is just to get to your desk or office or cubicle, sip your coffee, and have some time to wake up and adjust to the beginning of the new week. Unfortunately, though, you do not quite have the time for that. Your boss has called you into an early morning conference. You try to go with it, and you do your best to be awake and alert. You want to be the model employee, but all you really want to do… is what this dog is doing! This video is absolutely hilarious. If humans did not have the public decorum and common courtesy unspoken rules that all follow, this is what we would all be doing. When the video begins, viewers see this little Jack Russell Terrier mix pawing at the glass partition of what looks to be an office. It is just like he has just gone through that early morning stressful routine described above, and all he wants is to leave this dreadful room that he is in. He paws at the glass window, dying to get out. What adds to the comedy here is the fact that he seems so desperate to leave that he is on his back, begging to be released from the death grip of this incredibly boring meeting he seems to be subjected to. After a few moments of desperately trying to escape, he even pauses his attempts to look around the room. It is like he takes a moment to reevaluate the people he is around, and it seems also like he might be trying to see if there is anything of interest to him to warrant staying in the room; however, obviously there is nothing that is of too much interest to him. That can be seen by what he does next. He goes right back to pawing at the glass again. This poor pup really does not want to be in this room. Jack Russell Terriers are known for being highly energetic, so this spectacle is perfectly fitting and in line with the typical Jack Russell Terrier temperament. They do not like to be enclosed in small spaces, and they do not want to feel like they cannot get out and run as they please. Perhaps taking one of these high energy pups to work is not their ideal place to be during the day. Hopefully, though, the sweet little darling dog can learn to deal with and possibly even enjoy his new daily routine going to work with his human parent. He certainly makes for great office entertainment, so if nothing else, he will give his parents’ coworkers some great laughs. @remywiththegoodhair

Howling Dog Leads Its Owner To The Treat Drawer2m04s

Howling Dog Leads Its Owner To The Treat Drawer

Are you feeling stressed and worn out? Do you need something that can relieve you from this unwanted stress? Do you know something that can help you clear this stress away? Well, just in case you do not know, one extremely effective therapeutic thing that can make wonders in order to shake those stress away is raising an adorable pet dog. If you are thinking that it is only effective for those dog lovers out there, then think again. Even though you are not that into dogs, you will still enjoy the therapy a pet dog can give, for sure. The question is, do you know what is the best dog breed that you can have these days? Why not consider having a Siberian Husky then? If you are not well-acquainted about this particular breed of dog, then it would be very helpful for you to watch this video. Here, you can witness a very cute stubborn Siberian Husky dog that is seemingly arguing with his owner. This dog was already given some treats from his master, but it seems that he still wants more. Wondering why the husky is acting that way, the owner lets the husky lead her to where this dog wants to go. And then suddenly, the husky has led her to the kitchen, where the treats are kept. Without hesitation, the owner gets some treats and then gives them to the husky and its adorable companion dog. The name of this stubborn yet intelligent Siberian Husky dog is Zeus . If you want to know more about Zeus and its breed, then let us dig deeper. Siberian Husky is a medium size dog breed that you can choose to raise if you want to. Yes, some people are not choosing this one because of its medium size. Even so, this does not make Siberian Husky a less of a pet dog. It is as incredible as smaller sized pet dogs out there are. If you are not really ready for a dog this size, then consider raising a Husky and you will surely not regret it. When it comes to names, some countries may differ. In some other parts of the world, it is known as Chukcha and Chuksha. However, it is also popularly called Sibe in some other parts of the globe. For your additional information, Siberian Husky originated from the beautiful and progressive country of Russia. In fact, it belongs to the Spitz family. Yes, you read it right! This is one reason why Husky has thick fur or hair just like the Spitz dog breed. If you are not well-acquainted about the appearance of this dog, then make an image of a wolf in your mind and there you go. This is how many people in the world describe this adorable breed of dogs. Its ears are erect, and its hair is double coated. It goes without saying that Husky is one of the most sophisticated-looking dogs one can ever have. With a sufficient amount of time for training, this pet dog can certainly be your best pet dog ever that you can ever raise in your life.

