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Woman Grabs Mic In Store And Performs Impromptu Karaoke2m48s

Woman Grabs Mic In Store And Performs Impromptu Karaoke

Music in stores is there to have you feeling at home, or should we say, entertained just enough so that you will keep spending your money. Most might say that they don’t even notice the sounds that come out of the speakers. But if we were to ask the shoppers who found themselves in Sam’s Club in New York recently, they would probably say they noticed when a woman treated them with a performance all of her own. Christina Kokonis-Viggers, also known as Stina Marie, gave an impromptu performance at the wholesale warehouse one day. The video of the singer from Staten Island performing on a karaoke machine went viral, gaining her instant fame! Christina decided to have some fun while out shopping with her friend Amanda Lasher, so she grabbed the mic on the machine and belted out “Maybe This Time” from the 1972 musical Cabaret. She later said how this was totally out of character for her, since she saves her singing voice for the stage. Still, her innocent attempt paid off, since the video of the spontaneous moment gathered millions of views and got her calls from news sites and radio stations. The 32-year-old admits she was overwhelmed by the attention and response she is getting, mostly from other ladies praising her for talent. The best thing she received was news of putting smiles on people’s faces, even though this is the first and probably the last time they will see her. Our hat’s off to you, Christina. Credit to 'Diva In The Making'.

Blink. Blink. Do you ever struggle just to keep your eyes open?28s

Blink. Blink. Do you ever struggle just to keep your eyes open?

Blink. Blink. Do you ever struggle just to keep your eyes open? 😴 This Black Bear (Ursus americanus) knows how you feel! You might hit the snooze button for ten minutes but bears can take several weeks to fully emerge from hibernation! When temperatures warm up and food starts to become available, bears start to emerge from their dens. Male bears generally emerge first, usually from early to mid-March, followed by solitary females and females with yearlings or two-years olds in late March through mid-April. The last to emerge are females with newborn cubs, from mid April through early May. Males, subadults, solitary females, and females with yearlings or two-year-olds usually leave the vicinity of their den within a week of emergence while females with newborn cubs can remain in the general vicinity of the den for several more weeks. Full credit: Glacier National Park ( )

Ocean exploration discovers bizarre looking creature2m01s

Ocean exploration discovers bizarre looking creature

On August 6, 2016, during a remotely operated vehicle dive off of Wake Island, we found our old friend the sea toad, who, after a short posing session, was on the move. Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Deepwater Wonders of Wake.

Wedding Guests Are Caught By Surprise When Mother-Son Duo Takes The Floor5m23s

Wedding Guests Are Caught By Surprise When Mother-Son Duo Takes The Floor

Choreographed dancing at weddings is trending these days and makes this day even more memorable, either when newlyweds take the dance floor, the father-daughter duo dances or the dance that the groom shares with his mother. Check out this epic mother-son wedding dance that has the crowd going crazy! For his wedding reception, this loving son and his mother decided to put together a mash-up of various songs and moves for a one-of-a-kind mother-son dance to remember. Check out this awesome choreographed dance routine that a mother and son perform during the groom's wedding reception. Nobody in attendance saw that coming, but the crowd absolutely loved it! Weddings are moments to celebrate life and create precious memories. Brides go out of their way to create the perfect wedding day. Everything needs to be planned out: the dress, the hair, the bridesmaids, which church, the look of the venue. It seems to be more of a girl thing if you ask us. However, not this time! We’ve all seen so many bride and groom legendary first dances, most of which are off-the-wall versions of the classic wedding waltz. So many months of practice must have gone into it just to look perfect for ‘The Big Day’. Now take a look at this cute video of a mother and son dancing on his wedding day, taking wedding dance to the next level! This mother and son duo starts off with the traditional waltz and the unsuspecting guests have no clue. Moments later, the music takes a drastic swing and the duo bursts out to the rhythm of well-known fast songs, starting with the twist and mashing up several classic dance hits to the wedding performance. After this iconic dance, funky moves are about to follow! The fantastic duo continues to boogie on hits and the whole performance looks just amazing! This mother and son duo sure know how to bust a move and give their happy feet a new purpose. Of course, everyone in attendance was so amazed by the magnificent show! Moving their feet and body to the music and displaying finesse in every song genre, this mom and her son will surely cheer up your day! Watch this sweet wedding moment and comment your thoughts on it! Full credit: Iona Dupill

