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Toddler Boy Got Caught Trying to Steal a Car10s

Toddler Boy Got Caught Trying to Steal a Car

Prepare to have your heart melted because this video is just too cute for words! This toddler boy is on a mission. Nothing in this world could stop him! He’s probably sick of always asking someone to take him to the playground, so he wanted to take the matter into his own hands. He decides to get in the car and drive himself to his destination of choice. LOL, how funny is he? The first step, getting into the car or opening the driver’s door to be exact. It’s too bad that our little wannabe driver is so short that he can barely reach the door handle on his tippy toes! OMG, how precious is he? He pulls the door a few times when, all of a sudden, the car alarm turn on! You absolutely have to see this little boy’s priceless reaction to the alarm going off! He gets so scared that he falls down on his butt in shock! Busted! So precious!

Pug Dog Gets Her Hair Blow Dried10s

Pug Dog Gets Her Hair Blow Dried

If you love dogs and all the funny things that they do, this hilarious video is everything you were hoping for and more! Our canine companions are genius when it comes to finding different fun ways to use your boring house appliances. You would have thought that the only purpose of a blow dryer is just to dry hair, but you are mistaken. The little pug from this video is here just to prove you wrong. As the video begins, you can see an adorable little pug having so much fun with the hot air from the blow dryer. You can tell she’s dazzled by that hot hair hitting her face. OMG, how precious is she? This funny pug even bites into the air as the blow dryer blows into her face making her ears flap. Oh, you silly little pooch! Of all the funny things dogs do, having their hair blowdried is by far one of the funniest! Beyond hilarious!

Tot Girl Says "Achoo" Instead Of Blowing Out The Candles On Her Birthday Cake17s

Tot Girl Says "Achoo" Instead Of Blowing Out The Candles On Her Birthday Cake

Birthday is probably the most beautiful and most exciting day in every kid’s life! They get to be the center of attention all day long, but what’s even more important they get to eat lots of cake! But before doing that, they need to blow out some candles and make a wish. Just like a girl in this video. And she is so cute and funny while doing so that you really have to check it out! This video shows a moment when everyone is singing “Happy birthday” song to her and when they finish her mom tells her to blow out the candles on her cake. But this sweet little girl gets confused and says "achoo" when she tries to blow out the candles on her birthday cake more than once! LOL! But, she’s not really sneezing! She just forgot what exactly she is supposed to do now! LOL!

Teen Girl Jumps On A Skim Board But A Wave Washes Her Up7s

Teen Girl Jumps On A Skim Board But A Wave Washes Her Up

Skimboarding is such fun! But it’s not as easy as it seems. Skimboarding, or skimming as some also call it, is a boardsport in which a skimboard is used to glide across the water's surface to meet an incoming breaking wave and ride it back to shore. There are many different skimboarding maneuvers that more experienced skimboarders can do, but let’s starts with the basics. It’s much more challenging than you might think. Just check out this video and see it for yourself! It shows a teen girl who is spending her day on a beach and decides to try out one of the funniest activities there are - a skimboarding! She takes a skim board, puts it on the sand just before a wave hits it and tries to jump on it but falls off right away into the water. LOL! So, instead of riding that wave, she gets all washed up by it!

Little Girl Does a Handstand and Falls Through Open Door7s

Little Girl Does a Handstand and Falls Through Open Door

We all love dancing! And even more so, we enjoy watching others do it, especially if they are good at it. Evacuate the dance floor, because here comes a little girl with killer dancing moves! This little girl’s got some serious moves! I am totally impressed by her dancing routine, and I bet you will be too! As the video begins, you can see her dancing in her bedroom in front of a bathroom door. “I just hit the lotto, she hit the follow, B-I-N-G-O, bingo, bingo!” She comes to the point in her dancing routine when she should do a handstand. You go, little one! She does a handstand against the door behind her. But little did she know that she did she know what was going to happen. The girl hits the door with her legs, but the door wasn’t shut tight, so it opens up and she falls. LOL! Nobody saw that coming! Absolutely hilarious!