Labrador Plays Hockey On A Frozen Lake16s

Labrador Plays Hockey On A Frozen Lake

All over the globe, there are hundreds of thousands of dot lovers who are raising their own adorable pet dogs. Are you one of those individuals? If not, then have you considered having your own dog? If you have, then make sure to consider a number of things before choosing a certain dog breed. To give you some hints, a number of people out there prefer to raise a Labrador dog breed. Why do you think is the reason for this? Well, one sure reason is the fact that Labrador is an adorable and a very loyal pet dog. In many countries, Labrador is being called Labrador Retriever. Some are comparing this particular dog breed to the K9 or the German Shepherd. It is simply because just like K9 , Labrador can be used in a number of police-related jobs such as detecting bombs. If you are thinking that it can only be done by a K9, then think again. As a matter of fact, great percentage of individuals worldwide are using Labrador in a number of medical therapy sessions. Of course, it is all because of the fact that this dog is an extremely therapeutic one. Furthermore, such breed of dog is also of great help when it comes to disability assistance. So far, there are a lot of blind people in the entire world who find great assistance from this dog. This dog is capable enough in guiding those who do not have the capability to see. What is even best about it is that it can help a lot those people who have autism, too. Here is a great video that can help you decide getting your own Labrador dog. From what you can see, this amazing and adorable Labrador Retriever is playing the famous sport known as hockey. He is playing together with his master. You can clearly see in this video that the dog is very happy doing such a thing. There are even no signs that this dog is freezing cold in spite of the chilly weather and thick ice on which he is running. The icy playground is used to be the lake near the house of the Labrador and his master. Watching the video will certainly make you love this dog more. In case you are one of those sports-minded people out there who love playing hockey, then you can now have a great companion in playing such a sport. Playing hockey is definitely boring if you are playing it alone. There is no question about that. However, you do not need to be alone these days as far as playing this sport is concerned since a very cute and adorable Labrador can be your amazing playing partner. In case you are not a hockey fan, then there is no need to worry since this pet dog is not only excellent in hockey but also in some other sports. If you are captivated by the cuteness of this Labrador while playing hockey with his owner, please do not forget to share this video. In this way, other people will also have the chance to enjoyably watch this footage.

Shiba Inu Air Swims When It Is Held Above Water46s

Shiba Inu Air Swims When It Is Held Above Water

Dogs and people alike love playing in the water on a warm summer’s day, and it’s always nice to go out on the lake with your boat. For this cute Shiba Inu named Suki cannot wait to get into the water and starts swimming. Even while her owner is holder her, Suki is already trying to swim while is held above the boat. She’s so eager to get into the water that she practices swimming in the air. How cute! Shiba Inus are great pets and can be good around young children if they are well trained. In addition, they make excellent pets because of their cleanliness. Shiba Inus are so picky about their appearances and hygiene that they are known to lick paws and clean themselves like cats. Historically, Shiba Inus are known for working with people and they are lovers of funny games.Another interesting fact about Shiba Inus is that they have two coats, a lower white coat consisting of heavier, softer fur and a coat with coarser, thicker fur - the two layers were originally for protection from the cold in the mountains.. Shiba Inus come from the mountain regions of Japan. Their name when translated into English means a small dog because of their size, height and where they were hunted. They are small dogs, but very muscular because of their compact bodies. Suki probably keeps in shape through lots of exercising and swimming! Shiba Inus are very smart, fast learners and independent dogs, which can be seen from the video as Suki is eager to get into the water! An interesting characteristic of Shiba Inu is that the dog becomes too agitated of huge crowds or when somebody is screaming loudly. The Japanese breed usually describes Shiba Inus as “energetic insolence, kindness, and genuine integrity, which together bring dignity and natural beauty. Shiba is an independent and can be reserved for outsiders, but loyal and affectionate for those who deserve his respect”. While Shiba Inus are usually not very sociable dogs, this one seems so happy to have fun on the boat with her family. This funny, short video shows Suki, the Shiba Inu, eager to get into the water and starts swimming. While her owner is holding her over the boat she’s already trying to swim in the air. How adorable! Shiba Inus are excellent family dogs and love outdoor activities which is what probably makes this boating activity so much fun! While Shiba Inus aren’t very sociable and love their independence, it seems like Suki is having a good time enjoying her boating trip with her family. Hopefully, she can use her practiced air swimming skills in the water soon! What did you think of the video? Do you have a lovable pet that you like to spend time with? Do you have a story about your dog doing something funny? Be sure to tell us about your pet in the comments down below! If you enjoyed the video be sure to share it with your friends, especially if they’re fellow pet lovers!

Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak13s

Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak

If you are someone who wants to have an incredible pet at home or you are a lover of exotic animals, you can not miss this video and you will get to know Baby and his hidden talent for cleaning. You can not believe it! You will probably feel a little envious and want to have a pet like this, then you can enjoy this very hygienic Macaw that is able to clean his own beak with a cloth towel. How great is that? This intelligent bird is the dream of all pet lovers, since having a beautiful and faithful companion at home that is not only part of the family but also can clean itself is something really great. Who would not like to have a bird that can clean its own beak? Surely many would love it. The skill and intelligence of this beautiful and exotic bird is undoubtedly a talent worthy of admiration and in addition to cleaning the beak itself, this parrot is also able to catch the towel brilliantly. This only proves that Baby the macaw is definitely trained very well which only makes us question ourselves what our hidden talents are? Surely this precious parrot is the pride of his owners and being so "hygienic" should avoid many minutes of cleaning at home. What is more, not only his skills are amazing but he can also be a huge entertainer for family and friends. He is such a great mascot! The proud owner of Baby praises the abilities of her wonderful bird and congratulates him every time he catches the towel and cleans his beak, and even when asked if he is ready to make the catch, the bird nods with his head. Amazing! Definitely, the love and support are the key in the training process of this macaw. So if after seeing this clip you were so surprised with the fascinating skills of Baby and you want to have a pet such as one of these beautiful parrots, cheer up and just do it! Surely, it will be a great experience and you will realize how smart and skilled they can be, and who knows - if you train them well not only they can clean their own beak, but they can also help with cleaning their cage. Would not that be even more cool? Maybe with a bit of luck and hard training that is possible. Well, if you were fascinated and surprised with this video and you fell in love with the incredible skills of Baby the macaw and you want more people to be enchanted by the hygienic habits of this exotic bird, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones, so that it can be seen many times and of course give a thumbs up to this fabulous pet. Also, if you already have a pet macaw at home, please share your experience with us below or tell us something about it. Do not forget to leave your comments below!

Great Dane Puppy Makes Epic Facial Expressions5s

Great Dane Puppy Makes Epic Facial Expressions

Dogs are very expressive. They can express joy, sorrow, excitement, anxiety. You just name an emotion and probably your dog could express that too. They have feelings like humans and they want to share it with us. They treat us as their family and love us with all their heart, sharing their joy, excitement, annoyance, anger and love. Yes, most importantly love. This video is just an example of that. The dog that is featured in the clip is none other than our favorite, Great Dane . He is kind of excited about something and is fully trying to express it to the owner. The dog is called Hennessey and he is so happy to have found his owner. The most amusing part of this clip is their location. The owner is in the bathtub trying to take a relaxing shower when the dog finds him and starts getting all jumpy. The moment is so cute than the owner couldn’t help but record it on his camera. Now, what the owner was doing in bathtub, with running water and a camera is a great mystery. We kind of have a theory that goes with this story. The dog is probably used to taking showers with the owner. Since the weather these days is so erratic, a nice relaxing warm water shower is their favorite. The owner and the dog both love to do it together and it is kind of their thing. But when the owner disappears into the shower, this dog roams around looking for his master and gets super excited when he sees him in the bathtub. He is probably experiencing mixed feelings, hence the weird display of emotions. The dog wishes to be invited inside the bathtub so that he can join his master for a bath, but on the other hand he is disappointed because the master went inside the bathtub without the dog. But there is another theory on this one. The man inside the shower already had a camera on him, which means the dog’s jumpy behavior was suspected and it was a test for the dog. Meaning, every time the owner enters the bathtub without the Great Dane, the dog gets anxious and this little attempt was to record the amusing reaction live. We would say that the master has successfully lead the dog to believe that he is going to take a nice, warm, relaxing shower all by himself. Making the whole situation kind of funny. Dogs like routines and this bathing routine must have become Dane’s favorite. We really hope that the owner takes his dog inside the shower after shooting the video. The reaction that the dog has produces here, is a clear indication that he wants to get in the tub, too. Do you guys think the dog finally got a shot at bathing with his master that day? Let us know in the comment section below and maybe if we are lucky, a new video will be posted showing us how the dog bathes. Share this to make someone’s day!