He May Be Tiny But This Baby Is Already A Budding Riverdancer2m23s

He May Be Tiny But This Baby Is Already A Budding Riverdancer

You know how proud new parents can be, going out in the world with their offspring, shouting at the tops of their lungs how special and super smart their kid is. To a parents, their kid is, in fact, the smartest, kindest, cleverest, most dexterous kid they have ever seen. It is quite normal to say so; in fact, it is expected. Their kid draws the best, knows math the best, but if we had any say in all of that, we would say that THIS kid is definitely the greatest dancer of them all. Don’t believe us? Check out this clip! Lying on his changing mat, the kid looks wide eyed at the lens, arms spread across, as the camera pans out to a wider shot. The music starts with a gentle, subtle intro, not giving away much. The babe gives us a sly, toothless smile as the rhythm picks up, gives a few taps with his tiny, chubby feet and...he is off! Look at those moves! Look at the posture! If we didn’t know better, we would definitely think this is a baby video of Michael Flatley, the man that started Riverdance! Tapping his little feet, the baby keeps up with the tempo, steady as she goes. He’s got the choreography down to a T! He may be tiny, but this kid is bound to one day be the Ultimate Lord of Dance! Bravo! Credit to 'Drewdawg80'

4-Year-Old Toddler Feeds 6 Full-Sized Pit Bulls On Command2m25s

4-Year-Old Toddler Feeds 6 Full-Sized Pit Bulls On Command

Every kid that ever got to grow up with a dog and their best bud can consider themselves privileged. Dogs are the best friend any kid can have, not just because of the playtime and the endless amount of love they have to share, but also because they can teach kids some invaluable lessons in life. Now, while we do think of our dogs as members of the family, the difference between animals and humans does require for at least some basic training. The simplest commands, like ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘heel’ will make a world of a difference with you dog, but teaching your dog to fetch might come in handy sometimes. This girl, although still so very young, already knows the best way to train your pooch and in this adorable video, she will ‘learn’ us how to train our dogs to do tricks, with Shadow the Pit Bulls as her trusty side kicks. The interesting thing here is that there are 6 male Pit Bulls that are waiting on a command from a little human so they can fill their tummies. Take a look as she takes such a cute charge of all of them and counts down the numbers to indicate when they can start eating. Check this out! Credit to ' HustonED Team Inc.'

A Capella Group Has The Crowd Erupting In Laughter5m34s

A Capella Group Has The Crowd Erupting In Laughter

Whether we love them or hate them, memories are here to stay, forever, probably even after that. We know it might sound ominous, but it isn’t all that bad. Just remember that someone, somewhere is thinking about what you did when you were young and still in university. While many talented kids have been brought into the limelight recently, it’s still amazing to see young people not only have an amazing singing voice but also be able to put their own spin on a song with such confidence and ability!You think you've seen it all? Watch these guys as they hilariously pour their heart out at in this classic! They're simply amazing! Who knew that these dude would actually break the crowed in laughter with their performance. And then I get sad. Because I remember I can’t sing. But at least I can watch this video over and over! Now let’s dedicate our whole attention to these dedicated guys! Footage posted by a member in the crowed of these guys singing took the internet by storm. This may be the ever more passionate performance than any production we have ever seen! The only thing that these guys need to do now is to make some editing to their karaoke track and ask for the support from the Broadway community. However, they are stars already, at least for this crowd. How amazing is this performance? UC Men's Octet perform at the Welcome Back to A Capella Showcase at Hertz Hall, University of California, Berkeley. Credit to 'dabby123'.