A Tot Boy Spits On The Cake Instead Of Blowing Out The Candles8s

A Tot Boy Spits On The Cake Instead Of Blowing Out The Candles

What is a birthday without a birthday cake and some candles on it?! No matter how young or old one is, everyone deserves to have a birthday cake. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a birthday person will blow the candles. If you have a kid in a family, he or she will do it for you! Just like this video shows. But, it has a funny twist, and you simply have to check it out! This video shows a scene with a man who is celebrating his birthday and stands behind the table with his birthday cake on it. The candles are burning, and everyone is singing “Happy birthday” song. So, when the singing is done a tot boy who stands next to this man leans in to blow out this man's birthday candles before he gets a chance. But he delivered more than just a blow on candles. He also spits on the cake! LOL!

Young Girl Gets More Interested In A Worm Than A Bear20s

Young Girl Gets More Interested In A Worm Than A Bear

Kids are amazing beings who never stop surprising us! Just like a girl in this video. It’s totally hilarious, and you have to check it out! This video shows a little girl who is visiting a zoo with her family. They are standing in front of the bear cage with a couple of big brown bears having some fun with big truck tires. Her daddy decided to make a video and starts filming a big brown bear who is standing very close to the fence. His young daughter is right next to him, but it seems that she isn’t fascinated by bears. Something else has grabbed her attention, and she starts calling her dad and shouts that there is a worm on the ground! Her dad tries to make her pay more attention to the bear and asks her “What about the bear?” But she replies “But, what about the worm?!” LOL!

Adorable Boy Fails At Bowling7s

Adorable Boy Fails At Bowling

Bowling is such an amazing activity! It provides a whole lot of fun for the entire family. And when I say the entire family, I consider even the youngest family members included! However, we all know that bowling is not so easy, especially when you don’t weigh much more than the ball itself! The little boy from this video takes a shot at bowling and ends up throwing more than just the ball down the lane. You just have to check out this hilarious video! He picks up a ball that is obviously too heavy for him and runs to throw it down the lane. So far so good! He was doing pretty well up to the point when he should have let go off the ball. He gets to the lane, but he slips and falls! Oh, no! Not quite a strike this time, but you gotta give this little boy some credit for failing gloriously! Instead of knocking the pins, he knocks himself down. This video is beyond hilarious!

A Great Dane Dog Jumps On To The Trampoline And Knocks Down A Girl16s

A Great Dane Dog Jumps On To The Trampoline And Knocks Down A Girl

Jumping up and down on a trampoline is such fun! Everyone who has ever tried it will tell you that once you start you just can’t stop doing it. Unless, something knocks you off it, just like in this funny video! It’s so crazy, you absolutely don’t want to miss it! This video shows a young girl who is having some fun on a trampoline, but it seems that she is not the only one in her family who wants to spend some time on that thing. But, as she shows no attention of getting off, her adorable pup, a Great Dane, decides to join her while she’s still on this trampoline! LOL! And that’s when the whole fun starts! A Great Dane is a huge dog, so when he jumps on that trampoline, he instantly knocks that little girl down! And this video shows it in slow motion! LOL!

Police Officers Start YMCA Flash Mob14s

Police Officers Start YMCA Flash Mob

We all know that making a bust is what your average police officer does almost every single day. But have you ever wondered if a group of police officers could bust a move? It might sound unbelievable, but the traffic police officers from this video are getting into the groove and they are not average at all, oh no! If you have never seen a group of police officers start a flash mob, which I bet you haven’t, you absolutely have to watch this hilarious video! As the video begins, you can see a couple of police officers dancing to YMCA in the middle of a street. And I’m not gonna lie, they sure got some moves! Not only are doing a dancing routine all by themselves, they are starting a flash mob! A teen boy can’t help but come along and dance with them! This video is just so full of positive energy! I absolutely love it! I challenge you not to dance along!

Little Girl Dazzled By Train Whistle14s

Little Girl Dazzled By Train Whistle

Toddlers are such incredible little beings and everything they do turns out to be absolutely adorable. If you don’t believe me, you just have to watch this funny video! As the video begins, you can see a cute little girl enjoying a relaxing afternoon having so much fun on a swing. However, everything is about to change real soon! All of a sudden a train passes near the playground releasing its typical loud whistle noise. You won’t believe the little girl's reaction to the train whistling. She was not expecting that kind of interruption to her chilled afternoon! Her eyes go wide and she makes the cutest shocked face I ever did see! LOL! This little girl is absolutely dazzled by that loud train whistle! OMG, how precious is her surprised little face? What a funny video! I just can’t stop replaying it, and I bet you won’t be able to either!

