Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Do Right Now6m33s

Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Do Right Now

Color Changing Noodles and Dancing Slime with SIMPLE ingredients! First 50 people get $40 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron! Click Here: | Sponsored by Blue Apron SUBSCRIBE → Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:

These Quick Fixes Might Help You Solve Some Everyday Problems5m37s

These Quick Fixes Might Help You Solve Some Everyday Problems

Almost every single day, you encounter one or two problems that could potentially ruin your whole day. This video may help you learn brilliant quick fixes and life hacks for everyday problems. Now that life's a little bit easier, you'll have that time to tackle the other tasks you've been putting off. You wake up late, you are running late for work or school and you don’t have time to iron your shirts. Try out the following tip instead: Grab a towel and get it slightly damp. Toss your towel and your wrinkled clothes in a dryer and set it to high heat for 15 minutes. It may not be perfectly unwrinkled but when you are pressed for time and out of options this is definitely the next best thing. Speaking of morning routines, hopping out of shower and being faced with a foggy mirror, can really slows you down but using a cheap bar of castile soap will make your mirror stay clear for two or three weeks. Getting locked out of one of your favorite websites can be really frustrating. The website ‘LastPass’ eliminates the problem of remembering tons of passwords because it securely keeps track of them all. How about the your WiFi? Don’t you hate it when your WiFi slows down, loses signal or just cuts out altogether?? What you can do is get a simple automatic timer for your wall socket and set it to power down when you are sleeping. When your set time hits the router will shut down and pop back on few minutes later giving it a nice fresh reboot at the start of each day. When it comes to computers, we all hate when our laptop batteries drain faster than expected. So, what you need to do is switch off the background apps that slow down your laptop and save your battery. Dealing with ant invasion is a real problem. You just need a Borax laundry booster and some sugar, make a mixture and send those pests away.

Advertised Bathroom Products Have Been Put To The Test 10m07s

Advertised Bathroom Products Have Been Put To The Test

Today, we test several As Seen On TV cleaning products in the bathroom and offer not only an honest review but DIY alternatives, too. Not every add seen on Tv is a waste of money, but how can you really know unless you try it? Today we will test several products that can be used in your bathroom and give you some DIY alternatives! Nobody enjoys cleaning toilets which is why the ‘Hurri Clean’ automatic toilet cleaner seems enticing. This product has a clever name and claims that you just pour the product in your tank, wait and then flush! So, supposedly, no scrubbing is required! Suspiciously, it doesn’t say anywhere on the package what it’s made of, other than saying that it is Chlorine free. On the testing, we follow the direction by removing the tank lid, pouring in the product and watching it foam up. Then, we let it sit for six hours and finish up by flushing the toilet. Manufacturers claim that the formula has powerful scrubbing bubbles that can clean from the inside out like a hurricane strength! Although it seems to remove some of the discoloration from the flappering hardware, it did very little to break the sediment at the bottom of the tank, or clean anything inside the toilet bowl itself. In fact, the slight ring inside the bowl still required scrubbing to remove because toilet and water conditions can vary quite a bit, we are not sure it can work as advertised. At best, it sanitizes and prevents mold in the toilet, but at worst, it is money down the drain! Leaving you to try something else that may be more effective! Judging by the negative reviews online, it was confirmed that we are not alone in our opinions! To find out more about the other products we tested, check out this video and be amazed by our discoveries! SUBSCRIBE → Two previous As Seen On TV review videos: 6 As Seen On TV Kitchen Tools - Tested & Remade at Home As Seen On TV Products Tested and Recreated at Home Stuff We Tested: Hurriclean: Scrub Daddy: Scrub Mommy: Turbo Scrub: The Hard Water Wand: Cheaper alternative (Pumie): LAs Totally Awesome: Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:

