We All Want To Be This Carefree Cat Eating An Ice Cream Cone

Published December 30, 2016 81,376 Views $143.29 earned

Rumble What is the one thing everyone wants during these hot, summer months? Something cool and sweet, that will both cool you down and satiate your cravings for creamy, sweet goodness? Ice cream is the number one treat that everyone craves in summer and if someone is trying to convince you otherwise, call them a bluff!

It seems that even our feline furbabies can’t resist the sweet, creamy goodness that is a proper vanila ice cream cone. The best part about it is that nothing goes to waste - you eat the whole thing! So this sweet kitty is having the time of her life, lounging on a bed while firmly holding that cone with both paws and licks the cream with the enthusiasm of a small child. What wouldn’t we give to be in her place right this instant.

As cute as the idea of a cat licking ice cream might be, veterinarians urge you to keep your feline pet away from everything that contains any kind of dairy product. Sure, we all have been taught that cats like milk, but in reality, the only kind of milk that a kitten needs is its mother’s. Cats’ stomachs are incapable of digesting dairy, so if you feed your cat anything with milk in it, you are also risking giving your cat a bad bout of diarrhea . Now that is definitely not fun!