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Juno Spies Jupiter’s Great Red Spot on This Week @NASA – July 14, 20172m15s

Juno Spies Jupiter’s Great Red Spot on This Week @NASA – July 14, 2017

On July 10, our Juno spacecraft completed its 7th perijove – or close flyby of Jupiter. It flew directly over the planet’s iconic Great Red Spot – about 5,600 miles above it. All of the spacecraft's science instruments, and its JunoCam imager were active – providing the first up-close look at the ten-thousand-mile-wide storm that has intrigued humans for hundreds of years. Juno's next close flyby of Jupiter will occur on Sept. 1. Also, The Path Ahead for New Horizons, Orion Egress Testing, and Langley’s Centennial Symposium. Category Credit: NASA

Gazing at Earth's light show from space37s

Gazing at Earth's light show from space

Brilliant fireworks shows on July 4th will have millions looking up, while light shows like these always have astronauts gazing back down. Time-lapse imagery captured on June 25, 2017, by Expedition 52. This video shows the Aurora Australis in the southern hemisphere. The International Space Station was flying from south of Australia to the southern Pacific Ocean. Credit: NASA Johnson

Spectacular aerial footage of U.S. Navy's LCS 15 launch32s

Spectacular aerial footage of U.S. Navy's LCS 15 launch

MARINETTE, Wisc. (July 1, 2017) The U.S. Navy's future USS Billings (LCS 15) launches sideways into the Menominee River in Marinette, Wisconsin, following its christening by ship sponsor Sharla Tester. Once commissioned, LCS 15 will be the first ship of its name in naval service. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin/Released) (U.S. Navy video courtesy of Lockheed Martin/Released). This is one cool video that should not be missed! So that is how they get big boats like that in the water, who knew? At one point, it seemed like the boat was going to capsize and fall into the water! It really is amazing that tons and tons of steel and metal like that can float on the water! This really was one entertaining video to watch! Most people don't have boats such as this one, so they cannot do cool stuff like this. However, a lot of people are purchasing cool r-c boats from Amazon to do cool things with! Credit: U.S. Navy

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Officials rescue a bear cub with jar stuck on its head1m31s

Officials rescue a bear cub with jar stuck on its head

Police officers from the La Verne Police Department were called to respond to 2500 block of Jasmine court to an unusual disturbance. Apparently, one of the residents got an unexpected guests who appeared to be in trouble – a bear cub with a plastic jug stuck on its head. It was unclear whether the baby bear was looking for honey or other type of food in the vicinity when it got itself in the mess, but when the officers arrived on the scene, its head was already secured tightly in the jug and the scared baby animal was trying to run away by attempting to jump over a wire fence. The officer recording can be seen attempting to remove the jug from the subs head, though unsuccessfully. The officers on the scene called the Fish and Wildlife Service for assistance with the cub. When a Fish and Wildlife agent reported on the scene, one of the officers held the bear cub down, while the F&W agent was cutting the plastic jug to remove it. Once freed, the bear cub can be seen rushing towards a nearby tree and climbing on it as soon as the officers let him go. It appeared unharmed. Credit to La Verne Police Department

Thief gets dose of instant karma after stealing from vehicle1m54s

Thief gets dose of instant karma after stealing from vehicle

Isn't this a sight to see. CCTV cameras in Fullham, UK were able to record a thief breaking into a parked vehicle. He rides in with his bike and immediately popped open the trunk of an SUV. He started to remove items as quickly as he could, looking for anything valuable he could find. Then he moved to the front of the car and started to steal items from there as well! He continues to take more items from the car with no sense of guilt. Once he is finished grabbing all the items he wants, he returns back to his bike, and simply just rides off. Not so fast though, once he rode off, he got some instant karma! A police car cut him off and pushed him to the side of the road. He was caught and wasn't able to get away with this horrible crime. According to the reports, he was sentenced to 28 weeks in prison. Check out these neat bikes! Their purpose isn't to steal but to ride around the neighbourhood and have some fun!