You Should Not Forget To Clean These Items Around Your Home6m18s

You Should Not Forget To Clean These Items Around Your Home

We have had a rich and very productive history with videos that educate us on all matters revolving around cleaning. We told you how to clean those nasty hotspots, likes floors, mirrors, the bathroom and all kinds of other stuff. But there are things lying around your home that you probably never even thought they need cleaning! The Household Hacker is here to show you just how to do it! We all know how to clean the toilet bowl, right? You soak it in your favorite solution, then grab that toilet brush and scrub, scrub, scrub. But do you ever think of cleaning the outside of the bowl as well? The exterior can get just as germy as the inside, not to mention dusty. Clean the tank, the top of the seat, the lid and the outside of the bowl. We love our electronic gadgets as much as anyone else, right? But keyboards, touchpads and mice can harbor some nasty bacteria that can be bad for you. Cleaning these is as simple as wiping them down with a disinfecting wipe. Just make sure that everyone that uses a certain gadget does the same after use and you will have a germ-free tech in no time. Same goes for TV remotes, only a simple wipe will not do. Remove the batteries, to avoid accidentally switching channels, then grab some q-tips and rubbing alcohol. Tip those q-tip and rub-a-dub-dub between the keys. Make sure to get into those tight crevices where the cotton cant reach with a toothpick. No one might think to clean the outside of the dishwasher, yet it gets touched with dirty hands every time. Also, if you fail to remember to clean it on its own, it will soon smart smelling like sewage, rather than like a place where you wash your eating utensils. Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and place a cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Then run a heavy washing cycle and your washing machine will be as good as new. There are plenty of stuff you might forget to clean, so keep watching to see if you missed something. Skull Salt & Pepper Set: | SUBSCRIBE: Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:

These Tips Will Keep Your Kitty Happy And Save You Money6m24s

These Tips Will Keep Your Kitty Happy And Save You Money

We admit it, cats are an acquired taste. But have one such feline friend to roam around your house can be very rewarding. Still, keeping a pet of any species is an obligation and having a few tricks up your sleeve is always a good idea. They might be independent, but they still rely on you, their hooman, to give them their best life possible. If you haven’t heard by now, cats have a magnetic attraction to a plant called Nepeta Cataria, or catnip to you and us. They also have some weird attraction to bags as well. That is why someone clever thought to infuse paper bags with some catnip. Can you imagine the fun your cat will have with those? You can check them out on Amazon! If you don’t feel like splurging on a pack of three, just purchase a catnip spray and sacrifice a paper shopping bag to your feline. It will work just the same and will last longer! Every cat loves a good toy and the truth is, homemade toys are better than the store-bought variety. Put those mismatching socks to good use by filling them with catnip and a few jingle bells, secure the end and let your cat have it! You can add extra stimuli to the toy by tying it with a colorful pipe cleaner and tying another bell to the end. Now watch Mr. Whiskers go loco for it. If you want to help your cat cough up those nasty furballs easier, just feed her some pumpkin puree. Just add a teaspoon to the bowl of kibble a couple times a week. Your pet redesigning your furniture? Get her a scratcher! Those cardboard scratchers can be pretty pricey, but making your own out of a cardboard box costs virtually nothing. You can make equal piece with a yardstick and a good box cutter. Wrap the pieces of cardboard with duct tape and give it some extra inviting oomph by spraying some of that catnip spray. Hello, new kitty scratcher! There is more where these tips came from, so make sure to watch the clip for more ideas on how to save some coinage while keeping your furball happy! SUBSCRIBE → Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:

Never Cut Your Fingers Again!3m52s

Never Cut Your Fingers Again!

How to cut vegetables like a pro! Make your own FINGER PROTECTOR for under $2 dollars with household items. SUBSCRIBE → This nifty device will let you guard your fingers while slicing and dicing. All you need are common household items. Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:

Can Your Vacuum Do This?5m07s

Can Your Vacuum Do This?

Your VACUUM is Hiding Secrets from YOU! Today, we'll EXPOSE them! SUBSCRIBE → Help translate our videos: Social Media Links: Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here: We'll be showing you how to turn your vacuum into an air cannon or as we like to call it, a BALLZOOKA! Also, how to fill an air mattress using your vacuum, how to turn one into an aquarium cleaner, retrieve jewelry from the drain and even clean your dryer vent!