Baby Fennec Fox Frantically Plays With A Cat Toy13s

Baby Fennec Fox Frantically Plays With A Cat Toy

The fennec is the world’s smallest fox, and fennec pups play with toys just like any normal dog puppy. It spins, bounces, and pounces. All skills it would use in the wild to secure wild, living food. Being omnivorous, the fennec is more of an opportunistic feeder, and will eat any small organic life that it can chew a piece of and digest. This might be small rodents, insects, perhaps reptiles, fruits, roots, and eggs. More interestingly, the fennec fox is the world’s smallest member of the dog family. This little guy isn’t just a ball of energy, he’s a firecracker. You would think that a furry mammal coming from the Sahara Desert would be a little more sluggish. In fact, the fennec is a nocturnal denizen of the desert, so it waits until the sun goes down to hunt. The fennec lives for the night, when the pounding sun drives much of the desert into holes and dens. Those huge ears function like the radiators in your car, dissipating heat back into the atmosphere, thus cooling its blood and internal temperature. That long tail is almost like a kangaroo’s tail, giving it counterbalance. For a guy who weighs less than a few pounds, he sure is fearless! As a popular exotic pet around the world, this pup has probably never encountered its natural prey, or experienced the life threatening fear of a natural predator. In its natural habitat the fennec does have to avoid a few predators. It is small enough for raptors to catch and eat (owls and eagles and the like), hyenas (remember, we’re talking about Africa), and even domesticated dogs. In its defense, the fennec is probably too small to resist large predators, but at least it can burrow into the desert sand to hide. This little guy on his blanket and chew toy may not have to worry about owls and hyenas, at least. Owners should keep an eye on the neighbors’ jealous pets! Intelligence? The fennec fox has brains aplenty, and it even shows in it vigorous play. You can see the smallest canine is still a contender in the arena of smarts and personality. It sacrifices nothing to be an adorable, loving family member, too. These qualities probably have something to do with it being a social animal in the wild, probably similar to other dogs. Unfortunately, we can’t really draw conclusions about fennec fox family life in the wild, because there isn’t a lot we know about it, yet. We know wolf packs are highly organized, but if the fennec is anything like European and North American fox species, well, foxes tend to not form packs, but live and hunt alone. Other fox species tend to be loners, except when mating and pupping. Indeed, male foxes tend to be something of wanderers, extending their territories on the prowl for other girl foxes. This little guy doesn’t have to worry about any of that. It only has to do one thing to make itself and everybody watching it happy, and that’s to play.

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Wrestling Dogs Make Owner's Workout Hilariously Difficult15s

Wrestling Dogs Make Owner's Workout Hilariously Difficult

During today’s clip we have the pleasure to see two cute dogs having a blast playing together. The only awkward thing is the place they decided to get friendly and play catch. Their owner was doing her workout on what we could call a balcony, because it seems to be outside and there’s a barrier on the right side of the screen. The camera is placed right in front of the woman doing the workout in order for us to be able to see what’s going on with this trio.. She also put a blanket on the floor as she probably will be exercising for a little while. The owner of these dogs was doing the plank exercise as the dogs came to fight. She started the recording after the dogs started to fight but nevertheless she stayed still and did not even flinch once. She is smiling at the start of the video, probably she started smiling when she realised that she will have to exercise with them between her legs. She decided to go with it and continue to record the scene. It is an amusing video to see. We would like to highlight that she is really strong, not only she can do this exercise quite well but at the same time she is being tickled and pushed by the two dogs. One of the dogs is a husky and he seems to be pushing her quite a lot during the clip. The dog didn’t mean it in a bad way of course, he just shares a playful moment with the second dog owned by this woman. She is strong enough not to move or fall down on her stomach during the plank exercise, considering the fact that the husky is pushing her, we think it’s worth mentioning since this exercise is not an easy to make. The last difficulty she could have been facing is the smaller dog that hides from the husky, under her stomach. As she is doing a plank, the other little dog, that seems to be a pug, went under his owner to be away from the grip of the husky. The woman is wearing a crop top and you can only imagine the feeling of a short haired pug moving frantically under your belly. It would tickle us quite a lot! For those two additional factors this morning workout routine must be challenging, we can only imagine what other exercise she did while the dogs made it harder for her. Having your pets around you while doing your daily exercise can be really beneficial for you and for the pets, too. Just like humans, they need exercise, and like we mentioned above, this video was probably recorded on a balcony, even if the space is limited there’s always a way to get to exercise a little. No matter the size or the age of the dogs, we are glad to see two dogs like these in the clip being friendly with each other and sympathizing with their owner, a bond that can be created during an activity such as this one is really important and healthy.

