Students Say Goodbye To School Police Officer With Heartwarming Parade49s

Students Say Goodbye To School Police Officer With Heartwarming Parade

Students and teachers lined the hallways to say goodbye to Officer Conrado Martin on his last day working at Cooper Academy in Fresno, California. When the video begins, hundreds of students can be seen getting prepared for this sweet moment between an officer and the student body he has protected for so many years. This parade was organized by the principal of the school to show the immense gratitude this community holds for one of its most dedicated employees. SRO’s are the police officers assigned to public schools. They are extensively trained on every possible problem that could arise in schools that would threaten students or faculty and staff in any way whatsoever. The officer being honored in this video had worked in this school district for the previous three years. As he walked through the tunnel of students and faculty members, the heartwarming response of everyone can be palpably felt by all onlookers. The officer is met with countless hugs, cheers, and high fives all through the line. The response was so great and so overwhelming that even this stoic and steady police officer was brought to tears. This video is proof of what police officers should be treated like. These men and women dedicate every hour of every day to the communities and schools they live in, and they do not ask for anything in return. These wonderful people do not ask for a “thank you.” They do not ask for extra money or any kind of extra reward. They do everything every day with all too often not even a kind word in return. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to take even just a few minutes to thank these forces, it should absolutely be done. Thankfully, the staff and administration of the school featured in this video had the presence of mind to realize that they were losing someone who had long played a vital role in keeping their school running safely every day, so they made sure to make it a big deal to make this man feel appreciated, respected, and missed. Of course, the school will undoubtedly get a new SRO assigned to the campus, and that person will be every bit just as important as this man was. However, it is important to take the time to show people that they are appreciated. Police men and women have received a great deal of negative criticism in the media, and that is especially true for the last five or so years in the United States. Because of negative media attention, many of the members of local police forces have been the subject of great ridicule and even hate on occasion. It is important to remember that there will always be extremists in any group of people; however, the negative actions of a few should not be automatically stereotyped and applied to the group as a whole. One irresponsible person should not overshadow the millions who do right be people every single day without fail and without notice.