Check Out This Baby Bear Making Adorable Cuddling Noises  32s

Check Out This Baby Bear Making Adorable Cuddling Noises

No vacation to the Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park region is complete without an adventure into the wild at Yellowstone Bear World, a drive-thru wildlife park. The petting zoo at Yellowstone Bear World is unlike other petting zoos you have experienced. This lucky lady didn’t have to go to Yellowstone National Park to have an amazing experience with some cute cubs, Yellowstone National Park came to their studio and she had the most precious experience with one cute baby cub! Shara Parker Park is a News Anchor/Reporter at KSL TV (NBC) and she had an amazing and quality time with a baby cub who fell asleep in her arms! This baby bear from Yellowstone Bear World are on set and this little girl just wanted to cuddle. Listen! She is so cute! Shara talks about her experience with the bear saying: Best day ever, again! While cuddling this baby black bear from Bear World this morning she began to purr. Can we just all cuddle baby bears to make our day better? How special and unique is to hold a bear like that and have hugs with it? Priceless! We didn't know that this is what a baby bear sounds like when they purr so we learned something thanks for sharing Shara Parker Park this amazing video! How would you like to spend your day hugging and kissing this amazing little baby girl? So precious! Credit: Shara Park

This Adorable Piglet Loves Belly Rubs More Than Anything In The World30s

This Adorable Piglet Loves Belly Rubs More Than Anything In The World

Belly rubs are to animals as Beyonce, Nutella, and the moment you realize you still have three more hours of sleep are to humans. They represent an unearthly concentration of joy and watching animals get belly rubs proves how contagious that joy is. Whether it's a wombat, a hedgehog, or a very tiny pig, watching an animal get a belly rub is probably the most relaxing thing you can do. Here are some hypnotic belly rubs that'll help you power through whatever life throws at you. Well, we will throw you the cutest video of a piglet having adorable belly rubs! This adorable piglet is having the time of his life! It's relaxing time! This is probably the world's most blissful pig. Experts tend to say that petting an animal is incredible stress-buster: holding our soft warm companion while feeling the murmur of a purr beneath our fingers brings an instant feeling of happiness and contentment. Giving this piglet belly rubs is definitely a stress free activity! From the looks of the video, this is one jolly piglet who is getting all the love and attention she needs. It might be impossible not to squeal with delight while watching this adorable baby pig get belly rubs. The little pig likes the attention so much that he can barely keep his eyes open. This is how all animals deserve to be treated. This is one adorable piglet! Credit to 'Couple Berry Farms'.

Herd Of Charging Elephants Run To Greet Newly Rescued Baby Calf1m32s

Herd Of Charging Elephants Run To Greet Newly Rescued Baby Calf

A tense video has emerged of a herd of seven animals running across a field, charging at something. Moments later, we realize it was all for a good cause! Watch as the whole herd rushes to greet the new rescued baby elephant ‘Dok Geaw” at the Elephant Nature Park. What an incredible moment to witness! Even lions run for their lives when elephants come charging towards them. In this clip we see a herd of elephants running in a stampede, rushing towards something. Whatever their final target is, they sure look scary to be around when charging! A few minutes later, the signs of nervousness in the filmmaker increase, as elephants approach and make a turn to the right! Reportedly, they were rushing to greet a newly rescued baby elephant! In this dramatic footage, five adult elephants and two calves are seen running in the distance, quickly approaching the filmmaker. For a moment, as the camera shakes and the lens becomes blurred, we cannot help but worry for the safety of the person filming this clip. Moments later, we realize that it wasn’t the filmmaker this herd of elephants was rushing towards. Apparently, they were in a hurry to greet the newly rescued baby animal! In the second clip, the elephants can be seen stretching their trunks to touch and meet the baby elephant. What a wonderful gesture that is! Despite of the numerous videos we have seen of wild elephants charging at safari vehicle and tourists, there have also been many incidents when these bulky animals got stuck in pits and other muddy fields and had to be rescued. Credit to 'elephantnews'.

