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Villagers in UK furious after farmer dumps 30ft high stacks of hay bales outside their homes2m12s

Villagers in UK furious after farmer dumps 30ft high stacks of hay bales outside their homes

Wealthy villagers have accused a farmer of using "bullying" tactics after 30ft high stacks of hay bales were dumped outside their homes following a planning row. Thirty tons of hay were piled up on trailers in a field adjacent to the back gardens of several £500,000 detached properties. The villagers believe they were put there deliberately after a planning application by farmer Richard Barton to run a waste processing site was rejected. Resident Peter Shaw, 55, said the bales were stacked behind his house on Cole Road, Ockbrook, Derbys., last Thursday.

Firefighters tackle large blaze in Manchester's Chinatown36s

Firefighters tackle large blaze in Manchester's Chinatown

++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++ Firemen are currently tackling a blaze in the Chinatown area of Manchester. Witnesses say that there are five fire engines tackling the blaze with 6 police cars. The location of the fire is reported to be near Portland Street, which spans from Piccadilly to Oxford Street.

Dog plays fetch with himself in the pool34s

Dog plays fetch with himself in the pool

Cutler is a rescued labrador who loves playing fetch and splashing around in the pool on hot days. The clip, filmed August 14 in California, shows Cutler throwing his toy into a pool and swimming after it. “Cutler is playing his favourite game, fetch. But if I won't play along, he is perfectly happy playing by himself and will fetch his own and he tosses it for hours!” Ellie said later online.

Aggressive leopard jumps at rescuers after being found in house1m20s

Aggressive leopard jumps at rescuers after being found in house

This is the terrifying moment a leopard jumps at a team of rescuers after being found in a house in Pithoragarh, India. The clip, captured on August 12, shows the leopard caught in one of the rooms of the house and aggressively jumping at the rescuers standing at the other side of a fence. After a tough tug-o-war, the rescuers manage to capture the leopard and put the feline in a cage before releasing it back into its natural habitat.

Good samaritan rescues bird from certain death5m04s

Good samaritan rescues bird from certain death

A good-hearted woman rescued a wounded little bird from the claws of an angry magpie and took it home to recover. The footage shows the woman treating the wounds on the bird’s beak and feeding it with a syringe. The filmer said: ‘’I heard some birds screaming outside my window so I went to investigate, that's when I found this little bird in the claws of a magpie. She was plucking him with her beak so I went out quickly and got him. ‘’I gave him some sugar water for energy with a syringe. I let him rest in a shoe box. after a couple of hours he got up and started looking around. ‘’ The health of the bird improved with the little one exploring his rescuer’s home. The filmer adds: ‘’I tried feeding him but it didn't work so I contacted an animal rescue and they asked me to bring him the next day. ‘’He spent the night resting in the box and in the morning he was feeling much better, started trying to fly around, the inflammation in his eyes went down quite a bit.'' The bird is currently being taken care in the animal rescue until he gets stronger and becomes able to fly.

Cheeky dog is caught staring at woman7s

Cheeky dog is caught staring at woman

This is the amusing moment a dog is caught staring at a woman. The footage shows the dog with the tongue outside its mouth whilst looking at a woman in front. The clip was captured on March 2 in Florida.

Firefighters rescue man and his parrot who had sunken into mud like ‘quicksand’35s

Firefighters rescue man and his parrot who had sunken into mud like ‘quicksand’

A man with a parrot perched on his shoulder was rescued by eight firefighters after getting stuck waist-deep in mud. Bizarre footage shows the moment John Crawford, 66, was hauled out of the sludge after he sank into the ground. Belleville Fire Department said the man found himself in a fix after following his blue and yellow macaw, Amigo, onto the site of a recently-dredged lake. Fire chief Tom Pour said he was sucked into the soft earth "like quicksand". Officers were called to the scene in Bicentennial Park, in Belleville, Illinois, at around 4.30pm on August 12 and managed to pry him out using a buoy and a ladder.

Planes submerged in floodwaters after torrential rain42s

Planes submerged in floodwaters after torrential rain

Heavy rains flooded an airport in China on Wednesday. The tarmac at Haikou Meilan International Airport was under several feet of water, which covered the landing gear of parked planes. Airport staff and cabin crew members were forced to wade through the floodwaters. Ground staff later unblocked the drainage system, quickly clearing the floodwaters, according to officials. There were no serious delays to either arrivals or departures, according to the airport.