DIY Phone Stands From Household Items6m14s

DIY Phone Stands From Household Items

10 Quick and Simple ways YOU can make your own DIY phone stands from items you'll find around your home or office. SUBSCRIBE → Make Phone Stands or even tablet stands from almost anything! If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device you want to hold up while you watch movies or play games all you need are some common items from your household items. Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

Make A Light Box Cheap & Easy - Take Incredible Photos3m32s

Make A Light Box Cheap & Easy - Take Incredible Photos

A Light Box helps you take professional photos like you see on Etsy, Offerup or Amazon. We will show you how to make your own Lightbox, STEP-BY-STEP! It’s Cheap and Easy and the results make you look like a pro! A Light Box or Light Tent is a tool that helps produce excellent photos by evenly lighting an object and reducing shadows. The main items you’ll need are a medium sized box, some white poster board, aluminum foil, a little tape and some scissors. If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE: Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

Eight Smart Ways You Can Reuse Cardboard5m21s

Eight Smart Ways You Can Reuse Cardboard

Next time a package arrives don’t just tear-open the box and pile the pieces into your recycling bin. Instead, take that cardboard and create a paper masterpiece. Today we will show you some awesome ways how to reuse cardboard and make your life easier! Here are eight smart ways to make your leftover cardboard work for you! From organizing your drawers to safely moving furniture around, we have put together our favorite cardboard life hacks. Enjoy and put them into practice! If you have got some light moving boxes without handles this little trick will make carrying them a lot easier. Use a box cutter to carve out rectangular handles on both sides. Leaving the top side of each handle uncut, so you can fold them up. This will provide soft handlers for your hands and prevent paper cuts from the cardboard. Pretty neat, huh? If your drawer is an absolute mess you can use some organization tips from our book. Use cardboard to create square dividers and tidy things up. We are using socks here, but this trick works for anything. Start by getting the dimensions of the drawer and mark the divider pieces based on your measurements. Voila! You have your own drawer divider to help you organize that cluttered mess that lurks in your dresser! Use an old cardboard box to create a nice house for your feline friend. Start by tucking in the cardboard lids or just cut them off entirely. Dig up an old T-shirt and pull it over the box so the neck hole winds up with the box’s opening. Next, tuck the sleeves up against the box to make the sides look neater. You can always use an extra shirt or towel for an extra bedding in order to make the inside more comfortable for your four-legged friend. The final thing you need to do is to entice the pet into its new cozy cat cave! Check out the other neat ideas for second use of cardboard! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Facebook: Twitter: Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

Here Are 8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home4m57s

Here Are 8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

If you have an overly grabby sibling, raise your hand. Okay, we’ll pretend we saw who has one and we’ll give you the specifics of how you can hide your stash of candy and chocolate so that they can never find them. You are absolutely welcome! There are a lot of household items that can serve as containers for hiding purposes with just a bit of imagination. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch them go by them all day long and not even know what is hiding inside? The Household Hacker is here to boost your imagination. Do you know that Sharpie casings are the easiest way to hide your money? They are also the perfect size for it. All you need to do is to take apart your Sharpie pen, wrap the banknote around the filling and reassemble everything. You don’t even have to worry about staining because there is a protective foil around the ink. Another cool way of storing your valuables is definitely in plain sight. You just need to grab an old cd or cassette casing and put your stash inside. There are a lot of instances when people have found these hidden treasures after many years. Just imagine the stories that can come out of this one. You just might make some kid’s day ten or twenty years from now. How awesome would that be?! SUBSCRIBE → Everything can be a hiding spot with a little imagination and we have quite a few tricks up our sleeve that we don’t mind sharing. Today, we’ll show you 8 clever places to stash to your cash, prized possessions or even your important data. Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