Adorable Baby Chimp Takes ‘Solo’ Bath To Get Squeaky-Clean 50s

Adorable Baby Chimp Takes ‘Solo’ Bath To Get Squeaky-Clean

The Internet society is obsessed with animals, and rightly so. They’re cute, fun and loving, and we can never get enough of them. Such is the case in this cute video featuring a baby chimp taking a solo bath. He is so adorable you won’t be able to stop giggling while watching it! Heartwarming footage has emerged of Limbani the chimp enjoying his alone time while taking a bath on his own for the first time. Watch as the baby chimp splashes the water directly in his face, making for a squeaky clean performance! Cuteness overload! Some of us love bath time, because it means some quality alone time, others do it just to get it over with. The same goes for animals, only they are either madly in love with water or avoid it like the plague. Some have been known to jump into the bathtub and eagerly wait for the water to start running, while others scream and kick and bite to get away! In this clip, we witness the adorable moment when a baby chimp preciously takes a bath on his own. Watch as the cute mammal scrubs his face clean by using his tiny hands to deliver water from the tap to his face. He even takes the time to dig up his nose and clean the airways! Apparently, this chimp takes hygiene too seriously. Watching him clean his face squeaky clean tells us that he enjoys the smell of fresh and clean! Have you ever seen an animal that enjoys taking baths this much?! He is comfortably nested in the sink, lounging under the running water, scrubbing his body and face with shampoo. This video is a must-watch which will give you your daily dose of cuteness, we guarantee! Credit to 'Zoological Wildlife Foundation' (

Pedestrian near miss by train caught on camera42s

Pedestrian near miss by train caught on camera

See what the train drivers sees and experience the railroad tracks in a whole new way. Watch the scenery float by and hear what goes on in the train cabin. Full credit: Eposis Brax

Check Out This Big Bulldog Enjoying His Bath Time14s

Check Out This Big Bulldog Enjoying His Bath Time

Many dogs naturally enjoy a dip in the water when they’re feeling hot and exhausted after exercise, so use those natural instincts to your advantage. Some dogs hate baths — and, by extension, all forms of water. But if you’ve got yourself a water-loving dog, you know there’s nothing cuter than seeing him or her swimming happily. For those who love the sight of a good doggy paddle, then we got really good news for you: you will adore this video and this puppy has a bath! This cute big bulldog is having a bath and we can see that he enjoys every minute of the bath! Cuteness overload! Check it out! What is it about bulldogs that makes them so adorable? We love all kinds of dogs, but there is something about the little bulldog that just makes me want to squeeze it and just enjoy the bath with him! Do you have a dog who just can’t wait until bath time? It’s a common misconception that all dogs hate baths. While it’s certainly true that a rather large majority of our dog friends dislike bathing, there are definitely a few pups out there who love it more than anything in the whole world and this dog is the perfect proof for that! Have you ever seen a dog enjoying a bath so much? If you know anyone who thinks that all dogs hate getting baths, you might just want to show them this perfect little video that proves quite the opposite! So cute! Credit: silverback_bullys_

Watch How This Witty Perp Escapes Police Car Through Garage Doors1m29s

Watch How This Witty Perp Escapes Police Car Through Garage Doors

It sounds like a scene from some satirical or adventure movie, but trust us on this, this is very much real. One very clever and resourceful perp decide to make a final run for it, after being brought to Porter County jail, when the policemen who brought him for booking left the cruiser door AND the garage door wide open. Sounds too good to be true, but we have the CCTV footage to prove it. A 25-year-old Michael Maldonado made the 100-meter-dash from the garage of Porter County jail in Indiana on Monday, March 26, when he noticed that the jail garage door took its sweet, sweet time closing down. Two squad cars arrived in the garage, one holding Maldonado, and park at the door leading to booking. The officers get out of their vehicles and move away, their backs turned on the perp in custody, knowing that he is safe in the locked car. If you take a closer look at the squad on the left, you may notice it shaking and some ruckus going on inside. A moment later, the driver’s side door opens and out comes Maldonado, shoeless and darting for the exit before the automatic door shuts down. It took the policemen a while to process what was happening. By the time they realized it, their perp was out and free, with a pair of glistening handcuffs to boot. The footage has been watched over 30,000 times in just one day, proving that yes, officers of the law are always comedy gold. The following morning, Porter County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Sgt. Jamie Erow confirmed a statement that Maldonado has been found and brought back into custody. Credit to 'Porter County Sheriff's Department'.