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ScienceCasts: Solar Minimum is Coming3m46s

ScienceCasts: Solar Minimum is Coming

Intense solar activity such as sunspots and solar flares subsides during solar minimum, but that doesn’t mean the sun becomes dull. Solar activity simply changes form. Credit: ScienceAtNASA

Nighttime Rocket Launch Creates Colorful Clouds in Space3m09s

Nighttime Rocket Launch Creates Colorful Clouds in Space

The early morning skies along the mid-Atlantic coast were lit up by luminescent clouds as NASA tested a new system to support science studies of the ionosphere and aurora, with a sounding rocket launch June 24 from the Wallops Flight Facility on the eastern shore of Virginia. During the flight of a two-stage Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket, 10 canisters about the size of a soft drink can were deployed in the air, 6 to 12 miles away from the 670-pound main payload. The deployed canisters formed blue-green and red artificial clouds, or vapor tracers which allow scientists on the ground to visually track particle motions in space. The development of the multi-canister ampoule ejection system is also designed to allow scientists to gather information over a much larger area than previously allowed when deploying the tracers just from the main payload. The vapor tracers were expected to be visible from New York to North Carolina and westward to Charlottesville, Virginia – with the total flight time for the mission expected to be about 8 minutes. Credit: NASA

NASA EDGE: The Future of Commercial Supersonic Travel2m18s

NASA EDGE: The Future of Commercial Supersonic Travel

NASA Langley Research Center’s Peter Coen (Commercial Supersonic Technology Program Manager) and David Richwine (Quiet Supersonic Technology Project Manager) explain how advances in design could help reduce the impact of sonic booms and promote supersonic flight over land. Credit: NASA EDGE

Tasmanian Devil doesn't seem to mind light snowfall16s

Tasmanian Devil doesn't seem to mind light snowfall

While the rest of us northern-hemispher-ners curse the heat of the scorching summer, Australia has seen a light snowfall. One might think that Australia's exotic critters might be confused and scared of the frozen rain, but this little guy seems to be enjoying the light snow almost as much as the next kid. The cute Tasmanian Devil is a resident at Devils@Cradle, which is a wildlife reserve n Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania. It is a refuge center to protect these animals, whose number has dwindled due to a facial tumor disease that has spread through the population rapidly. The video was posted by the refuge when they had their first snow and the Tasmanian Devil reacts to the change of weather quite adorably. After the viewers fell in love with one of world's largest carnivorous marsupial, Discover Tasmania decide to throw a campaign to name the little guy. Tasmanian Devils are known for the terrifying range of noises they can make – but this little guy is more interested in just sniffing around as the flakes fall. Australians can submit their name suggestions to the organisation for a chance to win a trip to the Cradle Mountain area and a chance to see him in person, but non-Australians can still plan a trip to Devils@Cradle wildlife sanctuary. Credit: Devils@Cradle

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NASA at Mars: 20 years of 24/7 exploration3m19s

NASA at Mars: 20 years of 24/7 exploration

No one under 20 has experienced a day without NASA at Mars. The Pathfinder mission, carrying the Sojourner rover, landed on Mars on July 4, 1997. In the 20 years since Pathfinder's touchdown, eight other NASA landers and orbiters have arrived successfully, and not a day has passed without the United States having at least one active robot on Mars or in orbit around Mars. Credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Welcome to Day One 20171m25s

Welcome to Day One 2017

The newest class of Coast Guard Academy cadets have arrived. During Day One on June 26, 2017, the newest swabs reported, were issued uniforms, began military training and were sworn-in. They will complete 200 weeks of military instruction while earning a bachelor's degree. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard

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Marine Combat Training1m28s

Marine Combat Training

Marine Combat Training is a four week evolution at Camp Pendleton, Calif., and Camp Geiger, N.C., where Marines with non-combat military occupational specialties are trained in basic infantry skills after graduating Recruit Training. Topics include rifle and medium machine gun marksmanship, physical conditioning and other basic infantry skills. Credit: Marines

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V-2/4 Takes on WESSEX Storm2m06s

V-2/4 Takes on WESSEX Storm

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, take part in exercise Wessex Storm in Salisbury, England, April 27, 2017. Wessex Storm is a battalion level exercise held in the hills and forests of England by the Royal Army’s field training unit. The Royal Marines Commandos invited the United States Marine Corps to Wessex Storm for the first time to provide them with a different training environment and strengthen national relations between the United States and the United Kingdom. Credit: Marines

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Roll-Out Solar Array Experiment (ROSA) Deploys on International Space Station8m00s