These 6 Cooking Tips Are Always Good To Have On Hand5m53s

These 6 Cooking Tips Are Always Good To Have On Hand

When it comes to tips in the kitchen, there can never be enough. The ones we have for you today might be little in number, but they are all oh-so-very interesting! Looking for an eggcellent idea for breakfast? The HOuseholdHacker refers to his fascination with Gordon Ramsay, a celebrity chef whose restaurants have been granted 16 MIchelin starts to date, by presenting with one of the simplest tips when it comes to cooking scrambled eggs. If you wish to keep indulging on your favorite breakfast food but wanna preserve your waist line, skip the milk or cream and start with a knob of butter in your frying pan. Pour your lightly scrambled eggs in the pan and stir with your spatula as they cook, lifting the pan off the heat every 10 seconds. Anyone for some velvety goodness? Making caramel at home has always been the idea of a messy business, but with this tips it is as simple as one-two-three. All you need is a can of sweetened condensed milk! Place your can on its side into a pan and cover it with water. Simmer for 2.5-3 hours. The cans should be completely covered with water at all times, so top it off as needed. Allow the cans to cool completely before opening them to reveal their delicious goodness. This next one is a two-in-one special on the matter of hard boiled eggs, or in this case, hard baked! If you need to cook a large batch and can’t fit them all in your dish, just place them on the rack in your oven. Turn the oven on 325 and cook for 30 minutes. After this, place them in ice water to prevent further cooking and ease the next step - peeling! Place each egg one by one in a dish with a bit of water in it and cover it with something sturdy. Give it a few shakes. The egg will literally slide off. Just don’t get too passionate with the shaking. Don’t have a pastry brush and you really need one? Now this is really simple - substitute it with a lettuce or kale leaf. They will work just as good and no one will be the wiser. Does your recipe call for super ripe bananas, but all you’ve got are the bright yellow ones? Place your bananas on a baking sheet lined with foil against any leakage and put them in a preheated oven at 300 degrees for 20-30 minutes, or until they turn black. Then just slice them open and carefully pour out their insides. Perfect for banana bread! We hope you enjoyed these six very simple must-know cooking tips & tricks, courtesy of Maytag. Check out to learn more about Maytag appliances like the one featured in this video! #ad If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

Ten Powerful Uses For Paper Clips That Might Come In Handy5m04s

Ten Powerful Uses For Paper Clips That Might Come In Handy

Paper clips have been in the office and our homes for more than a century, but these little metal binders of joy can do much more than just hold paper together. Today, we’ll show you some awesome ways to solve common problems using paper clips. Are you being watched, well who knows? But it is possible for web cameras to become compromised. Protect yourself with a simple paperclip. Start by folding it and bend one half to form a mini chair and wrap a piece of electrical tape over the front legs of a chair and you are good to go! Place the curled up paperclip over your web camera for a quick privacy cover that can be added and removed whenever you want. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air, create a fashionable bookmark that shows that you care. Make heart-shaped bookmarks in seconds, follow the video tutorial to see how it is done and surprise your loved one with this simple gesture. Next time you need a safety pin but don’t have one, use paperclip to make home-fashioned safety pin by yourself with this simple tutorial. Start by strengthening one end of the paperclip, leaving just the smaller bend in place. Lay the clip flat and use some pliers to make a 45 upward bend to create a clad. Next, squeeze the bend downward to meet the clad. Grasp the clip from the center and wrap the metal around the pliers twice to form a spring. The long straight end becomes your needle that you will tuck under the clad. If you have a broken zipper, you can use paperclip to have a temporary pull tab so that your zipper can still function. This is a short and sweet fix to many problems. You can use this on any kinds of zippers! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE: Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