Pug Dog Stands On Its Hind Legs To Bite Rain Drops22s

Pug Dog Stands On Its Hind Legs To Bite Rain Drops

We all know that silly people do silly stuff, but what about our pets? Well, it seems they can behave as silly as humans, and we just love them for that! Sometimes they get totally hilarious, just like a pup in this video. It is so funny, you absolutely have to see it! This video shows an adorable pug dog who is having some fun outdoors all by himself. He doesn’t have another pet friend there to play with, and nobody is throwing nothing for him to fetch. But luckily rain starts to fall, and he realizes that raindrops can be as fun as anything else, so he starts chasing them! He gets on his hind legs and tries to catch and bite raindrops! LOL! Just take a look how cute and silly this little pup is! I have to admit this is one of the funniest pug pups I’ve seen in a while and you really have to see him too.

Cat With A Cotton Ball On Her Tongue19s

Cat With A Cotton Ball On Her Tongue

Cats are such funny creatures, and we love them for that! They know how to make us laugh as no one else does! Just take a look at a cat in this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows an adorable black cat, named Fiona, who is chilling with her human friends in a living room, but something gets stuck on her tongue, and things slowly become hilarious! This cute cat is licking a cotton ball, but somehow a piece of that cotton gets stuck on her tongue, and she can’t get rid of it! LOL! No matter what she does, it just won’t get off. She even tries to use her front legs as hands and remove that annoying cotton ball but fails! So, if you are a cat fan who is looking for a really funny video to brighten up your day, this one is pure gold!

Little Girl Pretends To Be Stuck Just To Get Mom’s Attention19s

Little Girl Pretends To Be Stuck Just To Get Mom’s Attention

Toddlers are such adorable little beings and we all absolutely love them for that! However, these little cuties can sometimes be quite demanding. They want all the attention they can get! This funny video shows a little girl trying to get her mom’s attention by pretending to be in trouble. She puts her finger under the lid of a laundry hamper pretending to be stuck. OMG, how cute is she wearing nothing but a diaper and a yellow flower in her hair? She is crying for mom’s help, it’s too bad that mom’s on to her! The conversation the two of them are having is beyond funny. -“Did you get your finger stuck?” -”Yes.” -”Did you put it in there on purpose so that you could cry?” BUSTED! Oh, how precious is she pretending to be stuck just to have a reason to ask her mom for help! This video is just too funny for words!

Adorable Dog VS Moving Bagel35s

Adorable Dog VS Moving Bagel

A bagel is such an amazing type of bread! It’s a favorite not only among humans but among dogs as well! If you are a lover of all this canine, this video is here just to make you laugh. This video shows a hilarious showdown between dog and a piece of a bagel. The dog’s owner pretends that her canine “customer” has ordered a bagel and asks “Excuse me, sir, did you order a bagel? I don’t see your order!” as she moves the plate with the bagel around the countertop. The poor doggy licks his lips and tries as hard as he can to get his paws on that bagel while his owner keeps questioning whether he ordered it. Eventually, he gets it. YAY! But here comes trouble… “You are gonna have to pay for that, you know!” Not only does he refuse to pay, but he decides to take the plate with him as well! I guess he’ll do the dishes then. LOL! This video is beyond hilarious!

Little Boy Plus Vacuum Cleaner Equals Fart Noises13s

Little Boy Plus Vacuum Cleaner Equals Fart Noises

This video is just beyond hilarious! When it comes to discovering new ways to use the most ordinary everyday thing, kids are just the ultimate experts. Prepare to have your mind blown by this little boy’s funny invention. We can all agree that vacuum cleaning is not the most exciting activity in the world. However, not if you ask this cute little boy! He’s found another great use for a vacuum other than getting the house all tidy. This funny boy decided not to take a shower today, so he took the vacuum nozzle and put it near his armpit! LOL, how funny is that? The vacuum is on, so each time it catches his armpit it makes the funniest fart noise. Not to mention how much fun this little one is having! He can’t help but laugh out loud! You won’t believe it until you have seen this! Too funny for words!