Family's car clipped by oncoming bus and spins into motorcycle rider1m21s

Family's car clipped by oncoming bus and spins into motorcycle rider

Dash cam footage captured the moment a family's car was clipped by an oncoming truck - before spinning out-of-control into a moped rider. Mother-of-one Chanidapa Thienyam was driving yesterday (August 15) with her family in Samut Prakan Province, Thailand. Dash cam footage captured the oncoming green pick-up truck style songthaew bus approaching as it veered into her lane. Moments later the vehicle clipped the bumper of Chanidapa's 4x4 which spun to the right and hit a moped rider - sending her flying into a two bins at the side of the ride. Chanidapa said: ''I feel sorry for the lady riding the motorcycle. There was nothing I could do to stop from hitting her. ''The approaching minibus van hit the starboard side of my car. This caused it to swerve and the left side of the bumper knocked the motorcyclist into the electricity post and bins.'' The injured motorcyclist was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Chanidapa claims the songthaew driver left the scene quickly afterwards instead of staying to deal with any questions about the crash. She added: ''To the minibus driver I would like to say this. If you so confident that you did nothing wrong, why did you run away leaving your car and passengers behind?''

UK girl on first flying lesson hits helium balloon16s

UK girl on first flying lesson hits helium balloon

A fourteen-year-old girl on her first ever flying lesson had the fright of her life when the plane hit a gas-filled balloon yesterday. Amy Boulton screamed as the Cessna 152 collided with a bright pink balloon shaped as the number 2 as it flew at 1000 ft above a Nottinghamshire airfield at 100mph. Instructor Will Flanagan said: "This was Amy's first flight. She had been at the controls but I was flying in to land at Gamston when I suddenly saw it - I thought it was a bird at first. It could've been a big problem if it had wrapped around the propeller. But thankfully it didn't cause any damage and we landed safely. It certainly gave Amy a shock."

Cheeky eagle steals mate’s lunch37s

Cheeky eagle steals mate’s lunch

This is the moment a cheeky eagle steals its peer's lunch. The footage, captured on July 31, shows two eagles on a road stalking a snake winding on the pavement. All of a sudden, one of the eagles springs off the ground and launches an attack on the snake. The eagle then flies away with the reptile in its legs. The clip was filmed in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Street resembles canal in Oklahoma following flash flooding1m04s

Street resembles canal in Oklahoma following flash flooding

This road in Oklahoma resembles a canal after floods washed through large parts of the state. Footage captured on August 14 in Norman, just south of Oklahoma City, shows streets submerged in water at nighttime. The filmer writes: "I did not expect it to be washed out that bad all of a sudden. "I was in a large pickup truck, so I made it through."

Lorry full of chemicals explodes in eastern China37s

Lorry full of chemicals explodes in eastern China

This is the dramatic moment a lorry loaded with chemicals exploded in eastern China on Tuesday. According to local media, the vehicle was carrying calcium carbide which became wet, causing the blast. The explosion shattered the windows of nearby buildings in Jining City in Shandong Province and also damaged several vehicles. Several people were taken to a local hospital, although the driver of the lorry emerged uninjured from the blast.

Villagers save bear cub with head stuck in bucket43s

Villagers save bear cub with head stuck in bucket

A video has emerged from China showing villagers saving a bear cub which got its head stuck in a bucket. The clip, which was captured last month in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Qinghai Province, shows the stricken bear wandering around with the yellow, plastic bucket wedged firmly on its head. The local residents first attempted to tie the bear's limbs and then pull the bucket off. When that failed, they attached a rope to the bucket and lifted the bear off the ground from the back of a lorry. This second method did the trick and the bear bounded away unharmed.

Magpie chases toddler in UK park23s

Magpie chases toddler in UK park

This is the amusing moment a magpie chased a toddler in a park in Scotland in the UK. The mischievous bird suddenly took a shine to the little girl and chased her around for several seconds, according to the grandmother who filmed the cute scene. "It was quite amusing and there ended up being a few bystanders all having a giggle," the girl's grandmother said.

Puppy has perfect way to stop toddler tantrums33s

Puppy has perfect way to stop toddler tantrums

Mirage the four-month-old Windsprite puppy and has an adorable way of stopping his human brother's temper tantrums. A cute video, filmed August 12 in Massachusetts, shows two-year-old Dexter crying and screaming because he doesn't want to go to bed. His puppy Mirage bounds in to make him laugh by giving him hundreds of doggy kisses. “He started crying and laid down flat on the ground, so Mirage took the opportunity to give him a bunch of needed kisses and completely stopped his tantrum,” said Ann Silverberg, Dexter's mum.