You Will Use Up Every Last Bit Of Your Zip Lock Bags With These Tips3m55s

You Will Use Up Every Last Bit Of Your Zip Lock Bags With These Tips

Ever since they were invented in 1968 by The Dow Chemical Company, the brand of reusable, resealable zipper storage bags has changed our lives for good. We use them for freezing, we used them for snacks; heck, we even used them for storage! But in the last half a century thousands of hacks revolving around the Ziplock bags have surfaced. But today, the Household Hacker is here to show you eight alternative ways to put those zipper bags to work. If you need to ship some large, fragile items, but can’t find any bubble wrap, the solution is as easy as blowing up a few Ziplock bags and placing them around the object. Just close the bag almost all the way, leaving some space to insert a straw through which you will blow it up. Carefully seal it to prevent leakage and repeat with as many baggies as you need. Need to vacuum-seal something, but don’t have the machine? Just full up your sink or a deep container with water and put the food you want vacuumed into a Ziplock bag. Again, close most of the zipper, leaving about an inch open. Submerge the baggie in the water up to the zipper, careful not to let water in. The pressure from the water will force air out of the bag - instant vacuum! Ziplock bags can help you reduce the time you need to clean off ice and snow off the side mirrors on your car. When you hear of a snowstorm heading your way, just slip a couple of ziplock baggies on those mirrors and next time you go to your car, they will be clean and dry. You can improvise a funnel by cutting one corner of a bag and use it to transfer any liquid or dry substance into a container with a narrow mouth. You can tape it to one side to make sure it doesn’t slip and spoil everywhere. Ziplock bags also make excellent ice packs. Just soak a sponge in water and put it in a bag without wringing it dry. Add some rubbing alcohol to the sponge to make it freeze to a gel-like consistency and seal it up. It might come especially handy if you are trying out those terrible life hacks. The list goes on, so make sure to keep watching for the rest of it. Really clever! SUBSCRIBE HERE → Ziploc or Zipper Bags have been around for 50 years and there are tons of different things you can use them for that you may have never thought of. Check these simple tricks out and post your own. For Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

How To Get Stains Off Virtually Anything5m33s

How To Get Stains Off Virtually Anything

Struggling with home stains? You find them difficult to get rid of? Watch this video about simple stain removal tricks. If the surface of your pots and pans is unrecognizably black, there is a way of making it as clean as new. Apply a thick layer oven cleaner inside the pan and cover it entirely. Depending on the stains, let it leave from 30 min. to 2 hours. Then use a steel wool or copper scouring pads, add some dish soap and voila, your pans will shine again. Do you have yellow pillows that makes you sick? Don’t worry. Here’s a solution: pour 1/3 of a cup of vinegar into a measuring container, then add 2 tablespoons of powder laundry detergent, 2 tablespoons of powdered dish washer detergent and finish off with adding 1/3 of a cup of liquid laundry detergent (the last two are optional but helpful). Mix them nicely together and then load the washing machine with one or two pillows, no more than that. When it’s done, you will surprise how spotless they look. An ancient grease on your garage floor? Household hackers do wonders for you. Spray an oven cleaner, make a nice e coat of foam, leave it for 20 minutes, scrub it off with a brush and water and there you go. How about carpet spills? We have a trick for that as well. Add a cup of warm water, half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of dish soap, mix it all together and apply on the carpet spill, use a rough sponge and the stain will be no more. For stains on a chopping board all you need is kosher salt and a lemon, sprinkle the salt then squeeze the lemon, and rub with the lemon, rinse the board under warm water and you are good to go. Removing candle wax off a carpet demands patience. First scrap off the larger chunks , then take a paper bag or a newspaper and with the iron set to high hit, start moving over the paper using pressure. The wax absorbs into the paper and your carpet will be clean again. Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