A Young Girl And A Baby Goat Run Against A Small Brick Wall16s

A Young Girl And A Baby Goat Run Against A Small Brick Wall

We all know that our babies and kids learn by watching us the adults, and then they try to do the same by copying us, but it seems that the same goes for some of the animals too! They also tend to observe the world around them and then just imitate what others do. Just like an adorable baby goat in this video. But what makes it really funny is the fact that this little baby goat is not imitating its mommy goat, but a girl! The two of them are so cute together that you really have to check this video out! It shows a young girl who is having some fun outside with her adorable four-legged friend, a baby goat! The girl runs against a small brick wall, and then this baby goat mimics her motion and runs against that wall too! LOL! Well, isn’t that just hilarious?!

This Giraffe Doesn’t Want To Pose For Selfie6s

This Giraffe Doesn’t Want To Pose For Selfie

Taking a selfie has become one of the most common forms of photography. Everybody does it, almost everywhere. But, if you’d like to take a selfie with someone else, you should always ask for the permission first. People don't like to be photographed without their knowledge or consent, but it seems that the same goes for some animals too. Just check out this video, and you’ll see. It’s both educative and funny at the same time, you simply have to see it! This video shows a man who wants to take a selfie with a giraffe in a zoo. So, he stands close to the fence, right next to this amazing giraffe and takes his phone to make that photo, but giraffe nudges this man's head and pushes him away! LOL! This beautiful giraffe obviously didn’t want to be photographed with this man, and she made it clear and I bet next time, this guy is going to be much more careful when taking a selfie. LOL!

Dog Gets A Little Too Excited Playing Fetch9s

Dog Gets A Little Too Excited Playing Fetch

Dogs are such adorable excitable creatures! If you love dogs and all funny things they do, this video is here just for your enjoyment. We all know that not many things in this world can get a dog near as excited as a game of fetch can. There’s just something about catching that flying object that gives life to our canine companions. When it comes to getting incredibly excited about playing fetch, this funny pooch is definitely not an exception! This video shows a cute dog fetching after an object in his owner's bedroom. We all know that playing fetch inside the house is never a good idea, and this video is about to prove that theory in a hilarious way. His owner throws a toy for his to catch it, and the doggy jumps off a bed and runs after the object until he gets it. Then, he runs back to the bed, jumps on it in an overly excited way, but then he crashes and falls on to the floor. LOL, this dog is beyond hilarious!

Helmeted Kids In Red Wagon Crash Into Sidewalk And Go Flying36s

Helmeted Kids In Red Wagon Crash Into Sidewalk And Go Flying

The wagon is something that almost every kid grows up with. How many of us were pulled along behind their parents during a stroll through the neighborhood one evening. That or used it yourselves to transport random stuff from your house to a friend’s? In college, I took the wagon from my parents’ house and used it to carry groceries from the store to my apartment. It’s a great way to do it if you don’t have a car. I highly recommend it for those of you in college or with college bound kids. My family had the classic red wagon when were kids. You know with the aluminum body and unstable axles. The kind with a white Radio Flyer logo painted on the side. Ours was super wobbly and made a ton of noise if nothing was in the wagon as you wandered the street. You could hear us coming from for miles around. The kids in this video appear to have what we always called the off-road wagon. It’s got the wooden sides that raise the depth of the wagon. It also has heavy duty tires. The small wagons have thin wheels that do alright on a sidewalk or road. The off-road wagon has thicker wheels with more intentional traction in them. In our opinion, this kind of wagon is made more for 4th of July going to the fireworks days or for picnic days. Fortunately, these kids are helmeted because their adventure does not end in the successful way that they thought it would. Surprisingly, their mom appears to be the ringmaster behind this whole thing. She gives them the shove down the driveway. Of course, she also checks on them after their crash.

Published: April 20, 201816 views
Soccer Girl Kicks Ball Straight Into Ref's Crotch28s