Snowball Fight Between NYPD Officers And Kids1m43s

Snowball Fight Between NYPD Officers And Kids

Kids simply love snow. Making snowballs and having snowball fights are one of the best winter games. Even adults love to play in the snow. Take a look at this adorable video where three NYPD officers were attacked with snowballs. The kids were simply having fun and lucky for them, the police officers joined their play. Police officers from Brooklyn, New York are being praised all over the world after a video that appeared on the Internet. The video shows the three officers playing with children in the snow. The video posted to Twitter by the Brooklyn North Police department went viral for a very short time. Detective Kaz Daughtry, officer John Dorrejo and officer Richard Russo were patrolling the East New York area when they spotted a group of kids trying to have a snowball fight. They were wearing rubber surgical gloves and socks on their hands to help them make snowballs. The three officers decided to take a break from their patrol and joined the fun, challenging them to a snowball fight Even though the kids outnumbered the police officers and literally won the fight, the three policemen couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t have the right equipment for snow. When the fight finished, they went to the nearest store and bought them new gloves. ‘The kids were happy’ said Russo. He also explained that it was a part of NYPD plan to encourage children to have a positive relationship with police officers. They definitely achieved that! Watch this amazing snow fight, policemen vs. kids and see how it all ends! So inspiring!

Police Officers Save Choking Baby Amidst A Busy Intersection1m26s

Police Officers Save Choking Baby Amidst A Busy Intersection

Officers Oklander and Sidders go into action after stopping to help a disabled motorist and quickly realizing a young two-month-old baby had been in trouble. The whole action then turns into a life-saving effort. Incredible police body cam video captures the moments Shaker Heights police officers saved a baby who was choking in a car parked in the middle of a busy intersection. The baby begins to choke while riding in the back seat. Her mom knows she has to get to her daughter quickly, so she stops the car in the middle of the street. She seems kind of frantic and doesn’t really know what to do. The baby starts choking on her milk which is coming out of her nose so she puts the hazards on and gets out of the car and sprints to the back seat to try and help her baby. And it is as if by hand of God two police officers come out of nowhere and help her with the back thrusts for her to breathe. It is a real miracle that the two Shaker Heights police officers just appear out of the blue right at the moment when the baby stops breathing. One of the officers takes the child and places her face down over his forearm, performing a version of the Heimlich maneuver commonly used for infants. After several swift blows to the baby’s back, the officers hear a cough. I can hear air moving,” the officer says. “She’s moving air. Okay, she’s breathing.” Then they pass the baby to the mother, who uses a nasal aspirator on the child. What an amazing job! Thank God for them because, if it wasn't for them, the mom would be probably still be out there doing CPR on her child. And is s a sigh of relief for the officers and for the mother, who knows how lucky she is.

Check Out These Amazing And Talented Dogs Playing The Piano1m39s

Check Out These Amazing And Talented Dogs Playing The Piano

Have you ever wondered if dogs love music? Every dog shares a special bond with his human, but this dynamic duo shares an incredible musical bond with their human. These Golden Retrievers, play piano by ear. They find the right keys after listening to notes played to them on a keyboard. At first, each dog plays separately, then both play together, one octave apart. Astonishing! A dog can recognize notes better than we can right now. We think we need piano lessons from them! This pair of talented Golden Retrievers, named Temper and Qurious, love to play music on the piano as their owner plays the notes on an ocarina – and they follow by playing the same note on the piano! Talking about perfect pitch! We’ve never seen anything like it! The piano playing dogs love to entertain also and often visit nursing homes and they also love to play in front of audiences at talent shows, guess they absolutely love the attention. They’re amazing! Dogs never cease to amaze us! For anyone who says that dogs don’t have a sense of music, you just might want to show them this adorable video! We’re really happy to see this talented dogs get so much attention and affection from this lady. And we really love their special made doggy-piano! Do you have the special request from them? We think dogs are the most amazing creatures. They give unconditional love. For us, they are the role model for being alive. Credit to 'Schlauwauwau'.