Roll-Out Solar Array Experiment (ROSA) Deploys on International Space Station

The Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) was deployed from the end of the Canadarm2 robotic arm Sunday, June 18 outside the International Space Station. ROSA is an experiment to test a new type of solar array that rolls open in space like a party favor and is more compact than current rigid panel designs. The ROSA investigation tests deployment and retraction,characterizes changes when the Earth blocks the sun, vibration and other physical challenges to determine the array’s strength and durability. ROSA has the potential to replace solar arrays on future satellites, making them more compact and lighter weight. Satellite radio and television, weather forecasting, GPS and other services used on Earth would all benefit from high-performance solar arrays. The payload will remain deployed for seven days before retracting and will be stowed back inside the trunk of SpaceX’s Dragon cargo vehicle. Note: footage of deploy is sped up 300%. NOTE: THERE IS NO AUDIO WITH THIS FOOTAGE Credit: NASA Johnson

ScienceCasts: Space Gardening4m28s

ScienceCasts: Space Gardening

Scientists have been studying plant growth on the International Space Station. The results could help boost the productivity of both extraterrestrial and earthly gardens. Credit: ScienceAtNASA

SWEAT: Water Recycling 1011m12s

SWEAT: Water Recycling 101

Water is a limited resource in space, making the urine and sweat of astronauts a valuable resource for recycling. Jennifer Pruitt, an engineer at #NASAMarshall, puts the "P" in purification to advance human exploration aboard the International Space Station​ and beyond. Scientists and engineers continue to improve existing methods and develop new, future recycling capabilities. Current success and results from ongoing investigations may help in the development of more reliable lightweight, portable waste processing equipment that can be used on Earth, including for emergency use or in areas with poor sanitation or unsafe drinking water. Credit: NASA's Marshall Center

Mom Films Son With Mickey and Minnie25s

Mom Films Son With Mickey and Minnie

Everyone gets excited to go to Disneyland, but little kids are the most excited of all. The games, the rides, but best of all, it’s the characters they get to meet and spend a fantastic day! This incredible footage of a little boy meeting with Minnie, Mickey and Pluto is making insane rounds on the internet for one adorable reason. When he met his favorite cartoon characters, he signed them “nice to meet you”, to which Minnie taps him on the shoulder, so that he can see her signing back to him “nice to meet you too”. The little man got so happy he could understand them, that he threw himself in Minnie’s arms for a hug, then of to Mickey for another! Do you have any tissues? Credit: Olive Crest

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Family struggles to pay for purchases, what will happen next?4m17s

Family struggles to pay for purchases, what will happen next?

What would you do if the family in line in front of you can’t pay for their purchases? Would you pass by them or would you stay and offer help? As they say on their site “The Care & Share Movement in Singapore rallied people from all walks of life to provide help for the disadvantaged and successfully ended its run on 31 March 2016. Care & Share was a national fundraising and volunteerism movement led by Community Chest for the social service sector, in celebration of SG50.” “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.” Commissioned by: Community Chest, Singapore, for the Care & Share Movement Copyright: Community Chest, Singapore Short Film by: Daniel Yam & Foo Xiuqi, The Creative Room Special Thanks: NTUC FairPrice and The Singapore Cheshire Home Video Credit: Community Chest Singapore

F.Lashes Interactive LED Eyelashes12s

F.Lashes Interactive LED Eyelashes

Say hi to F. Lashes! We've all been there - fake lashes can give you length and volume, but they now make you glow, literally! F. Lashes are basically what the name says – flashy lashes. Created by designer Tien Pham, these false lashes are put on with eyelash glue, just like any others, but what makes them different is that they glow. Made with actual LEDs, the lashes come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green, and they have different modes, including scroll, dance and sparkle, that can be switched by the click of a button. Isn't this amazing, or what? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a bit more before they come in the stores... Let's be patient! Created by Arduino designer Tien Pham, F.Lashes are lightweight, easy-to-apply false LED eyelashes that come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green. As you tilt your head, jump, twist and dance, they'll react to your movements and change patterns! Coming to Kickstarter soon... More deets: Credit:

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Reese doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and pay that puppy support41s

Reese doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and pay that puppy support

We've all heard of the term deadbeat dad, but have you ever seen a deadbeat dog? Well there's a first time for everything. Reese doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and pay that puppy support. Maybe he's just a little jealous of all the attention that the new puppy is getting, who knows? How can you not love puppies? That's a question that probably most dog lovers are wondering when seeing this big guy not wanting to have anything to do with his pup. Hopefully in the future, Reese will have a change in attitude towards the little guy and begin to be the dad that the little pup needed the whole time. Regardless, this is a hilarious moment. It's hard to figure out why dogs do what they do sometimes. One thing that we can be sure about though is the shared laughter after one of these moments occur! Check out this dog avoiding his puppy! Credit: "Crystal Coast Goldens"

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