How To Make Pasta from Strawberries2m47s

How To Make Pasta from Strawberries

How to Make Pasta from Strawberries! This delicious dessert can be whipped together pretty quick and it is sure to impress anyone you serve it to (even yourself). SUBSCRIBE HERE → Recipe: ¾ Cup Of Fruit (Any Fruit Will Work) ⅓ Cup Of Water 1 TBSP Sugar (Optional but Delicious) 3 TBSP Agar-Agar Flakes (Found in Asian Foods Aisle) 1. Blend it all up until it is liquified and there are no lumps in the mixture. 2. Pour mixture into a pan and cook on medium heat. 3. Remove from heat when mixture begins to boil. 4. Add to a container and fill up a food syringe with the cooked mixture. 5. Eject the mix into vinyl tubing and place into cold water for 5 minutes. 6. Fill food syringe with air and push out the noodles from the tubing. 7. Add cream or extra fruit on the side and enjoy your delicious pasta dessert! For Business Inquiries or Media Requests: #HouseholdHacker

6 As Seen On TV Kitchen Tools - Tested & Remade at Home10m59s

6 As Seen On TV Kitchen Tools - Tested & Remade at Home

“As Seen On TV” products can be awesome or terrible. We put 6 TV Kitchen Products to the test and then made our own DIY versions for you to try out yourself! (Links below) PRODUCTS TESTED: • Bacon Boss • Pineapple De-corer • Potato Express http://amz

Simple Microwave Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner In A Mug 5m34s

Simple Microwave Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner In A Mug

Can we have a meal in a mug? Sure! Microwave mug meals are an easy way to have a healthy and quick food in such a short time. These mug meals take only few minutes to be prepared and cooked in the microwave. Plus all you have to wash is your dirty mug! Microwave mug meals are for everyone who likes to save some time in cooking. From breakfast to dinner, these mug meals will have you covered all day long! How to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner… in a mug. We will show you how to make Mug Quinoa, Mug Potato Soup and even Mug Meatloaf! Get your microwave ready and let's make some quick and delicious "Meals In A Mug". These are great for your college dorm room or even in the office break room. We all know that Quinoa takes time to cook, but this breakfast mug Quinoa will change your life. All you need is: 1 part Quinoa 2 parts water (or replace half the water with coconut milk) Sliced up banana Maple syrup A pinch of cinnamon Add the Quinoa in a mesh strainer and run it under cold water in a minute. Rinse the Quinoa and place it into a large microwave safe mug. Add the water and coconut milk (optional) to the mug and then add cinnamon. You can add butter if you like. Cover your concoction and place it into the microwave. Make sure it is set to high power and put 4 minutes on the clock. Cook it for another 3 minutes if you like it nice and soft. Remove the mug from the microwave and let it sit for 2 minutes with the cover on. After that just gently mix the Quinoa with a fork. Then top it all off with some milk, banana slices, Maple syrup and cinnamon. This meal is good as it looks and it’s also packed with protein and it’s gluten free too. It will keep you full until lunch. Make sure to check out the awesome lunch and dinner recipes too. If you like this video, please comment below and share it.

Here's How To Turn Your Phones Into WiFi Security Cameras6m55s

Here's How To Turn Your Phones Into WiFi Security Cameras

Technology has always had our back. From the invention of the mobile phone to the invention of the iPhone, we always knew we could count on these devices to make our days easier and more fun. But with the increasingly faster progress of technology also means that each year a new, better cell phone comes out, coercing us to purchase it, building up a stash of old phones laying around in our home. They seem to hold some kind of intrinsic value and we can’t seem to force ourselves to sell them off. The Household Hacker is here to show you how you can put these old devices to work to secure your home. There are several apps that you can use for this purpose, but our trusty hacker will stick the Presence and Alfred. Both apps function the same, in the sense that any device you have can be used as a camera or a viewer. You can also use your computer to tap into the camera feed, so you have plenty of options. There are plenty of ways to make a phone stand, but for this purpose, HH used mini clamps what did the job. Make sure they have soft spots so that they don’t damage the phone and that they are not too strong either. Set up your main phone as a viewer and don’t forget to plug the camera in, so that the stream doesn’t break off when the battery dies. Also, both apps have motion detection, but you have to turn it on first. You can set up how often should the app send you push notifications so that you can stay up to date with stuff happening at home. SUBSCRIBE HERE: -Android- Alfred: Presence: -iPhone- Alfred: https://goo.