Band Member Has A Priceless Recovery When He Drops His Cymbal1m48s

Band Member Has A Priceless Recovery When He Drops His Cymbal

Performing in front of a wide public isn’t easy. Multiply that several times if you are a boy in your preteens and you are a member of the marching band. Your self-confidence is dropping with each pimple that pops on your face, and those seem to appear by the dozen the night before a performance. Sure, not everyone loses their confidence before a gig, but those that do (we include ourselves in this lot too) blaze trembling fingers and butterflies in the belly for any mishap that occurs in the middle of it all. Little do they know that not all embarrassing situations are their own fault. Sometimes, it is the equipment that is to blame and it can all be recorded on camera for the world to see. Speedy and graceful recovery is key in situations like those and this kid knew that all too well. In this clip, a high school band from Illinois performs “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of a gymnasium full of people. Everyone is standing proudly, holding their own instrument, while two kids hold the flags. Out front are the percussionists and the cymbal kid. It is quite evident that they have practiced this for hours prior. The band starts playing and the kid with the cymbals does a spectacular job, but then something quite unexpected happens. As he bangs the cymbals together, one of them unscrews from the handle and drops to the floor with just as audible bang. Oh, the devastation on the kid’s face! He can’t just drop down on his knees and fix it; that requires tools. What does he do? He drops the other cymbal next to the rogue one, then stands up and salutes his band members with a smile! No one dares laugh at his recovery, because, in the end, he did a spectacular job. He didn’t cower to the back of the gym; he did the respectable thing. Just as anyone else would while the National Anthem is playing. Credit to ' sarona2617 / YouTube'.

Seems That Even Elephants Love To Fall Asleep With A Lullaby1m45s

Seems That Even Elephants Love To Fall Asleep With A Lullaby

There is one universal truth about elephants and that is that they are such gentle giants. These incredibly smart animals are able to easily forge relationships with their human handlers, so as long as they treat them kindly and with respect. With proper training done in a caring and non-aggressive way, elephants learn to trust and respond well to humans. Seeing one such supportive bond between a wild animal and its caretaker is really heartwarming. If you add the mutual love, the concoction is complete and is a true treat for the eyes. Relationships like those are proof that, even though they don’t speak the same language, humans can interact with animals and understand each other. Just like these two do. Faamai is a resident of the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who has a nurturing bond with Sangduen Chailert, also called Lek, her caretaker. Lek swats her gentle giant with a rag and those who are unfamiliar with the treatment might jump to the animal’s aid. Fret not; it is done to help cool the elephant and keep any invasive flies away. Their bond is so tight, that Faamai lets Lek get super close to her. She even extends her trunk to grab Lek in a tight hug. But what really moves us is how lovingly she responds to the Song Lek is singing to her. Just like a baby would respond to a lullaby, Faamai drops to the ground and curls up in Lek’s arms, albeit to small to hold her, and falls into sweet, sweet slumber. Lek kneels next to her protege and pets her on the head, planting gentle kisses on her trunk. Now that right there is unconditional love! Credit to 'elephantnews'.

Security Footage Captured A 1m18s

Security Footage Captured A "Ghost Train" In Russia

Are there such things as ghosts? Or have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost? While some people swear there’s no such thing as the paranormal, others are positive they regularly see ghosts all over the place. So you would ask the question: Are ghosts real? If you believe in ghosts, you're not alone. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm. In fact, ghosts are among the most widely believed of paranormal phenomenon. If you still not convinced that ghosts are real, take a look at this video and we believe soon you will convince others that they are real! This is a hair-raising video filmed in Polezhaevskaya. It shows the emergence of a ghost train and a strange man leaving from it! Well that’s spooky! Interesting footage filmed from a CCTV camera in Metro Station Polezhayevskaya in Russia! It may look like a spooky scene from a horror movie, but these creepy shadows appeared on a moving train in real-life. Could this be the Russian Orient Express? What makes the video more fascinating and even creepier by the fact that the train looks like is an old retro-fashioned model. Don’t worry we weren’t planning to sleep tonight also! Normally, we wouldn’t believe in this kind of things but after watching this footage we will definitely consider the possibility.