Soccer Girl Kicks Ball Straight Into Ref's Crotch

Being an umpire or referee is hard job at any level. But it is especially hard to do for kids sports. We’re talking from age four all the way on up to age 18. When you are a college or professional athlete, sure the refs or umps can cause problems but for the most part it is just pro players and coaches yelling at you. You can ignore the crowd because they don’t really matter to your job. However, at a sporting event where kids are the athletes it’s not the competitors that you have to worry about. It’s the parents. This is because parents get overcompetitive for their kids and try to argue for them. This fire occasionally makes for physical confrontations and yelling matches between ostensibly adults. Unfortunately, for this guy doing weekend ref work, the parents and the kids are the problem here. One of the girls playing soccer here lines up a kick. However, she doesn’t aim the kick and launches the ball straight toward the referee. It crashes directly into his crotch knocking him to the ground. The girls unsure of what to do just keep playing soccer. Meanwhile, the referee tries to stand up but he is clearly winded a bit. That all said, it is unclear but we think it is the ref who yells and tells the girls to play on. If it’s not, man, those parents are mean. They could take a minute or two to pause and let the ref catches his breath. It’s called an injury timeout for a reason. I’d like to think that anytime a dude takes a ball to the crotch that counts as an injury that you could take a timeout for. If it is the ref, good for him I suppose. He doesn’t want to take away from the girls’ game and encourages them to keep going.

Published: April 20, 201812 views
Dude Epically Fails To Jump Over Frozen Creek48s

Dude Epically Fails To Jump Over Frozen Creek

We have tons of videos where you immediately know what is going to happen, you just do not know how it is going to go down. For example, the guy in this video is clearly going to try and jump over something. This being America’s Funniest Home Videos, we all know that he is probably going to fail spectacularly. The question, of course, is what will the gentlemen being attempting to leap and how will he ruin his day by failing to do so? His friend narrates for him before we see him actually take the leap. She calls it a leap of faith and quite incorrectly tells us that the he is going to try to jump an icy, icy lake. Which, I mean, come on. It is clearly an icy, icy (more slushy, slushy if you ask us) creek at most. We would generously call it a stream but not a river. Definitely not that. The girl is fairly encouraging of her friend. Though considering how it ends up, it might not be the kind of encouragement he actually needs. Many failed jumps happen because of the same thing. The person jumps too early and does not have enough to take them all the way across. In this kid’s case, the problem with his leap is that he actually slips. Because of the snow and ice his boot never actually gets enough grip for him to push off the ground. Instead, he just kind of flings himself haphazardly forward and belly flops in the creek. It is fairly graceful. Some may argue that the boy was trying to run across the ice, which, I mean, why? That is clearly not stable ice. This is a failed leap.

Published: April 20, 2018
Heroic Hiker Leaps Across River, But Loses His Shoes In The Mud31s

Heroic Hiker Leaps Across River, But Loses His Shoes In The Mud

You know that expression: every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man? It's presumably been around for generations but most definitely was popularized by ZZ Top and their hit single (appropriately named) "Sharp Dressed Man. Anyway, do you think it's true? It could be. I think there is SOME truth to it. A lot of my girlfriend's like a casually dressed, borderline sloppy guys. But maybe we need to get our lives in order. ANYWAY, the point of this story is that whether he is wearing Doc Martin's, Air Force Ones, Penny-Loafers or Rainbow sandals, the only thing that matters is that he is wearing SOME kind of shoes. Which, unfortunately is going to lose this guy a few brownie points with us ladies.

Published: April 20, 2018
High-Flying Teen Bounces Wrong Off Trampoline and Has MASSIVE Wipe-Out29s

High-Flying Teen Bounces Wrong Off Trampoline and Has MASSIVE Wipe-Out

Michael Jordan. Shawn Kemp. Dominique Wilkins. Nate Robinson. The entire class of University of Houston's Phi Slamma Jamma. What do all of these names have in common? They were all masters of the dunk! Their high-flying, highlight reel displays thrilled their fans and posterized their opposition. Almost no play in sports brings the energy and excitement of a well-executed slam. It is the kind of the thing that young children dream of doing one day and will stop at nothing to create. Even, using a friend and a backyard trampoline for assistance. At least, that is what these kids decided to do.

Published: April 20, 2018

"Adorable Shiba Inu Dog Loves Rubs"

"There’s not a person in this world who doesn’t love rubs. It’s the best thing there ever was. Especially if you’re coming home from a long day at work. Then there’s definitely nothing better. But, did you know animals love rubs too? Of course, you did! Dogs love spending time with their owners. And if there’s a rub included, well that’s even better. The adorable doggo in this video is getting a rub from his hooman friend and couldn’t be happier. He’s having the time of his life. How do I know that you may ask? Well, just take a look at this video and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The adorable Shiba Inu is smiling the entire time. It’s unbelievable. What a cute happy dog! This video is sure to brighten up your day. I know mine just got a whole lot better! This dog is beyond adorable!"