Monkey makes breathtaking 100-foot leap from transmission tower35s

Monkey makes breathtaking 100-foot leap from transmission tower

Villagers in Khadiya spotted a langur monkey on a 160-feet-high transmission tower on August 5. The monkey, with a long rope around its neck, sat near the top of the tower. Since the monkey ran the risk of getting electrocuted, the villagers tried to make it come down by offering bananas and nuts but it refused to budge and sat impassively. Villager Jitendar Kumar said: “The langur climbed the transmission tower on Sunday. Later, we found that its neck’s rope was stuck in the tower and it couldn’t escape. “ The villagers informed the local police on August 7, who requested the help of an animal rescue organisation, Wildlife SOS. Three volunteers of the organisation climbed the tower. Watching them coming up the monkey struggled frantically and managed to free itself. Though weakened from hunger and dehydration, it leaped from 100-feet-high, making a dramatic landing on its four limbs and ran away. A local police officer Prashant Tyagi said: “Power supply was cut for over three hours to help experts rescue the monkey."

Kitten can't decide if he wants to sleep or play2m06s

Kitten can't decide if he wants to sleep or play

Rex the little kitten is exhausted – but he also really, really wants to play. This video, filmed by Karen Robinson in Glasgow, shows her cat falling asleep on a scratching post. When he catches himself drifting, he jerks awake, then promptly goes back to sleep.

Wipe out! Surfer is engulfed by monster wave off coast of Portugal59s

Wipe out! Surfer is engulfed by monster wave off coast of Portugal

This is the terrifying moment surfer Marcelo Luna is battered by a massive wave after failing to get on a jet ski with his teammate. Drone footage shows Luna successfully riding a huge wave during a big swell off Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal. After the surfer’s stunt, his teammate appears on a jet ski to take Luna safely to shore. However, Marcelo fails to get on the jet ski and is engulfed by an enormous wave. The incident happened on November 8, 2017, but the footage has recently emerged online. Praia do Norte, the beach both men were surfing from, is renowned for its powerful and dangerous waves and attracts surfers from around the world.  In 2011 Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set a world record there for the largest wave ever surfed, at 24m (78ft).

Indonesian toddler smokes 40 cigarettes a day3m54s

Indonesian toddler smokes 40 cigarettes a day

This chain-smoking toddler has developed an insatiable habit - and puffs through 40 cigarettes a day. Two-year-old Rapi Ananda Pamungkas started by picking up used butts outside his mum's market stall in Sukabumi, Indonesia. But within days he was hooked - and would constantly pester passing shoppers to give him cigarettes. The adults initially found the youngster's demands endearing and plied him with cigarettes while laughing as he lit up. But Rapi - nicknamed Rap - soon started becoming aggressive and throwing tantrums when he couldn't get his beloved ''meroko'', the local term for cigarettes. Rapi's mother, Maryati, 35, admitted on Monday (13/08) that she buys two packs of cigarettes a day for the boy to stop him from going ''beserk''. She said: ''My child is used to smoking while drinking coffee and eating cake. ''He has been smoking every day for around two months. If I don't give him a cigarette, my child goes berserk.'' Maryati said that Rapi started around two months ago by collecting cigarette butts scattered on the road which older lads lit for him. After that, he demanded cigarettes from passing adults and his parents who run a food stall, which also sells cigarettes. The mother said that it had been difficult to ban her child from smoking because he will ''cry all day'' if he can't smoke. Maryati added: ''If Rapi doesn't get cigarettes he cannot sleep. He will start rampaging and crying. It's expensive, because we have to buy them for him. He likes to do it all day. He can smoke about 40 every day.'' Rapi's father, Misbahudin, 40, said he also smokes but doesn't know why his child started the habit. He added: ''I cannot say no to him when he asks for a cigarette. I don’t even smoke that often. I only smoke at work. When my son smokes he likes to have a cup of mochaccino.'' The parents said they will take the toddler to see a doctor to try and kick his smoking habit. Indonesia has one of the highest numbers of smokers per population in the world and a growing problem of child smokers. Around nine percent of under 18s smoke regularly. In 2010, the two-year-old boy Aldi Rizal achieved notoriety after it emerged he also would smoke two packets a day, with footage showing him happily smoking cigarettes.

This dog doesn't quite know how to feel about sunflowers41s

This dog doesn't quite know how to feel about sunflowers

Sunflowers are pretty harmless, but judging from this dog's reaction, he clearly doesn't think so. The video, filmed by David Reyes in his Indianapolis home, shows his dog walking towards a sunflower and sniffing it. Each time, he looks startled and immediately jumps back.