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Little Girl Adorably Surprised With Amazing Birthday Gift38s

Little Girl Adorably Surprised With Amazing Birthday Gift

A gift is an item which can either be tangible or not and is given to a loved one without expecting anything special in return. Giving a gift is a way to show your affection towards your loved one. Usually, gifts are given on a special occasion. When giving a gift, the best part is to surprise the person when you hand over the gift. Surprise plays a big role. Suprise can increase the value of your gift ten times and will also make it memorable for your loved one. The most popular occasion to expect a gift is on Christmas and obviously on your birthday. Birthday gifts are everyone's favorite as it reminds them that there is always someone who remembers their birthday. Kids, wait a whole year just for their birthday and the gifts that come with it. As a kid, nothing can beat the feeling of waiting for the surprise moment of receiving a birthday gift. And when as a kid you receive your birthday gift, you will get the most awesome feeling which you can't even describe in words. This little girl in the video is the best example of those indescribable feelings of the joy of getting surprised by the birthday gift. The video starts off with the cute little girl coming out of the house with her mother. Then she slowly tries to climb down of the step while taking the support of the pillar and maintaining her balance. Then she smiles looking at her dad who is recording the video and jumps off the second step to see why she was called out. While her attention was caught by something, her dad wishes her by saying 'Happy Birthday Girl!' Then her dad shows the birthday gift which caught the little girl's attention. The surprise birthday gift is a kids car in a pink color. The pink color car seems like an electric one which little kids can sit in and drive. Beside the car, the little girl's name is written using balloons in the shape of alphabets. Her dad than moves the camera on to the little girl to capture her reactions. The little girl is so surprised that she reconfirms with her dad by asking, 'is that for me' with her dad replying 'Yes, it is for you.' This video shows how a surprise gift can bring joy in the kid's heart. That's why whenever you get a gift for someone always make sure to give it to them with a surprise.

Golden Retriever Plays 'Danny Boy' On Bells For St. Patrick's Day1m00s

Golden Retriever Plays 'Danny Boy' On Bells For St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick was a few days ago, so we decided to talk about it a little bit for those who are not informed. Ligeann deoch! Go ahead and learn this fraze which means let’s drink in Irish, we think you may need it. St Patrick's Day is celebrated annually on March 17 in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Symbolized around the world by shamrocks, pints and bright-green parades, contemporary St. Patrick’s Day celebrations often hide the mysteries and meaning behind the ancient figure. Some celebrate it by drinking green beer and going out in the pubs, and some like to dress up! This amazing and talented Golden Retriever knows how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Kaylee plays 'Danny Boy' on the bells. Definitely not edited in any way, she's just a very talented girl! This girl knows how to party and knows how to throw a good party. Do you know the song ’Danny Boy’? Let us teach you some words from it so you will know it in the future, it goes something like this: “Oh Danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling, From glen to glen and down the mountainside, The summer's gone and all the flowers dying, 'Tis you 'this you must go and I must bide.” "Danny Boy" is a ballad set to an ancient Irish melody. English songwriter Frederic Weatherly wrote the lyrics, which are usually set to the Irish tune of the "Londonderry Air." The song was written in a small town called 'Limavady. It is most closely associated with Irish communities. We hope that you have learned the song and you can now enjoy the video and sing to the melody and enjoy together with this sweet girl. Hope you will have a lot of fun because we did! However, dogs are not the only ones who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Cats are party animals too! This cat goes catnip bender to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! While we humans like to indulge ourselves in some good old fashioned ale, cats want to celebrate the holiday with something else that comes in the color green - catnip! Butters the cat demonstrates just how relaxed he gets when he gets his daily dose of cats’ favorite opiate. Of course, no St. Paddy’s Day would be complete without some gold coins and shamrocks all around. Butters doesn’t care about the decorations; he only cares about the dough. So cute!

6-year-old girl trains with dad to become pro boxer31s

6-year-old girl trains with dad to become pro boxer

Lesli valu akeripa Falefehi is a 6-year-old girl that wants to become a professional boxer. Watch how bad she wants to succeed by how hard she trains with her father. Keep your fingers crossed for this little girl! Way to go! This super talented little girl surely has a bright future ahead! She's been working really hard with daddy to become a professional boxer one day. . This clip shows some of her daily routine, and all the exercise she does under the watchful eye of her father. We have absolutely no doubt she'll be a pro one day! Keep up the good work, little girl! Amazing!