These Are The Twenty Ultimate Survival Tips That Everyone Should Know9m33s

These Are The Twenty Ultimate Survival Tips That Everyone Should Know

Surviving the apocalypse could be quite tricky, but with these 20 survival life hacks you have nothing to worry about. The HouseholdHacker presents some neat tips that will come in handy! If your car breaks down or if your battery dies use your improvisational skills to charge your phone with a usb car charger. All you need is a battery and a key. Car chargers have a voltage regulator that will keep that 9 volt battery down to 5 volts, same as a 12 volt car battery. Be proactive. Toss a few 9 volt batteries in your glove compartment because you never know when you are going to need them to charge your phone for an emergency call. Sometimes we misplace our phone or forget our wallet, but rarely we do both at the same time. Stash some cash in your phone’s case for emergency situations. Should you find yourself lost in the woods and everything looks the same, and you need to find the right direction, use a tiny metal such as a needle. Rub it against your clothes, place it on a leaf and let it float its way to the right direction! The needle will act as a compass and point you to North. Great tip! If you ever find yourself without a clean water source you make sure you have a clean piece of cloth and two containers. Next, put the dirty water in one container and run the water from that container to the empty clean container. After a short time, you will have clean water but for drinking you still have to boil the water in order to sterilize it from bacteria. Have you ever found yourself in a bizarre situation when you don’t have a stove or a microwave to help you cook dinner this next tip will come in handy! Flip your iron over and set it at high temperature and use it as a hot plate. There are times when you need to be inventive and if you are in a hotel room without a kitchen, you now have options for a home-cooked meal! Download the free game now and get Negan for free! This special offer is only available until December 30th. Click here: Sponsored by The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. -=Our Playlists=- Quick & Simple Life Hacks: Cool Science Tricks:

You Can Still Use These 100-Year-Old Kitchen Hacks Today6m40s

You Can Still Use These 100-Year-Old Kitchen Hacks Today

These Life Hacks are over 100 years old but still work great today! So, if you ever find yourself rummaging through the garage or basement, be sure to check for any hidden treasures. The Household Hacker has selected his favorite kitchen hacks from a collection of a century-old printed cards with all sorts of hacks to make life easier. Let’s go thought them all: Ever found yourself with a couple of cracked eggs that you really like to boil? Stop their insides from spilling into the boiling water by adding a good dose of white wine vinegar. Boil and cool as usual and they won’t taste like pickled. Do you have a priceless heirloom vase that you keep safely tucked away from fear of knocking it over? Find nice looking gravel or sand from the hardware store and fill the vase a few inches. It will actually make it even more decorative! However, if you do drop a glass vessel and it shatters into a million pieces, carefully pick up the large chunks of broken glass, then use a wet towel to pick up the crumbs. You will have to discard that rag altogether, but at least the cleanup is faster! Ever had a couple of glasses completely stuck together? If you tug on the they might eventually break! The cars suggest you will the glass on top with cold water and place the bottom one in hot water. Cold will make the top one shrink and heat will make the lower one expand just enough for them to come away. Simple physics. One hack that keeps sneaking through in these videos is something that can always come in handy, and that is how to cool down a bottle of beverage without ice of a cooler. Just wrap the bottle tight with a towel, put it into a bowl under the tap and run cold water over it. That is it! If you need to clean a glass bottle and you don’t have a bottle cleaning brush, all you need to do is put some rice, water and a few drops of dish soap into your dirty vessel and swish everything inside, up and down. Then dump the insides into a strainer, rinse the bottle and it is as good as new. Be sure to subscribe to Household Hacker’s channel for a myriad of useful tips and tricks that will make living a breeze! Be sure to click the link below to explore Maytag appliances and check out some awesome savings this November! -=Our Playlists=- Quick & Simple Life Hacks: https://g

