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Persian Cat Models A Pumpkin Halloween Costume1m00s

Persian Cat Models A Pumpkin Halloween Costume

You can not miss this funny video where this adorable Persian kitten shows that there really is nothing that bothers him more than choosing his mistress of his Halloween costume ... apparently this little pumpkin is not very happy! Definitely the mascots always surprise with their occurrences, tricks, intelligence, skills and in this case with their tantrums, this charming pussycat apparently was ready to go out to ask for candy or trick in the night of witches; but evidently the chosen attire was not to his liking. This beautiful Persian named Sam is the consent of their owners and is generally very affectionate and friendly; also that looks proud and charming all the costumes chosen by its owner to go out for a walk, but apparently the most special and fun night of the year the poor kitten has not been pleased with his disguise. Will it be that he wanted to disguise the cat in boots? Or will he feel that the orange color does not favor him? Certainly this pet will not allow you to finish placing the adorable pumpkin outfit or at least you will not do it without a fight, so it shows your dissatisfaction trying to give small bites and scratches to your owner to avoid covering your head with the complete clothing. What fun! For its part, the owner tries to convince the rebel Sam to let him put on the costume giving him a soft touch and pampering full of love to try to soften the situation; but apparently this cute pet will not be so easy to convince! Who will win this battle? Well we do not know, but one thing we are very sure is that that little face of tenderness and the adorable eyes of this kitten is a point in their favor ... Who did not feel conquered by this beautiful Persian pussycat? So if your owner expects the cat to go out and ask for candy or trick, you will definitely have to choose a costume more in keeping with the attitude and personality of your pet if it is not possible to miss the Halloween fun, since this zucchini will not leave home dressed like that. If you have one of these adorable and fighters friends at home please try not to contradict them because surely you will come out beaten and not by the scratches, bites and purrs that they do to try to intimidate you, but by the overload of tenderness that they give you with their bright eyes and their charming face ... No you can resist! If you love cats this clip is for you, you can not stop laughing and surely your heart will melt because of Sam who has already conquered a few with his funny tantrum. So if you loved this video do not hesitate to give it a thumbs up and also share it so that many more people can have fun with the adorable Persian or just leave us your comments below.

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Arrogant Cat Utterly Disgusted By Owner's Kiss3s

Arrogant Cat Utterly Disgusted By Owner's Kiss

Ha! Cats will be cats. In this videos, we can clearly see the disgust expressed by the cat towards his poor owner who just wants to kiss him and nothing else. When this video starts we witness the owner holding up the camera in one hand and the cat in his another, quite uncomfortable and the cat is moving his neck here and there, too catch a sight of something it seems, he is looking for something and then suddenly he realizes his owner is coming towards him and the cat squeaks and is terrified out of his mind. It looks like he ends up falling down on the floor from his owner's hand and then there you can see the owner who was so eager to kiss his cat in an affectionate way and was ready with a camera in his hand to record the scene is utterly disappointed with the cat's repulsive behaviour. He claims that his cat loves him. But is that true or pure delusional? Well, it could be both. Come to think of it. Everyone has heard this saying of 'cats being cats'. But what does it really entail? What does it really mean? And till what depth could it be true? Cats are mean no doubt in that. Anyone who has never owned a cat will also tell you minimum one bad, mean experience they had with a cat. They claw at your fancy furniture, they scratch your expensive dresses, they create a havoc of your living room, always shit out of the box or them threading you which by the way hurts tremendously and the list goes on and on. But do you know these things could also be the way they like to communicate themselves? Their love for you? The security they feel when you are around? Yep, that's true. Cats are known to peculiarly express themselves in a novel way than other animals especially if you are comparing them to a dog. If they don't embrace you when you hug them that doesn't mean they don't love you back that just means they are cat and they have their own way of expressing their love , when they scratch your expensive furniture that doesn't mean that they hate you so much that they are trying to ruin everything you own it just means that they are marking their territory and making other canines know that you and this place is taken and owned by them. How romantic! So yes, we should get rid of phrases like 'cats are cats' and 'cats are always mean' and maybe next time when they do something unloving or hurtful, maybe we should try to understand why they must have done that. Maybe since they actually belong to a different species there is a good chance that things are don't differently there. So maybe this owner in this video should be so heartbroken about the fact that his cat won't let him kiss him. Maybe is his world that's an indication of unconditional love. You never know, do you?

Bully cat destroys turtles' enclosure12s

Bully cat destroys turtles' enclosure

This person used wooden blocks to keep her two turtles contained while eating some fresh veggies (because putting these fresh veggies in the tank with aquatic turtles and that much water will make them rot extra fast and negatively affect your water PH). She intentionally made their enclosure much smaller this time, hoping that this would deter her bully cat Polar from attacking it... Obviously, she was wrong!

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Confused cat totally fascinated by bubbles2m50s

Confused cat totally fascinated by bubbles

Butters loves bubbles. Every time his owner grabs the bubble bottle, he gives out a trill of excitement and comes running. He watches as they float down glistening in the light. He pokes the bubbles that land without popping. He also pays no mind to bubbles that pop on him. Does you cat like bubbles too?

Kitten Watches Herself Playing With Tablet On TV26s

Kitten Watches Herself Playing With Tablet On TV

This kitty is heavily invested in a clip of herself playing a tablet game that's being played on the TV. How cute is that? This kitty is heavily invested in a clip of herself playing a tablet game that's being played on the TV. How cute is that? Could there even be anything more precious? We think not! This sweet little Calico lady is having the time of her life! This video feels like Russian nesting dolls—a video inside a video inside of the second video inside a third video! Did you catch all that? It almost does not even make sense, does it? Let’s try to slow it down: There is a video on the tablet; that is inside of a second video being played on the television; all of that is being filmed by someone creating a video; three videos in total! Craziness. Fun fact: Did you know that all calico colored cats are female? It is virtually impossible for a male cat to have a calico colored coat. This owner obviously values his or her cat’s entertainment. Actually, Ipad games for cats have become quite popular over the last few years. These games are excellent at keeping a cat occupied for very long periods of time! Kittens seem to be especially interested in these games for sure. Some veterinarians actually recommend playing these games for older or overweight cats who are not interested in other forms of play. Sometimes, you can have a cat that desperately needs to lose weight, but you just cannot get them interested in exercise. Veterinarians explain that occasionally, getting your cat to play with these types of downloaded online games that still allow the cat to be somewhat sedentary is the right fit in that situation. Once the cat becomes used to playing again, even if in small spurts with little movement, the owner could then gradually build up the play time. Playtime can eventually get a little bit longer, and the owner can opt for more action-packed activities. It seems that the owner in this video is starting this process early, though, so hopefully, their sweet little baby kitten will stay relatively physically fit! This is truly an adorable little baby. Isn’t it amazing how happy pets make us as humans? They really brighten our worlds every single day. Pet owners around the world cannot even imagine what life would be like without our beloved furry friends by our side! Did you enjoy this video, and do you want to see more like it? Are you a small time creator looking for a stable platform to share your high-quality videos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Subscribe to Rumble for more videos, or create a Rumble account to share your videos. Rumble gives more opportunities for small creators to actually make money, without the hassle of worrying about how many subscribers or views you have. You can have none of these things, but you can still make a profit. Upload your video, and let Rumble do all of the hard work! We cannot wait to see your masterpiece! Join the Rumble movement!

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Silly Cat Goes Into Attack Mode On A Wooden Block Tower10s

Silly Cat Goes Into Attack Mode On A Wooden Block Tower

In typical feline fashion, this cat decides to decimate a toy wooden block tower for absolutely no reason at all. Cats will be cats! This video is absolutely hilarious. Cats are known to get themselves into sticky situations, and they always seem to be wreaking havoc everywhere they go. The cat featured in this video is named Polar. He is a Siamese mix-truly a beautiful cat. Don't get too excited to see him though, because like The Flash, he will only be on screen for a second! Watch carefully, or you will miss him! Here is what is happening before Polar's intrusion: The woman speaking, Emily Meredith, is trying to film a short video to send to her nieces and nephews. They come to visit her every so often, and because Emily does not have any children, they do not always have a lot of toys as options to play with. Therefore, Emily decided to purchase this oversized version of "Jenga" to entertain them while they are at her house. She built a small tower like structure with them on this particular night. She was filming this so that she could send it to the parents of her nieces and nephews, to show them that she had gotten a new game for them. Before the video ever gets going though, there comes Polar! This silly cat dives into the screen shot, straight into the tunnel that his owner just built, completely destroying the creation entirely! It is as if this cat is literally doing a "hit and run" with the building blocks! Viewers cannot help but bursting into laughter. Many who have seen this video also find it quite humorous listening to Emily's reaction to her cat's actions since she apparently has a bit of a southern accent. Why this cat finds it so amusing to crash into towers of wooden blocks , the world may never know. Who really knows why cats do anything that they do. One thing is for certain, though: regardless of why cats do what they do, they certainly bring joy, humor, laughter, and love to our lives! Polar is just one of many cats who have been caught on camera being extra naughty! What a goofy character! There is a "part 2" follow up video to this one also. Emily builds a turtle enclosure with these blocks, but much smaller in an attempt to deter Polar from another hit and run. You'll have to watch the video to see what happens, and we promise that you will not be disappointed! Did you like this video? Do you want to see more that are similar to this one? Are you a small creator with some high quality videos that you are searching to share on a solid and effective platform? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place! Don’t hesitate to find other related videos and have the laugh of your life. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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