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High-Energy Frenchie Can't Stop Chasing Broom 25s

High-Energy Frenchie Can't Stop Chasing Broom

Here we have a little cute pooch that goes nuts over sweeping time. If you love dogs and you are up for a good laugh, you will like this video! It shows a funny dog as she attacks a broom and it is absolutely hilarious! You have to check it out! As the clip begins, you can see a woman who is really struggling to sweep the kitchen floor because her funny canine companion keeps attacking the broom she is using! How funny is that? As far as this hilarious dog is concerned, the broom his owner is using to sweep the kitchen floor is his arch nemesis! LOL! This adorable dog really does not know how to distinguish between a real enemy and a simple broom! It does not matter how many times his owner asks him to let go of the broom, he is not giving up! He keeps biting the broom and pulling it to himself. Maybe he thinks that his owner is in danger? I am not sure, but this battle is totally priceless! The level of insanity she reaches is ether way hilarious. This dog is probably the most enthusiastic about eating like no other dog out there. This pooch gets extremely excited when it is "that" time. This is one adorable and cute dog, that is for sure. What could a broom represent to your dog? Housework? Maybe not, but an enemy perhaps. Your dog could pick up on the plan that a broom is not a friend of yours if you dislike housework. The broom could trigger your dog's prey drive or if your dog is still playful and young the broom may represent the start of a match. Perhaps you swept closely to your new pup. She thought, this is fun and so began the match of "let us chase the broom." Brooms are swishy and sweep across the kitchen floor in front of your pooch representing different things in his mind’s eye. She may see a spiky villain that is going to strike you.He may be reminded of a bad encounter as a pup or she may just be strange because she never saw a broom before. If your dog’s response to the broom is aggressive then some de-sensitizing exercises will be helpful. If your dog’s reaction is one of playfulness , that you encouraged, then it will be a challenge to deter Fido’s enthusiasm to the "hunt the broom" match.

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Ghost caught on camera right outside of church28s

Ghost caught on camera right outside of church

If you look closely you can see an object outside a local church. Look in the doorway to catch a glimpse... Local legend says that a Nun was killed during a storm when a roof tile fell from the roof, and now on windy days and nights her ghost can be seen walking the perimeter of the church...

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Frozen fish uses sun to thaw out after winter hibernation2m02s

Frozen fish uses sun to thaw out after winter hibernation

These fish were literally frozen in a state of hibernation all winter. The one on the top aligns itself with the sun to "thaw out" and come back to life now that spring has arrived. If you look closely, you will see another still frozen in hibernation. By the next day, they will all be swimming around like nothing ever happened. During the state of hibernation, they will not eat for months slowing there body to a catatonic state. Like clockwork, they awaken in spring and start their reproduction cycle around Easter. Isn't nature amazing?

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Helpless Baby Elephant Rescued From Well Returns To The Wild7m19s

Helpless Baby Elephant Rescued From Well Returns To The Wild

If there is one thing we are certain of, it’s that all baby animals are absolutely adorable. They are the epitome of innocence and everything good on this earth and they tug at our heartstrings with their goofy antics. We just can’t get enough of them exploring their strange new environment. Babies are born as clean slates so it is only natural that they wish to get to know each and every single one of the things in their surroundings. They are very eager to learn a lot about the elements, about the grown up people and their funny routines. Sometimes life can change in the blink of an eye and lead us on a path we’ve never expected it would go on. We never know whether the next curve on the road leads us to success or total damnation. This small elephant babe is the prime example for it. A baby elephant has been rescued after falling into a well. It is not known how long the youngster was trapped inside the well, but marks of other elephants helping him were visible around the small well. The visibly stressed elephant is eventually pulled out of the well by the heroic staff members. It is believed the calf may have fallen into the well and been left by its herd after it couldn’t escape. The rescuers showed it to other elephant herds in the area but none of them seemed to recognize him. Because of this, he was taken to a local shelter and nursed to health. His future is still uncertain because the helpers aren’t sure how such a stressful ordeal may influence him. After all, he is still a young baby. This footage is about a baby elephant who fell into a muddy abandoned well in a rural area. As always, wildlife officers showed up with available support to get this baby elephant out. This video is a must watch since it is determined to keep you on your toes all the way through. And believe us, it is definitely worth the watch! Did they succeed? Check it out! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!