Girl Has An Awesome Cover Performance Of Ed Sheeran’s 'Shape Of You'2m53s

Girl Has An Awesome Cover Performance Of Ed Sheeran’s 'Shape Of You'

Check out this phenomenal cover of Ed Sheeran's “Shape Of You” by an incredibly talented female artist. You are sure to enjoy her melodious voice that transcends her audience into a state of calmness, tranquility, and warmth. Ed Sheeran is an incredible artist who has become immensely popular and well-known. This particular song of Sheeran is actually more popular than many people realize. For example, YouTube has stated that the song “Shape of You” is “the second-most viewed YouTube video by views.” It is mind blowing when fans realize that the song has achieved 3.88 billion views! That is absolutely incredible. This is not an easily acquired task, and it is definitely a huge success that very few people on the entire planet can say they have reached. This just does not happen every day. This is one of the few examples of an artist who could literally live the rest of their lives off of the profits from just one song, and they would never have to worry about any kind of work ever again if they did not want to. This is every person’s dream, but few get to reap these kinds of benefits. The artist who is featured in this video has a very unique voice and her singing brings some novelty and freshness on the Internet. There is no denying that she is greatly gifted and talented musically. With her performance she will definitely stay in the memory of people watching her. The singer is obviously on her way up the ladder, but she is going to have to continue to keep on working hard to get herself really famous. This is especially true in today’s music industry . The entire picture of show business is totally different from the way things used to be. It is now much more difficult to get discovered and to get your music out to the public. We do not have to know many details of this woman’s life to be able to see that she is obviously pursuing a music career, and she has the potential to really be and do something great. She has a soft voice that is very relaxing and melodious for sure. However, to become a mega celebrity, she may have to find that piece of her music and rhythms that make her stand out from the rest. One of the reasons that it is going to be more difficult for this young woman to make a name for herself in this incredibly brutal industry is partly attributed to the fact that most people nowadays do not buy CD’s and albums. People all around the world can now just go to a website online and have everything available at a fingertip. No matter what this young woman encounters, though, she seems to have the heart and drive to do the work that it will take her to wherever it is that she wants to be. We send our good wishes of luck as she endeavors to fulfill her dreams of being a singer and a performer!

Scuba Diver Has Incredible Moment With Two Critically Endangered Sea Turtles1m34s

Scuba Diver Has Incredible Moment With Two Critically Endangered Sea Turtles

Hawksbill sea turtles are one of the most beautiful turtles in the world. They are also one of the most endangered. Hunted to near extinction in the past 50 years for their beautiful shells, these turtles declined to less than 20 per cent of their numbers. Fishing and catch nets also took their toll o the turtles, as did habitat destruction, pollution and egg harvesting. Extremely rare, these turtles bring a lot of delight to divers who are lucky enough to meet up with one of them on the reef. Chris is a biology student with a love for all animals, especially turtles. As he hovered over the coral in Little Cayman Island watching a large female Hawksbill grazing on small sea sponges, he was thrilled to be enjoying such a close look. The turtle was undisturbed by his presence and it calmly went about feeding while he drifted almost motionless, only a few feet away. Unbelievably, this smaller Hawksbill turtle that we see descending from the surface, swam over and joined the larger turtle on the bottom. The two had a brief interaction with the smaller turtle seeming to actively seek contact with the larger one. It also seems unsure of whether it was being welcomed completely and it swam in a lazy circle before deciding that the larger turtle was OK. Chris drifted in carefully and used two fingers to grip a stone in order to prevent himself from being pushed by the ocean surge and going too close to the animals. This is when the most incredible part of the encounter happened. The smallest turtle drifted toward Chris, stared at him briefly and then began nibbling at the coral right below him with her back fins in contact with Chris' hand. Responsible scuba divers will not actively seek physical contact with marine animals, but when it happens in cases like this, they can't conceal their excitement. Chris is reluctant to move his hand and startle the turtle but he sneaks a glance at his father who is recording this and his grin is obvious, even with the regulator in his mouth. After a few more seconds of observing these two beautiful creatures, the two scuba divers slowly drift upwards and away, ending the encounter. To meet two such rare and beautiful creatures at once is a moment to remember forever.

After Ignoring A Security Guard At A BMX Event, Rider Instantly Gets Taught A Priceless Lesson 38s

After Ignoring A Security Guard At A BMX Event, Rider Instantly Gets Taught A Priceless Lesson

After ignoring this security guard at a BMX event in Estonia, this rider quickly gets taught a priceless lesson. The hilarious moment was caught on video by one Einius Žiūkas, who later wrote on YouTube: "Don't bmx in the middle of skateboarding runs or estonian security guards will show you how it's done!" The punk wanted to ride his BMX on the ramps during the 2016 Kuldrula skateboarding competition in Pärnu, Estonia, while the park was being used by skaters. Security has told him that recreational bikers aren't allowed there that day. But he ignored their warnings, as punks usually do and went along with his wish. So the super cool security guard ran over to him and pushed him off his bike. For a minute there, you think he might slap him across the face and throw him out, but nope. What this cool dude did threw Reddit on their feet cheering and you are about to see why. The guard took his bike and showed him how pros really ride their BMXs. The guy sits on the bike, makes a big turn and goes straight for the vertical ramp, back down again and makes a backwards flip like a seasoned BMX athlete, before grounding the bike on the edge of the skate park and pushed it outside. That must have burned, ouch! It is hilarious how things took an unexpected turn in just few seconds. Nobody would have expected from the security guard to pull off such an amazing stunt and steal the bike from the unsuspecting rider. This video has taught us one very important lesson, never refuse to obey the command of someone with authority, instead of confronting their orders, try to negotiate a better way out! Now that's how it's done! While the crowd cheers for the pro in disguise, the punk can't believe what his eyes were seeing! That was amazing! Do you need some ointment for that burn, son? Getting punked by a “rent-a-cop” is a wrought-iron cause to just sell your bike, move to a different state and change your appearance. We have to give kudos to Redditors and their vast knowledge of all things pop. Good thing it is a aggregate of so many different types of folks, so that we, too, might learn something. Someone mentioned that this might just be a very cool and elaborate set-up, given how the security guard was a younger man who surprisingly knew what he is supposed to do with that bike. Of course, many failed to see the logic behind it, given it is a small, local event. Their assumption was that this kid just wanted to show off a bit in front of the audience, but the guiard just wanted to show him that “even I can do it, big whoop, stay off the bleeping course”. Kuldrula is the oldest skateboarding contest in Estonia, and takes place every August. The first contest took place in 1980 and now has expanded to include BMXers, in-liners and scooter riders.

Homeless Family Is Overwhelmed With Joy After Having Their Home Refurbished3m32s

Homeless Family Is Overwhelmed With Joy After Having Their Home Refurbished

There are many types of charitable organisations around the world and they all serve some kind of purpose.Their way of helping is different but they surely help those in need whether that be a warm meal, clothes, a place to live or schooling. Some charitable organisations work in favor of individual families who are left being homeless because of various reasons. These organisations transform their empty houses into a warm, welcoming and decent homes with donated furniture and household goods. They provide families with a dignified household conditions, changing their lives forever. Every person on this planet deserves a home, no matter where they live. The video you are going to see deals exactly with that - a charitable organisation that has made one family happy beyond words. Happiness is a feeling that can only be experienced. Watch the video and we are sure because it certainly makes us feel more grateful for the everyday things we take for granted. Having a place which can call a home is one of those things. Unfortunately, Lamanda Brown and her four children got used to sleeping on the floor, until kindness came through and they got a newly refurbished home. This Detroit family had been living in a homeless shelter for five months before they moved into social housing, which wasn’t much better since it only had one mattress and a handful of blankets for the five of them to share. In this heartwarming video, the homeless family comes home only to find that their house is completely refurbished by a charity. This family was given the surprise of a lifetime when charitable organisation Humble Design stepped in and transformed their social housing living condition, into a real home, including beds for everyone, a comfy sofa, a table to eat at, and even presents under the Christmas tree. This year, Christmas came early for the Brown family! The Brown family can barely conceal their excitement as they walk through the front door on December 13, 2016, covering their mouths in disbelief at the sight before their eyes. It’s hard to not to see the excitement on everyone’s faces when they step into their new warm and welcoming home. One little boy fights hard to hold back the tears when he realizes he now has his own bed! Lamanda says “Our family time together has increased and coming home is joy.” Another family had the same unfortunate destiny to experience the life without a home until they found a proper place for living. "At this time last year, my family and I were homeless. We had to stay in basements, our car, a garage and an actual homeless shelter. It was a nightmare to say the least. It was devastating for my daughters especially. In January of this year, my husband and I were finally able to find a place that would accept us. So we moved into a very small 840 square feet apartment with 2 bedrooms - all four of us. We were thankful to have a place to call home, especially one that was bigger than a garage, but it was still tight for all of us”. Watch the video to find out what happened next. **Please contact video@catersnews.com to licence this content** Company Information: Caters Clips is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider. We supply news, picture, video and feature stories to the world’s largest media publishers. All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners. For media / licensing / broadcast usages, please contact video(at)catersnews.com www.catersnews.com