10 Ways To Save Money by Avoiding the Dollar Store!7m13s

10 Ways To Save Money by Avoiding the Dollar Store!

Today we’ll identify ten things you should avoid buying from dollar stores. Get the Anker Powercore II 20000 here: Use code HHPOWER2 at checkout for 15% off!!! Thanks to Anker Technology for sponsoring this video! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

Buying These 10 Things At The Dollar Store Saves Money6m21s

Buying These 10 Things At The Dollar Store Saves Money

People frown upon the idea of buying something for just $1, when other stores sell them for far greater prizes, but have you stopped to think which products are actually worth buying here? No need to fry brain cells, watch this clip instead! The holidays are coming and that means a lot of greeting cards! Why splurge of a piece of fancily printed cardboard paper, when you can get the same Forget Me Not card for a buck or less. Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, they’ve got them all! Why spend so much money on Advil, when you can get store brand Ibuprofen to kill that headache. It only costs a buck for a lot more dosages; just make sure to check the expiration date. Same goes for the bandages, and their pack holds 2 to 4 times the amount bandages inside! You can purchase cosmetics and lipbalm at the dollar store too! You can even find popular brands, like Blistex, Chapstick and Carmex, all which cost far more elsewhere. Did we tickle your saving spirit? Save your cash! Get the essentials at the dollar store instead! Start earning extra money and gift cards by clicking here: Huge thanks to Swagbucks for sponsoring! If you enjoyed this, SUBSCRIBE HERE:

As Seen On TV Products Tested And Recreated At Home10m04s

As Seen On TV Products Tested And Recreated At Home

Today, we’ll take a look at “As Seen On TV" products and attempt to create our own. So, whether you’re looking to cook eggs on the go, unclog that nasty drain, repel those pesky rodents, or remove that stripped screw, the Household Hacker has the solution for you. Love some scrambled eggs in the morning, but can’t be bothered with all the cooking? You can get the Egg-Tastic, a ceramic microwave egg cooker. But can you skip the phone call and DIY it at home? Just find a big enough ceramic mug and something to cover it with with ventilation holes on it. The end result is the same! If your home is infested with pests and rodents, there is a peppermint-based spray that is safe to use around pets and children, that advertises it will repel mice, coons, roaches and ants! But the peppermint scent dissipates after a few days and if you are not consistent with its application, those pesky pests are very likely to come knocking again. The solution is to create your our concoction by using peppermint essential oil, a cup of water and some dish soap. It is far cheaper than the advertised product and you can make more for less. You’ve probably come across the Drain Wig, which is supposed to sit in the drain of your tub and catch any rogue hairs that fall down. You can pay $20 for 4 Wigs or you can just improvise them using couple of zip ties for practically nothing! They work either way. Check out the rest of the video to find out how you can save more money! The Household Hacker does it, so you won’t have to!

These Are 10 Terrible Life Hacks You Should Never Try At Home3m42s

These Are 10 Terrible Life Hacks You Should Never Try At Home

The Household Hacker is a genius when it comes to gathering and discovering hacks and tricks that will alter your life forever - maybe even make you some extra free time. A lot of people on the world wide web want to be like him, so they try and create some tips and hacks of their own that in turn create more dismay that comfort. The Household Hacker wouldn’t be what he is if he didn’t gather them all in one video to show us just how terrible those ideas are. They do get the credit though, just not in the comfort of your own kitchen...or elsewhere! Some of these tips truly are idiotic, but others seems legit enough...until you use them! Like the tip about overusing toilet paper: tie a zip tie down the middle, so that you split the pieces in half, doubling the amount? No, thanks! How about cooling your house down during the last days of summer by popping the freezer door open and mounting a box fan out front. What can possibly go wrong there? No space in your fridge for that 12-pack of soda? Someone said you can empty the cans of soda into an empty plastic bottle, because one large soda bottle takes up far less space than 12 cans...Come again? And if you get dirty everywhere you go, just squirt some liquid soap into the pockets of your pants and you can rub your hands with the soapy fabric anytime. Just brilliant, isn’t it? SUBSCRIBE HERE: